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Why Should We Accept Immigrants from Shithole Countries?

Yeah! Why not more from Norway? So I thought I would do a little homework. How many immigrate from Norway these days. In 2010 it was about 1000. Well they certainly are not in the top 100 countries and to be quite honest, I have considered immigrating to Norway. You know, better standard of living, good guaranteed retirement, free education and healthcare, better social mobility. Of course the answer to the question is in the question itself. They want a better life and opportunity, just like all our relatives did. Yeah, you too American Indians. Anybody walking across the Bearing Straights is definitely looking for something better. And of course those are just the ones we want to immigrate, people who are will to risk everything to come to a new country and start a new life.

Of course this was a racist rant from a racist little man who can’t hide how small he is. And now today, although he said it in front of lots of people who reported it, he says he did not say that. I wonder if he knows what he said or if lying is just all he does actually know. According to the Washington Post he has 1950 false statements in 347 days so far, that is 5.6 lies a day. And speaking of shithole places, why are Puerto Ricans moving to South Dakota to work at a Turkey processing plant? Both kind of qualify in my mind after we did nothing to help our fellow American citizens in Puerto Rico, so they were forced to find a home in a slightly less “shithole” environment. There might be a lesson there for President DFF if he could learn which he has now proven is a lost art to him. Wouldn’t reading be a prerequisite to learning?

Some other fun facts about President DFF from the news today. He has cancelled his trip to London for the opening of the new Embassy with the excuse that it was a bad real estate deal. No, I am not kidding. Of course the real reason is that no one over there wants him in their country and would have put up some great demonstrations had he shown up. Mr. Tough guy is hiding behind his desk right now. Too bad Americans cannot take a que from the British and give him the same welcome everywhere he travels.

He also boasted that he had a very good relationship with Kim Jong-un, you remember the guy with the smaller nuclear button than he has. Define relationship. Really? What relationship? If you want to see someone who leads a country but lives in an alternate reality, read the newspaper about President DFF. And let’s just say if he did. Kim Jong-un is a murderous dictator. Maybe they could form a club with Vlad. Of course, I am not going to mention that he watched a Fox News show spewing falsehoods about the deep state and then tweets out his lack of support for the bill he does support on warrantless searches. Oh those freedom loving Republicans.

Nope, we are in really good hands with our racist, nativist, xenophobic, ignorant pathological liar of a President. I want to again thank those morons in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin for this disaster. Oh, and a special shout out to Florida, but hey, you won’t have drilling rigs off your coast will you? I think the word shithole states comes to mind, but shithole I guess is in the eye of the beholder.

Deplorable is the Nice Word for It

The DIC (Dotard in Chief) in Alabama:

“During an address inside the Wernher Von Braun Center that lasted an hour and 20 minutes, the president called North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un “Little Rocket Man”, said NFL owners should cut players who kneel for the national anthem and returned to familiar targets like John McCain and Hillary Clinton.

…Hours after John McCain torpedoed Republican hopes to repeal and replace Obamacare, Trump expressed his disappointment. He said McCain’s opposition was “totally unexpected and terrible”. He also chided the Arizona Republican for what he saw as hypocrisy. “Repeal and replace, John McCain if you look at his last campaign it’s all about repeal and replace and that’s fine, we still have a good chance [of repealing and replacing Obamacare.” He described his attempts to court senators on health care, saying “I’m on the phone screaming at people all day long for weeks”.

…Trump also returned to some of his favourite topics. He talked at length about the wall he hopes to build on the Mexican border, insisting it needed to be see-through. Trump said this was because drug dealers are currently using catapults to send 100 pound bags of drugs over the existing concrete wall and they are landing on people’s heads in the United States. He also responded the familiar cheers of “lock her up” directed at Hillary Clinton by telling the crowd “you gotta speak to Jeff Sessions about that”.

The president also dwelled on NFL players who take a knee during the National Anthem in peaceful protest. He asked the crowd, “Wouldn’t you love one of the NFL owners when someone disrespects our flag, ‘get that son of a bitch off the field right now.’” He told attendees, “If you see it, leave the stadium, I guarantee things will stop.”

Let’s see, belittling and egging on someone who feeds on threats and has nuclear weapons, attacking John McCain on a principled objection to the current process for repeal and replace (and has no idea what is in repeal and replace), screaming as leadership, see-through walls, lock her up, again promoting lawlessness, and finally attacking the free speech of football players in what was little more than veiled racism. Wasn’t that in Spain where they burned people at the stake for heresy. What’s the difference? Everyone must conform to der leader. Free speech in his mind is only free if you agree with the DIC.

