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Chloe Kim and America

I, as I am sure millions of others, watched Chloe Kim win Gold on the half pipe. I am an ex-snow boarder (age and knees) so I was amazed at her last almost perfect run. But that is not what amazes me most and brings tears to my eyes. What amazes me most is the diversity I see from the American team and the respect all the competitors have for one another. It is the opposite of what President DFF and his Republican cohorts want for America. Think about the luge silver medalist, Chis Mazdzer, who almost gave up the sport but was helped by a Russian in an earlier competition when he lent Chris his sled. That is an amazing act of kindness. That is most of the world where instead of them or us, it should be all of us. That is the America we need to get back

Watching the Americans march onto the field in the opening ceremony was a display of what makes America great. There was so much diversity, you had no idea what country this team was from except with so much diversity it must be America. And think about Chloe Kim whose father immigrated here. Make no mistake about Republican aims, they are looking mostly for white Europeans in their immigration policies. Yes, they want to purify the country. We have no idea who will be the next Chloe Kim or the next Elon Musk. America is the country where we welcome diversity at all levels of education and abilities. It should be a country where you can be what you want to be. It is that very immigrant diversity that makes us what we are and allows us to grow.

President DFF does not get that. His demonization of immigrants utilizes anecdotal examples to his deplorable base that do not represent the vast majority of immigrants, The immigrant population when compared with non-immigrants are better educated, employed, and commit far less crime. So watch the Olympics and just look at a person and guess what country they are from. When it comes to America, you will be stumped. That is what makes us great. Let’s keep it that way and get rid of the real threat to our country, Republicans and President DFF.

I Am So Ashamed

I watch Mike Pious Pence and I am disgusted. Yes North Korea is a brutal horrid place. And yes they are developing weapons that threaten the whole world. But here we are at the Olympics and it is about the athletes and the competition, not regimes and we can’t get off our ass and welcome the North Korean team. Aren’t we bigger than that? North Korea may become a pariah of the world, but for this moment can it not be about nationalistic posturing and be about the common human experience of competition and giving it your all. President Moon may have it right. It will be the interaction of North Korea with the rest of the world that will be the biggest weapon we have to bring them out of the dark. And America stands and turns their back on them. I am so ashamed. We are being destroyed and soiled by Trump and his cronies. Hopefully our athletes will engage for a moment of human to human, something the Administration of President DFF has never experienced or we would not be expelling Dreamers. I am so ashamed.

Friday Morning

Winning is everything, just ask Donald Trump.  Losers are chumps.  And sadly our media has gone down that road too.  But who is the loser when our gold medal swimmers turn into a bunch of frat boys and tarnish everything American?  Their gold medal is no longer an item, just their abysmal behavior at the Olympics.  Kind of the Donald Trump wing of the Olympians. But there have been bright spots where young and older Olympians set the record straight.

I remember the high schoold runner (girl) who made the Olympics team, but did not make the finals.  How disappointing said the press.  She corrected them and said this was an amazing experience running with some of the best women in the world, and she would be back.  This was not a loss, but a journey, an an amazing accomplishment for such a young woman.

Then there was the women’s beach volleyball team who were really fun to watch play and enjoy the game.  Yes the Brazilians beat them and they ended up with the bronze.  But I loved their correction to the interviewer, we didn’t lose the gold, we won the bronze, and they were proud of it.  Somehow in the whirl of globalization we forget that there are great atheletes everywhere and just getting to the olympics is an amazing accomplishment.  Getting a medal is beyond amazing. And celebrating excellence where ever it is found instead of whining about second or third place got lost in media mania. 

And one last thought here.  Sometimes the guy/gal who comes in last is the real story.  Yeah the gold medal winner is the champ, but maybe by natural gifts (and of course hard work), but in the end, it was not that hard for them.  But what of the person who suffered an injury or was just suffering in general and finished anyway, coming in very last when nobody else cared?  Who was more noble here?

And that brings me to the Donald who gave us a non-apology for the gullible that think he has changed his stripes: 

“Sometimes, in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don’t choose the right words or you say the wrong thing,” Trump said. “I have done that. And believe it or not, I regret it. And I do regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain. Too much is at stake for us to be consumed with these issues.

