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Let’s Not Lose the Thread

The part about President DFF being a con artist, sexual abuser, bully, and general low-life is not news. Well it was back in 2016, but we have so many walking brain dead people that it fell on deaf ears (or missing brains). The FBI search of Michael Cohen’s office and home is to follow crimes, probably authorized by the Con-in-Chief, but they relate to “bank fraud, wire fraud and campaign finance violations related to payoffs made to women, including a porn actress, who say they had affairs with the president before he took office and were paid off and intimidated into silence.” The thread we must not lose is the connection to the Russians.

We are starting to see how President DFF works and it may be the same way the Russians work. The real investigation is did the Russians snare President DFF with loans from oligarchs (really a money laundering operation) and then use that leverage to gain his support. Let’s face it, by all evidence, he is their boy, attacks on Syria aside. On the Syria thing, where are the attacks, and like the last time, does Russia get a pass and everyone knows what is going to be hit before he puts on his show?

No, while Manafort and others wait prosecution on sleazy money laundering and illegal lobbying, and a little bit of the swamp gets exposed, the real investigation is where Manafort played in President DFF’s election and what collusion went on with the Russians. Manafort has not flipped, so behind the scenes Mueller is following the money trail. And that, I think is where the real story is. President DFF has always been a con artist, capitalizing on bravado, threats, litigation, and bankruptcy to further his “empire”. Now none of that is supposition, but based on following his “glorious” real estate business and how he stiffed his contractors and workers.

And in the end it was never about making money off properties by their income, but borrowing for the next venture, in a way a giant Ponzi scheme (Not proven, but will be if we ever see his tax returns). And in that giant Ponzi scheme was the crack the Russians could exploit. Again not proven yet, but coming. We do know that starting back in the late 90s, banks cut off President DFF and his family’s supply of loans and they turned to the Russians for fresh cash. At that point I think the Russians were looking to launder money and had as the intelligence community calls them, a useful idiot on the hook. From there, I think it just got deeper. Again, not proven yet, but there are certainly bread crumbs.

So the trick here is to find the money trail, connect it to President DFF and then all the rest follows, the rest being collusion with the Russians during the campaign, his failure to take a true hard stand against the Russian aggressions, and then of course, obstruction of justice which at this point is obvious. As an aside, it is interesting to note that the NRA was also played as useful idiots, as they laundered money for the Russians in support of Trump. Greed and lust for power creates multitudes of useful idiots.

So that is the real thread in all this. We already know President DFF is a total sleaze and should be nowhere near the Presidency, but the idiots in Red States, having their brains eaten by Fox News and Right wing radio, put him in power. The real question is whether Republicans, when the real Constitution Crisis comes, will do anything. I don’t believe they will. With Paul Ryan now out of the Congressional race, November could be a land slide for Democrats who will do something about him. What that says my friends, is that we are entering really, really dangerous times when desperate men will do desperate things.

I would like to add one aside here. Some people truly terrified by Trump have suggested violence to solve this problem. It is the lesson of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Trump was elected by our democratic process, albeit swayed by the Russians and a misguided FBI Direction James Comey. That in itself should require us to have a new election, but there is no process for that. To remove him by any other means than those afforded to us by our Constitutional system is to destroy the Constitution itself, or as Mark Antony said in Julius Caesar, “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.”

Did You Ever Wonder if We Were a Giant Ponzi Scheme?

I was reading a very good op-ed about what may be needed to be done about Muslim youths in France (no this is not about radical Muslims and the attack in Paris) and I came across this:

France has been bruised, traumatized, left reeling. The French are frightened — or more precisely, they are being frightened. The National Front has made fear its credo. It demonizes millions of immigrants as invaders who feast on welfare benefits while putting others out of work. Of course, this reasoning doesn’t hold up. As economists have pointed out, nations in the West ought to be more worried about their aging populations than about their immigrants. If a magic wand were to send all of France’s Muslim immigrants back where they came from, the nation would come to a halt economically.

The same could be said for the United States if we were to deport all our illegal immigrants as the Republican Party seems to want to do. Our economy would come to a screeching halt. It would appear that as we age and become more affluent, we need an infusion of immigrants to do the menial jobs and climb that economic ladder. Mostly their children then eschew those jobs and we need a new infusion.

Growing our economy seems to take an ever expanding consumer base. Does that frighten anyone? I see this giant pyramid of ants with more and more ants running in at the base growing the height of the pyramid, but what happens when they quit running in? What happens when those at the base die off for lack of resources? It starts to collapse. Are we, the human race that pyramid? Are we really operating a giant Ponzi scheme?

If you look at our historical growth in the world, it is about expanding populations, expanding trade, expanding wealth, and the increase in the standard of living. Can this be done with a stable population? Or is this race to the top destroying our environment, using up our nature resources, and can not be sustained forever? Is this the pressure that science fiction writers envision as the force that propels us to the stars as the model of enterprise in the movie Avator? Stephen Hawkings has opined that our search for ET may bring ET scavengers to our own front door.

It would seem that only science fiction writers address this topic. But we ought to think about it. Can we co-exist with nature and still see rising standards of living? Will automation skew this whole calculation, needing fewer ants to build the pyramid? Is the whole construct wrong? Should we leave the question “in the hands of God”? If you are an endangered species you might question his wisdom. I don’t have any answers, but I do have to wonder if we did step back and look at our wealth economy would we see house of cards? Is there another way?

Okay now I have to get back to finding a way to make a few extra bucks to support my grape habit and provide jobs for our immigrant workers.