Then there were the tweets: Earlier Saturday, Trump said Curry’s invitation to the White House was “withdrawn” because the NBA point guard was “hesitating…Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team,” Trump tweeted. “Stephen Curry is hesitating, therefore invitation is withdrawn!”

Lebron James responded with this great line:

When Hillary called his followers deplorable, she was only half right. I think it is Despicable leads the Deplorables kind of captures it. I can’t wait to see how pro football players react tomorrow. I hope they all take a knee. I would. He is not my President. Resist America.

The Moron Attractant (Bug Light)

A sea of white, a sea of ignorance.

That would be any speech or should I say rally by the Village Idiot in Chief. Last night was a gathering of people who you have to rate them on the extremely dim bulb scale, half a bubble width off level, not carrying a full load, a few fries short of a Happy Meal, depriving their home villages of their village idiot, and fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down*. I say that because as the President (that actually hurts to write that) spoke expressing his open racism against Mexicans, or slammed the free press, or basically misrepresented about everything, the morons, and I will use a euphemism here, Trumpees, cheered and applauded. Who applauds the demise of their country? A convention of village idiots.

Oh, did I forget to mention he promised (in code) to pardon Joe Arpaio. So justice has nothing to do with what our court systems and laws require, but what the Village Idiot likes or does not like? That’s how our democracy works right? The guy in charge gets to make the rules? And they cheered? I know I will get criticized for this, but if you would have dropped a bomb there, the national IQ would have gone up 10 points. What ever happened to critical thinking?

But our national leaders are catching on. Mitch McConnell, who I happen to think is more evil than Donald Trump, but just more crafty at hiding it, doesn’t think his presidency can be salvaged. But what should worry you more are the comments of James Clapper, former director of National Intelligence, told us this morning:

“I really question his ability to be — his fitness to be — in this office, and I also am beginning to wonder about his motivation for it,” Clapper told CNN’s Don Lemon on “CNN Tonight.”

Hours after Trump delivered a defiant speech in Phoenix, Arizona, Clapper said he found the President’s rally “downright scary and disturbing.”

Clapper denounced Trump’s “behavior and divisiveness and complete intellectual, moral and ethical void.”

“How much longer does the country have to, to borrow a phrase, endure this nightmare?”

“He should have quit while he was ahead after last night,” Clapper referring to Trump’s announcement on US strategy in Afghanistan. “Again, I think the real Trump came through.”

In a fit of pique he decides to do something about Kim Jong Un, there’s actually very little to stop him,” Clapper said. “The whole system is built to ensure rapid response if necessary. So there’s very little in the way of controls over exercising a nuclear option, which is pretty damn scary.”

That ought to wake you up. Of course for those who fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down, it makes no difference. He is a business man who will fix everything with his CEO style. Did it ever occur to the Trumpees that he could not survive if he wasn’t it a family business more than likely laundering money for the Russians?

This morning I heard several people who were appalled by his speech and behavior then try to normalize it by saying he is an unconventional candidate and this is how he got elected. I think they are way behind the power curve here where the Trump show is getting old and people are looking for jobs and a better economic outlook. Steve Karnacki from MSNBC) made an observation that as crazy as he is, he did strike a nerve in many Americans and future politicians need to figure that out.

Of course they do and we have already discovered it for them. See Bernie or James Kwak who nailed it in terms probably more palatable to the mainstream. It is about economic inequality and making the system fair. It is not small changes around the fringes, but real reform of our tax structure and the rules that decide how the fruits of our labors are distributed. In the meantime, while we are trying to wake up the Democratic Party, the Village Idiot in Chief is reeking havoc. Hold on to your ass with both hands.

*For a complete list go Here.

What Happened to Us?

That really is the critical question. I sit here this morning reading various pieces about the white supremacists who came to Charlottesville to cause violence and I wonder how did we get here? How did we get a President who is a white nationalist and could not bring himself to condemn them? How did America lose what makes us great, our embracing of diversity? We elected Barack Obama twice and almost elected a woman, and we thought we were putting racism and the fear of diversity behind us, and all of a sudden we are back in the 1950s. How did the very values within our own Constitution and the lessons and great sacrifice of WWII just get forgotten and tossed out by the voters when the elected Donald Trump who legitimized white nationalism?