…In this journey, I will never lie to you,” he said. “I will never tell you something I do not believe myself. I will never put anyone’s interests ahead of yours.”

First, let’s just set the record straight, he lies about 91% of the time.  Okay if you don’t like lie, get’s it wrong.  Rachel Maddow had an interesting theory.  She tracked some of Trump’s more outlandish statements and found that when he had made them, these themes were playing out in Brietbart.  So he gets his facts from a basically white supremacist and fact challenged news source.  So his statement, “…I do not believe myself,” is true to the extent he believes a ton of nonsense going back to his birther days.

But the part I like most in this statement is, “Too much is at stake for us to be consumed with these issues.”  No, actually Donald these issues are the very heart and soul of what we should be consumed with, your character.  So while the press loves the narrative that he never tells us what he regrets, the critical line here is that these issues don’t warrant our concern when they tell us everything we need to know about the candidate.  

Oh, and last, on the $400m “ransom” paid, get your fucking facts straight.  It’s a lie and here Vox debunks it.  They just delayed payment that would have had to make anyway and had announced paying earlier, to ensure Iran released the hostages.  This is not ransom, but good negotiating.  You would think Donald supporters might actually like that kind of toughness. 

Bits and Pieces

Well last week provided some insights into the human psyche.  I guess I might as well start with John Edwards although his fall was all too predictable.

John boy has been diddling an apparently very nice woman, but that is beside the point.  When oh when will they ever learn they will always get picked off.  What made this so bad was that he was a hypocrite about it.  But for you Christians, he has a strong faith and it will get him through, not to mention get forgiven.  Elizabeth and the children are the ones who will suffer.   I will be the first to tell you that as Jimmy Carter once said, I have lusted in my heart.  Who hasn’t made a trip the grocery store and gone down fantasy lane?  If you haven’t you are not a human.  We evolved to procreate with as many women as possible to keep the species going so the old urges are always there.  But there is a difference between lusting in your heart, and acting on those feelings.  The difference separates the real men from the boys.  The real men know what commitment means and will honor it.  The rest, and that is most of all men, are kids in a candy shop.  If the love has gone out of your marriage and you want to find the “thrill of the chase” elsewhere, be upfront about it and tell them before you do it.  But John didn’t and let his, well you know what think for him, and now the press is having a romp.  Here is my thought:  I think less of him for it, but he is no longer running for office, so let it go.  The people who are getting damaged by the press’s romp are the innocent, his wife and children.  Move on, his political career is over.  We have much more important things to be talking about.

I don’t know how many of you saw the opening of the Olympics in China Friday night, but it was spectacular.  The Chinese put on a little show for the rest of the world about how people cooperating can create something beautiful.  The whole is more important than the one.  Now this thought is pretty much alien to American thinking which is why we are a distinctive culture, and why we face so many troubles.  Americans are having a hard time adjusting as their population increases grasping that their freedoms shrink as their actions impact more and more people.  Little things like rules against burning trash in the backyard is no longer permitted because with so many people burning, it stinks up the whole countryside.  Oh that intrusive government and their stupid rules.  But what made the point that Americans don’t grasp this concept of the whole is more important than the individual was the camera coverage of the ceremonies.  There would be this amazing coordination of hundreds of people moving in unison on the field and where was the camera focused?  On some individual in the crowd while the overall effect was totally ignored.  It is the perfect analogy for the way we think and why the problems we face for the future will be so hard to solve.  The individual will have to sacrifice for the good of the many and that is an idea that is alien to most Americans and antithetical to Republicans.

Finally, just to be as irreverent as possible, I picked up the paper on Sunday morning to find out that the first person to clone her dog has been identified as the woman who followed a young Mormon missionary to England back in the seventies, kidnapped the poor devout boy, and tied him to a bed and made him her sex slave.  I know, I know, I know, this is rape.  But I can’t stop laughing.  Every had those guys at your door?  It is poetic justice.  Besides when I was that age I would have died and gone to heaven if some girl had tied me to the bed and forced me to have sex with her.  I know, I know, I know, it was force sexed and it was humiliating.  So why can’t I stop laughing?