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A Third Term

Let’s just pretend for a moment. That should not be hard as I listen to Republicans pretend President DFF is normal or that their alternate reality is the real world. Let’s pretend that Barack won a third term (forget the Constitution, and that should not be hard either because Republicans forgot it a long time ago) and now he has brought his two girls into the administration (Pretend they are old enough) and he and they were involved in the same conflict of interest things we see with Jared and Ivanka.

Let’s pretend he squeaked re-election with Russian help (that is a fact for President DFF which also is no longer in question), and then as we find out, they penetrated our voting system and he looks the other way as President DFF has in fact done. Let’s review the real facts, half billion in loans to businesses by people who may be laundering money and want political favors; funding of their businesses by banks who have already been cited for money laundering; Russian incursion into our election process with no response from the White House; the White House in disarray and everyone is bailing out; and Congress does nothing? Did I forget the investigation and the attempt to fire anyone involved? Obama would have been impeached months ago. What does that tell you other than there is rampant racism in this country?

I will tell you what this tells you and no this is not partisanship we expect from politicians. It is co-opting our Constitution and they (Republicans) are long past responsible Americans. In many ways they meet the definition of traitor. What they have done rivals, no surpasses McCarthyism. None of them are redeemable. They are past redeemable and have sold their soul to power, not the Constitution. Let me move on to Exhibit B (the above was Exhibit A).

We have this amazing gun debate going on when there is no debate. I say that even though Republicans in Congress prevented any funding for research into gun violence. But that didn’t stop it, and the latest independent studies once again tells us that more guns equals more violence, and the laws the NRA favors does not reduce it, but makes it worse. Meanwhile Republicans have one answer to gun violence, more guns. This is not rational. Oh wait, let’s talk about bump stocks, arming teachers, or some other moving the chairs around on the Titanic while we do not talk about the root problem, too many guns, and military grade weapons in the hands of anyone who wants one.

Note that discussions of talking heads with he said and she said discussion of issues break down into shouting matches and there is a reason for that, shouting distracts from a rational discussion of the studies and facts. We have a whole party working on ideology (or more cynically, they are bought and paid for) denies a rational approach to finding the facts, and denies them when we find them anyway, why do we re-elect them? Arm teachers has got to be the stupidest thing anyone ever proposed. Hand gun against an AR-15? Wait lets give them their own AR-15s! We could Velcro them to the blackboard (white boards these days) for immediate access (to anyone in the school). That is the stupidity going on right now.

Exhibit C: Let’s assume as in Exhibit A President Obama was thinking about tariffs against steel and aluminum, and then without discussing it with our allies who it might hurt and they might respond, he fails to talk to anyone in his Cabinet to discuss the plus and minuses (ramifications), and did not discuss it with Republican leaders, then tweets out his policy. There are all kinds of ramifications here that could well start a trade war and hurt everyone. The market dipped, and other nations are looking at ways to respond (some have already), and there is no policy yet except a tweet. And again where are the Republicans? If this were Obama they would have their pitchforks and torches out and be marching on the White House. You think this is normal? You think this is just partisan? Then you are brain-dead.

Here is where we are: In any other times, President DFF would have been impeached long ago. We would have returned fire on the Russians and be in full protect our elections mode. The White House would have been hosed out. We would be having rational discussions about a simple approach to gun violence which is to remove military grade weapons from the hands of average citizens and reduce the overall availability of guns to people who should not have it. We would certainly respond to dumping of steel and aluminum, but with a well thought out response that does not alienate our allies and friends, while trying to protect workers. Instead we have Republicans trying to over-shout anyone talking since facts don’t matter anymore. Oh, and they continue to try to normalize President DFF’s racism, ignorance, and outbursts.

So here is my recommendation: It is no longer time to listen or debate with any Republican. They bring nothing to the table. When they are on TV turn them off. We need to look at data and research into various issues and then debate the way forward and there can be plenty of debate on that, but the critical point here is way forward. It is time to talk about rational solutions and no Republican brings any to the table. They are about yesterday. Democrats, if they are smart (and that may be debatable), won’t debate Republicans anymore and move the discussion beyond them to workable solutions. And until voters throw all Republicans out of office, the insanity and lack of movement will continue. It is so embarrassing to be this stupid, but here we are.

Quick! Send Money. Oh the Hypocrisy

Now let me just say up front that we need to do our part to help our Texas brothers and sisters, because there for the grace of chaos, go we. We are all in this together. I do wish they would remember that when they elect their senators who did not see fit to help out the Sandy folks.

Money to help those in need from a lawmaker’s homestate isn’t a particularly tough vote. At this point, no Texas Republican has declared any sort of condition for their support of an emergency aid package. But when it was New York and New Jersey hit hard by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, all but one Texas Republican in Congress ― Rep. John Culberson ― voted against a $50.5 billion package to help people in those states.