I have been struggling with that question now for some time. The election of Donald Trump was unfathomable. How do people still defend him when we see who he is? Well probably for the same reason they voted for him when it was plainly obvious who he was during the campaign. After George Bush, who may I add is no Donald Trump, I thought we learned our lesson about conservatism and ignorance. But they made a quick comeback and the national memory turned out to be short termed.

I have some ideas about how we failed and how we are failing the vision of the Founders:

  • When Democrats had the three branches of government, they grossly underestimated the obstructionism and moral depravity of the Republicans where making a President fail regardless of what it did to the country was the goal
  • Both Parties were too tied up with, oh dare I say it, elites or the party establishment, far to wedded to Wall Street and the economic status quo so nothing changed
  • Critical thinking and science had been under attack for years as conservatives tried to create a false reality that supported their ideology, whether that was flow down, immigration is the problem, fear the debt, or all government is bad
  • Election of a black president who many of us thought was the sign we have moved on, not recognizing he terrified a large part of our population, who never admitted their inherent racism, and believed all kinds of nonsense about him

So we entered a period where government was highly ineffective and seemed to be untethered totally from Main Street, reliable sources of news and facts were being attacked and undermined, and the progress we were making socially was used as a club to blame our economic woes upon. Those economic woes came from the uncertainty that many now feel in their lives due to how corporations were moving into the global market place and leaving Americans behind, the reality of secure job loss, automation, and the environment was ripe for mob rule, fear politics, and an outsider who promised to fix it all.

What I cannot come to grips with is how anyone could not see through Donald Trump or what he represented. That is the part that is so hard to deal with. I have no problem understanding how Republicans fell in line to support him. After sabotaging the country during the Obama administration, it was clear that it was and is all about power and how to get it. Their ideology is flexible to that anyway. But the American people should have been asking questions about an obvious sexual predator (grab her pussy), pathological liar (how many Pinocchios again), who incited violence, had trouble disavowing white supremacists, and made promises like building the wall that Mexico would pay for, and bringing back coal jobs with no plan on how to do anything. He was going to tear down everything we have done (Obamacare, Iran nuclear deal, trade agreements, EPA) with no plan to fix or replace them. How could they be so stupid to select someone who was going to tear down our democracy and reject our fundamental beliefs because they didn’t get listened to? More importantly how could the nation fall so far so fast?

I guess more fundamentally how can you not understand our basic fundamental beliefs enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and then elect a man so antithetical to those basic values when he advertised exactly who he was. The one and only thing that makes us exceptional is that we were a place where people can come and based upon their own drive and initiative, secure for themselves and their families a future, where tolerance and diversity are our strength? And then they elected someone who eschews all of this and openly ran against diversity and tolerance. How can that be?

Well they did it. I don’t say we because the majority of us did not vote for this abomination as a president. So the question is, how do we fix it before it is too late? First, like any alcoholic, we have admit we have a problem. Republicans can’t seem to bring themselves to this revelation. And the only fix is to take to the streets and resist, and then get the vote out in 2018. Donald may fall of his own weight with the help of Robert Mueller, or the Republican Party may be too depraved to respond to the inevitable findings. But we would have another overly religious and self-righteous man in the White House who also eschews diversity and lives in the fantasy land of Republican ideology. We have to get organized and vote. If the events this weekend did not tell you how far we have fallen, then you are sleep walking through the wreckage.

Free Speech Versus Hate Speech

Well a sign of our times is the Neo-Nazi/White Nationalist face off in Charlottesville Virginia in a protest to removing a Robert E. Lee Statue. Oh, did I mention the Ku Klux Klan? Wait, there was a militia marching with their weapons. They are all clashing with counter protestors. Welcome to Trump’s America. Also note that as of this morning, Breitbart is not reporting it, I guess because their continuous legitimizing of hate has now broken out. It is the Alt-Right under one banner. And it is the people who elected Donald Trump. And why is a hate monger like Steve Bannon in the White House?

We are going to see a further rise of violence and white nationalism, because that is how Donald Trump won the election, by goading and legitimizing those hates. So in one part of our country we are turning on each other and finding ways to hate each other. That is the America middle America brought us because we did not understand their pain. They wanted change. How’s that change working?

And make no mistake, the Alt-Right is not exercising their free speech rights, they are engaging in hate speech. There are limits. I am appalled that our greatest strength, our diversity and tolerance, is now under attack and that is clearly legitimized by one person, Donald Trump. The man is not just a disgrace to America, but to the human race. And now we see the fruits of stupid people casting stupid votes.

I would like to expand on that, stupid, ignorant votes. The conventional wisdom is that when Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan (roughly just 80,000 votes) went Trump, because he was the only one who spoke to their pain. Horse shit. The word is pander to their pain and they stupidly fell for it. It was ignorance at work. Sure, even I thought Hillary did not bring real understanding of the increasing economic inequality, and was part of a Democratic elite too tied to the status quo and Wall Street. But Donald Trump was a racist liar. That is not an opinion, he displayed it in every campaign rally he spoke at.

So Hillary did not pander to them, and in fact did not even think they were worth listening too, but the Donald did. And what he promised them was a total fantasy, that he would bring back manufacturing and coal. But how? They never asked that. He is a business man and will run government smartly. Really? That is another stupid and uniformed belief that government is anything like business, nor should it be. It is not to maximize profits, it is to protect us and invest in our futures. So without any plans for the future, describing a reality that does not exist, exhibiting misogynistic, racist, white nationalist tendencies, they voted for him. They are fucking idiots. Now we have the rise of white nationalism, and hate everywhere. We may talk ourselves into several wars, and trust me, the economy is going to crash.

So do you think the Democratic Party should pander to their stupidity and racism? I don’t think so. Don’t move to the middle if that is what moving to middle means. Certainly they have problems and they should be addressed in a more holistic manner in policies to deal with economic inequality. Hillary would have been so much better for them, even with all her faults. But they were mad as hell and stupid as a block of wood. And now we live with what they delivered to us. I tell you who is mad as hell…

So I am doing my part. This is what stupidity and ignorance bring us. We should not pander to it, but educate it, shun it when it won’t be educated, and be a Party and a people who stands for diversity and equal rights, including fixing our economic system so it works for all of us. Hillary did not get that the system is fatally flawed, but she might have eventually, and certainly steered a course that would not give rise to hate, and further violence. We would not be having a legitimized alt-right today.

We are in such dangerous times, both from the bluster abroad and the rise of armed alt-right here at home. This is squarely on Donald Trump. What we need to do as a People and as a Party is to reject both and show a level of intolerance to the hates and fears that sparks all this violence. Republicans continue to pander and enable what we are seeing. Democrats need to firmly reject all of it. Oh sure, we will get statements of horror from Republicans, but Donald Trump is who they enabled. And now the fate of the nation lies in the hands of Republicans in Congress who could do something about him. So far, we have seen what they are made of.

UPDATE: President Trump on Saturday issued a vague condemnation of violence in Charlottesville in a televised statement from New Jersey.

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides,” Trump said.

On both sides? Maybe someone ought to show him video of his own speeches. Or maybe someone ought to explain to him what the alt-Right is all about, hate, fear, and violence, not to mention intolerance. The Kettle calling the Pot black. What would President Obama have said, or for that matter, President Bush? Oh have we have fallen.

Bernie Responded:

Oh and here is real leadership and pointing the finger at white supremacy and neo-nazis:


Denial in Full Display

Nicolle Wallace interviewed Jeb Bush on his campaign and as I noted in my last blog, his choice for president.  But what I found so striking in that neither one of them have a clue (st least on display) on how the party got so far off track and how Donald Trump took them over. They get the anger, they just don’t get their responsibility for it. Jeb Bush was partly right in describing the environment we are in (anger) and “this larger life character partially created by him and partially created by media coverage of him,” but he missed what the anger was about. He then blamed the momentum stop on Nicky Halley endorsing Marco Rubio and the Pope coming to Mexico and talking about immigrants.  Really sad.

But then we get to the real issue.  Jeb points out that Donald Trump is not a real conservative.  Nicolle points out that he tried to make that case “and nobody cared.” Jeb responded:

Jeb Bush:  The here and now is this presidential.  The conservative cause is not just about a presidential race.  It is about core beliefs which if implemented properly will lead people to a better life. I think outside this hot presidential campaign this message resonates.  It is still important and It still resonates around the country.

Nicolle Wallace:  The people who voted for you twice picked Trump.  I mean he won Florida overwhelmingly.  Did we.. it can’ be all on Trump.  Our voters wanted something else.  Did we stop talking to them, did we stop understanding them?

Okay I am going to stop right here.  First of all Jeb is oblivious to economic inequality brought about by small government, little regulation, and tax cuts for the wealthy.  What he cannot accept is that conservatism has been recognized by the base as serving the wealthy and have turned to Donald Trump.  Nicolle exposes her own searching on this subject as a Republican with the question, did we stop talking to them?  The “we” is revealing in her own bias here (which she readily admits) and the fact that she is still trying to understand this while in denial that conservatism does not work for the base.  If they had listened to them, they would have had to chuck many conservative ideas and that was unthinkable.

Jeb Bush:  No I don’t think so.  I think the difference is people don’t believe anything anyone says any more. I don’t even know if anyone heard what I said.  That’s the point.  They wanted their voice heard, they still do. They are angry for legitimate reasons.  They latched onto the big horse, all of which is logical to me in retrospect.

Nicolle Wallace:  So how did we get here, we are now in a party…

Jeb Bush:  This is the environment of reality TV.  It is a cultural…

Okay, Jeb goes on to there was nothing he could have done, even with 20-20 hindsight, which I find also truly self-serving.  He notes that we are in the Kardashian world where truth and facts don’t matter.  It is showmanship over substance with a base that is angry.

Following this segment of the interview the panel jumped in.  The only really penetrating insight was from Eugene Robinson (no surprise here*):

Eugene:  I think this is a revealing interview. He blames the Pope? He blames the Pope for stepping on one news cycle (Nicolle saying No in the background)?  There is a certain inability to grasp what happened.  Where he doesn’t go, he says well it is logical, they went for the big dog, people were disaffected, but the one thing he doesn’t seem to be able to take a look at is the conservative message he was delivering.  He seems to believe in that very deeply and he doesn’t seem to be dealing with the fact that people heard it but they went for something different.

Nicolle defending:  His belief is that he, and his ideas was overwhelmed by a force of nature and Donald Trump.  You know this conversation is the conversation that we have when cameras are falling.

Actually, and I will help Nicolle here. What happened was two things.  Eugene nailed one of them, they offered the base nothing but old failed conservative dogma.  One might ask why Nicolle did not go there.  She could have asked where were the new Republican ideas (there aren’t any)? She could have asked what those core conservative beliefs were that make up conservatism and ask why they have not helped people angry about not being helped.  She might remind him when he goes, it’s Obama’s fault, that they are rejecting Republicans,  This speaks volumes about both’s denial to the answers to these questions

The other thing going on here is the “force of nature”.  How could you have a base reject rational argument and facts about Donald Trump?  Why could you do nothing about that?  The answer is the other thing they are in denial about, and that is they created that mindless base I call the White Mob. Nicolle could have asked if Republicans themselves are responsible for the Kardashian environment.  She did not because I don’t think she has seen or will admit seeing that element of the party becoming the party itself. 

Neither Jeb nor Nicolle  see how they enabled a Donald Trump when he served their Party’s interests with birtherism and racism.  They never challenged the lies and miss information campaign.  Why not call Republicans to task for ignoring science?  We have a whole Republican Party who lies or misstates our economic picture (who again ruined the economy, and who has mostly brought it back at least by our usual measures?) and created a propaganda machine that spews out misinformation when the facts are inconvenient to their ideology?  

They got half their Party believing President Obama is a Muslim and was born in Kenya. Where are the death panels? Where is the indictment of Hillary for Benghazi?  You might even go way back and ask where those weapons of mass destruction are?  Oh, don’t forget torture works and Mexicans are amassed at the border.  Flow down works?  How? They have been lying about so many things for so long and using race, xenophobia, and nativism to keep the base in fear and confused.  No wonder, as Jeb said, “people don’t believe anything anyone says any more.”  Yeah, that is a real problem, but they created it.

What you have here is very simple, but if Republicans faced it, conservatism would have to be redefined.  As it is presently configured, conservatism helps no one but the wealthy to maintain the status quo.  To recognize that and address it would require a whole rethinking of their whole ideological edifice and their hate of big government**.  Second, by trying to twist reality to fit their conservative ideology, their lies and the use of racism, nativism, and xenophobia created a base ruled by fear politics living in a fact free zone.  In other words.  Conservatives committed suicide instead of changing.  Neither Nicolle nor Jeb see this and maybe never will. Once you do, you have to rethink your whole ideology and I don’t think they are up to it.

*I am not sure what Brian Williams brings to the panel and heading up every focused news event.  He reports, but never asks penetrating questions so his interviews never challenge.  When Rachel is around him, she seems to check her brain at the door.  We are left with Eugene to save us.

**I addressed this in another blog (Change) to point out that: “But the real motivation for establishment Republicans is for those that have to keep things exactly as they are, favoring them. They don’t want little government, they want government that favors them. They don’t want fewer regulations, but regulations that favors them. They do want smaller taxes, but only for them. The rest of you have to pay up for the stuff government does that helps them.”


I was perusing through the paper this morning and the dominant theme was change and how most of the unrest we see, whether racial or social, is at its very heart about the fear of change.  I mean, think about it.  We evolved in a planet where things were fairly static for the human experience.  Societies basically were static until they became untenable and then a new power structure exerted itself, but these changes occurred over centuries.  Now things are changing at rapidly accelerating rates.  And people are freaking out.

There was a delightful article (Among the Little Englanders) about the vote for Brexit (70%) in a small town in southern England mainly populated by older white people:

This is a part of England that most English people — and almost all foreigners — ignore. That’s why so many of us were surprised by the referendum’s result. This is a nation that feels left behind — by political parties, by globalization, by immigration, by the new social customs. It’s a nation afraid of the future, one that never came to terms with Europe and its strange habits in the first place.

And as the author tells us, “Nostalgia for a self-sufficient, cozy Little England that is long gone.”

Back here in America there was an op-ed explaining how the evangelicals are justifying Donald Trump (The Evangelicals and the Great Trump Hope).  But change is scaring them to death which allows them to overlook his flaws:

When Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, white Christians (Catholics and Protestants) constituted a majority (54 percent) of the country; today, that number has slipped to 45 percent. Over this same period, support for gay marriage — a key issue for evangelicals — moved from only four in 10 to solid majority territory, and the Supreme Court cleared the way for gay and lesbian couples to marry in all 50 states. The Supreme Court itself symbolized these changes, losing its last remaining Protestant justice, John Paul Stevens, in 2010.

Mr. Trump’s ascendancy has turned the 2016 election into a referendum on the death of white Christian America, with the candidate appealing strongly to those who are most grieving this loss. 

It only takes a small leap to see how this is applying to the great racial unrest today and the push back from the likes of Rudy Giuliani who claims this is all Black Lives Matter’s fault and people should respect police.  Oh Rudy, if it were just that simple.  Clearly debatable, but not for me, electing a black President scared the bejesus out of many people who now see a world not dominated by white Protestants/Catholics.  How dare those uppity blacks stand up for their fair share of power!  So many of us think the backlash has empowered the racists to act out.

We live in a world where Global Warming is denied because it threatens the natural order of things, where globalization presents new challenges, ideas, and people of color.  Technology brings constant change and requires a learning mind* in our new economy.  And people are afraid of what that means for them.  There are two ways to deal with it, embrace and control it, or try to turn back the clock.

It the is no surprise that conservatives want to turn back the clock.  Therefore it is no surprise that Republicans use this change as a vehicle to incite fear, racism, and regression.  For the base I guess they think the world won’t still evolve around them.  But the real motivation for establishment Republicans is for those that have to keep things exactly as they are, favoring them.  They don’t want little government, they want government that favors them.  They don’t want fewer regulations, but regulations that favors them.  They do want smaller taxes, but only for them.  The rest of you have to pay up for the stuff government does that helps them.

So what we have this election is a choice between a fantasy world where change does not happen and reality can be ignored, and change is happening and we need to embrace it and control it to benefit the majority of people.  Republicans across the board are in denial, whether it is a belief in antiquated economic ideas that only benefit the rich, or in supporting a snake oil salesman who can sell them bringing back the America of old (also a fantasy state).  In the evolution of the human being, there were those who kept us safe by advising caution and going slow, and those who were adventurous and tried new things.  Today those who want us to go slow and be cautious have turned into going nowhere and keeping the world safe for only those already safe.

Everything you see out there is really a reflection of this simple dynamic working itself out.  From racial tensions, to facing a changing environment and economy, it is really about those favored by the current system resisting change that is happening anyway.  Eventually the pie will be cut up differently. That has always been the case, but today change is happening at the speed of sound and fear and ignorance are easily stoked to ignore reality with false promises.  That is really what this election is about, no matter how flawed the candidates.  One will deal with change and one will deny it and promise tomorrow will be like yesterday.  It is a false promise.

*Learning mind – Young people get this, but the old don’t.  You can’t stand still.  A skill today is an antique tomorrow.  So jobs evolve rapidly as the skill sets change, so must we.  So we have to educate ourselves and grow our entire lives.  When you are forty, most of the stuff you learned at twenty will be obsolete.  For many, this scares them to death.  For the rest of us, it is an exciting adventure.

Republican Denial

I have spent a lot of cyber ink in this space pointing out the Democrat’s denial about what the Bernie movement is telling them.  It is an important message for their very survival, but the Republican’s denial about Trump leaves the Democrat’s denial in its wake.  Here is what you hear these days from Republicans in shell shock about Trump:  “He will ruin the party and we need to replace him with anyone, preferrably Rubio, Cruz, or Kasich.”  I listened to one serious and earnest Republican delegate to the convention talk about how they could unbound themselves from voting for him to give them a replacement.  I question their arguments on this one, but the real denial is that one of the “other guys” would be acceptable.   

Look at it from the Republican point of view.  Although they deny it, or at least have not faced up to it, the White Mob that supports Trump is their creation.  They have happily backed lies and half truths about policy, along with code for racism and discrimination to stoke the White Mob’s excitement when it served their purpose.  Now here is simply a fact.  Republican economic policies are totally focused on the wealthy and in fact further undercut white middle class (well, anything below the 1%).  That has not been lost on the White Mob, hence their rejection of the “other guys” and the selection of Trump. So there are two things going on here, a creation of an uniformed and irrational base, and economic policies that do not address their problems.

The denial the Republicans refuse to face is that while the White Mob is racist and xenophobic, they are right about one thing, Republican economics has not worked for them.  It is a message similar to the one being given to the Democrats albeit from a more rational crowd, that politics as usual, and money in politics, has failed.  Republicans seem to want to double down on their economic ideas with a “traditional” Republican that the base has rejected.  So if they nominate one and throw Trump out, there will be real riots in Cleveland.  And if they don’t, and stay with Trump, they will lose and lose big, especially in down ballot races.  It is lose-lose and they have yet to look in the mirror.

The real issue is that they have no new ideas.  They strongly believe in conservatism which translates to small government, low taxes, and little regulation, and none of it relates to the world we live in.  Instead of small government we need smart government.  Instead of low taxes we need resonable taxes considering what we want government to do.  Instead of little regulation, we need smart regulations.  Republicans have never dealt with the fact that small government means cutting the very programs the White Mob depends on (and so do most of the other 99%).  It doesn’t address how we rebuild our infrastructure or create an economy for tomorrow.  They have never dealt with the fact that low taxes means wealth accumulation for the few and that flow down does not operate.  They have never dealt with the fact that every time they unleash the market place with few regulations, disasters follow.

So they are in giant denial.  They think they just need to restore a real Republican and things will go back to normal, but their normal is only okay for the 1%.  The White Mob is giving them a giant lesson in their politics of lies, distortion, xenophobia, and racism, along with a wake up call about who their economic ideas really appeal to.  In contrast, while Democrats are also in denial, their denial is about how they have been co-opted by the system to expect very little in the way of change and call it progress.  But at least the change they do fight for is to help the 99%.  It will be interesting to see how this all plays out over the next 4 1/2 months.  Happy Saturday

“We Need to Focus on the Real Issues Out There”

Yes Republicans are quite frustrated with Trump’s blatant racist remarks about the judge in the Trump University trial.  It probably would be okay if he had used code.  But Mitch McConnell decried this misdirection when they could be focusing on “the poor employment numbers”.  Okay, I will be your friendly conservative representative talking about this without any of the usual code:

Reporter Pain in the Ass:  Congressman Blowhard, what are the issues you are running on?

Congressman Blowhard:  Well did you see those employment numbers last month.  Holy mackerel.  That Obama Administration is running us into the ground.  We need to elect Republicans to get our economy going again.

Reporter Pain in the Ass:  Just exactly what are you Republicans proposing as new ideas to get the economy running again?

Congressman Blowhard:  Oh my goodness young lady (they are all good looking young women who can get their attention), we will apply conservative principles to gut government spending, cut taxes to the wealthy, get rid of excessive government regulations, and get rid of those minimum wage laws that are costing jobs!

Reporter Pain in the Ass:  But Congressman, did we not do that during George Bush’s administration when the economy crashed and how does cutting taxes for the wealthy help the economy?

Congressman Blowhard:  My dear young lady, ignore George Bush and that Republican Congress.  We don’t talk about that. They don’t count.  You have to do all these things at the same time for it to work. You know, conservatism on steroids. And in answer to you last question, those wealthy are the job creators. Hell girl, cut their government stipend and how are they going to afford me.

Reporter Pain in the Ass:  But flow down has never worked, many of those regulations you want to get rid of protect workers and our environment, and how does reducing the minimum wage help workers.

Congressman Blowhard:  Oh for God’s Sake, we don’t care about workers.  Workers don’t create jobs, corporations do.  And to get more workers working we lower wages so we can compete with those heathens in China.  Oh and on those regulations, only stupid people get hurt on the job and the environment can take care of itself.  Focus girl, we are working to maximize profits for shareholders.  They are people too.

Reporter Pain in the Ass:  One last question Congressman, with the infrastructure degrading wouldn’t some government spending actually help the economy?

Congressman Blowhard:  Focus Girl!  Cutting government spending will give us more money to off load to the wealthy and besides all those freeloaders (kids and old people) on Social Security, Food Stamps, and Medicare/Medicaid will then have to get jobs and the economy will take off.  We will be getting Government off their backs.  We had slave labor before and it worked fine till those feds interfered.  I hate big government.

Reporter Pain in the Ass:  Congressman, just one follow up.  Where are the new ideas?

Congressman Blowhard:  Sorry, I got to get back to the House to vote on mobilizing the National Guard to protect our  bathrooms to ensure transgenders are not violating our freedom to hate them.  State’s Rights!

And Here at Home …

I don’t have to look very far afield to find our own home grown racism and sense of entitlement.  I live about 45 miles east of Sacramento in a white conservative community* that can be down right scary when you consider the level of ignorance that abounds.  But we do have a lot of poor people and that may be our saving grace.  Growing up with someone who has a lot less makes you at least aware and maybe tolerate of the differences.  Not so about 20 miles to my west in a community called El Dorado Hills.

We actually live in El Dorado Hills back in the late 70s and early 80s.  Now it has become yuppieville.  It is home to basically white, rich, and conservative.  It is a place where everyone is in a hurry and everyone is special and entitled.  You don’t see a lot of smiles or eye contact in yuppieville just get out of my way, I am special.  Well the local high school, Oakridge, had a girl’s basketball game the other night and the fans (mostly students) provided us with this (Sacramento Bee):

Racial taunts and body-shaming insults directed at McClatchy High School girls basketball players during a recent playoff game at Oak Ridge High School in El Dorado Hills continue to anger parents from the Sacramento school.

…the taunts came from the Oak Ridge student section during the Feb. 25 game in which Oak Ridge defeated McClatchy, the defending CIF State Division I champion, 40-33 in the Sac-Joaquin Section playoffs.  The taunts included chants of “soy sauce,” “go back to Fiji” and references to “small eyes,” Kumamoto said. In addition, students delivered insults that were not racial, but still hurtful.  “We have one player with a heavier build, and every time she came in they would yell, ‘Outback Steakhouse,’ ” he said. “They would yell, ‘You’re ugly.’ ”

…Aaron Palm, Oak Ridge High’s interim principal, said Wednesday that school and district officials were aware of inappropriate behavior, although he said the racial comments are believed to have come from only one person, whom school officials have not been able to identify.

Of course it wasn’t just one student as the other team will testify to.  But this is a community where everyone is special and rules are for everyone else.  These are the parents from hell, where everyone is above average and it must be someone else’s fault.  I know because I know several teachers in the school district.  Political pressure on the principal is immense.  All in all, it represents some of the best and worst of America.  Oh, and isn’t local control great?

How could you solve this?  I think the answer is quite simple, diversity, economic and racial. One thing we do have a lot of data on is that when people grow up in diverse societies, they develop empathy.  There for the grace of God go I.  Or if they were Christians who actually practiced Christianity (the brave few), the golden rule might apply.  But they have neither and the lack of diversity coupled with their sense of entitlement (money they (students) did not earn), allows them to degrade their fellow human beings.

So no, it is not just ignorant hick from the sticks who can act out his racism by sucker punching a black man escorted from a Trump rally.  It is also a product of our increasing lack of diversity in many of our communities where economic inequality allows us to wall ourselves off from humanity and then make fun of them, well, because they are not special like us.

*Just as an aside, when my son was about 8 or 9, my wife and I took him to an Oakland A’s fan (he has been hooked ever since).  I am a mass transit kind of guy so we drove to Berkley and then took BART to the Coliseum.  The train was full of black, brown, yellow, gray, you name it.  On top of that it was the day of the gay pride parade in SF, so the train was also full of gays, and there was a lesbian couple and one with a lizard on her shoulder.  His eyes were the size of saucers.  He had grown up in a lily white community.  But then like me, he came to love that diversity, all the panache and difference that makes this nation great.  It is probably what makes him a great counselor in a high school today. Celebrate our differences people, they are our strength.