Then there will be other problems because they have a village idiot in charge of their Republican government who does not seem to connect the dots that if he shuts down the government over his wall, money does not flow. And let’s not forget that last time they played games with how to fund it.

An emergency aid package hasn’t surfaced yet, but Congress almost certainly will have to approve a spending bill to help those affected by the hurricane-force winds and widespread flooding in southeastern Texas. The question is whether that money will be offset by cuts to other government programs, whether extraneous spending will be attached to the package, and whether, under any circumstances, Texas Republicans will have a problem voting for it.

I think we will find out that they will have no memory of their hypocrisy before, but will choke on the cost. My thoughts here are fairly simple. We have to gut up and pay for it, but with strings. Instead of just restoring what was there before, the money has to be spent building a more secure and damage resistant Houston and surrounding area. That means you have to recognize that global warming means more severe storms and then build accordingly. For Houston, who as long as I can remember was boastful of their, no stink’in land control regulations which may have contributed to the runoff problem, they have to start rebuilding with bigger storms in mind, protecting infrastructure, and hardening utilities. No more building in flood zones without tight controls. No planning ignoring the predictions of global warming.

Back in the day, I lived in New Orleans (Algiers really). We had a flood when the pumps failed during a minor rain event and we woke up to ankle deep water in our house. It turned out to be a giant boost for the economy as federally subsidized flood insurance kicked in and everybody got new everything. In Houston that could be on steroids and the best thing that could happen down there. So do you think the Republicans can figure all this out? I doubt it. They have that debt ceiling thing, a budget being held hostage by a wall, and they are loath to admitting there is global warming we need to plan for. I still haven’t figured out if the deficit really bothers them or not as they do not seem to ever care when they are in charge.

So we have this amazing opportunity to seize the moment that the challenge of Harvey has provided us. Taking any bets on whether they can finally admit they were wrong and do the right thing?

Update: The storm and its real impact haven’t even started yet. And that thing people where I live love to hate is what will save them if they will let it. That would be government. Ice and food will be shipped and gotten to where it is needed by government. Temporary living facilities will be trucked in. Restoring roads, power, and drinking water will be done by government. And finally when people find out that their insurance is inadequate, government will fill the gap with low interest loans and grants. Oh, and if these folks have flood insurance, guess who underwrote it because the marketplace would not take the risk? Yeah, that would be government. And as I like to say, you get the government you deserve. If you kick it, beat up on it,hate it, blame it for everything, and then starve it, don’t expect anything more than what you deserve.

Normal Times and the Supreme Court

Except these aren’t normal times.  Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court is Judge Neil M. Gorsuch, a conservative judge who if he had followed Merrick Garland on the court, maybe okay.  But there are troubling signs from Judge Gorsuch, the first of which is Trump pick him and Bannon must have approved.  He is a supporter of the Hobby-Lobby decision that saw corporations as people and allowed them to discriminate on the basis of religion.  That would be enough for me, but as I said these are not normal times.  As the NYT tells us:

The seat Judge Gorsuch hopes to sit in should have been filled, months ago, by Merrick Garland, the chief judge of the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, whom President Barack Obama nominated to the court last March. Judge Garland, a former federal prosecutor and 20-year veteran of the nation’s most important federal appeals court, is both more moderate and more qualified than Judge Gorsuch.

That meant nothing to Senate Republicans, who abused their power as the majority party and, within hours of Justice Scalia’s death, shut down the confirmation process for the remainder of Mr. Obama’s presidency. There would be no negotiations to release this hostage; the sole object was to hold on to the court’s conservative majority. The outrageousness of the ploy was matched only by the unlikelihood that it would succeed — until, to virtually everyone’s shock, it did.

Let me go back and remind you of a fictional conversation I like to quote to demonstrate what the Democrats have lacked and why they are now on the bottom of the heap:   The fictional Chief of Staff of the White House in Madam Secretary is explaining to a young and idealistic intern the reality of the world we live in, “If you want to be good, you got to be prepared to do bad. Okay? To be canny and watchful and mean, so when the bad guys come, you know exactly where to stick the knife, because it is a fight to the death, and that is the only language they understand.”  She replied, “I don’t believe that”, and he said, “you will”.  Well I do.

Well, we should all believe it now.  As Senator Merkley said last night, there has to be a price to pay for that or we have simply capitulated and legitimized their tactics.  Remember the Republicans would not even give Judge Garland a hearing and then they have the audacity to threaten Democrats not to delay.  These are not normal times and Republicans no longer care about democratic norms.  They must pay a price and so far they haven’t. They have won at every turn.  So give him a hearing and then filibuster.  It should be an 8 member Supreme Court for the entire Trump administration. To give in, to do the “right thing” is to turn our government over to those who will continue to strip away rights. We are fighting the larger battle, the one the people in the streets are demanding we fight.

There are several arguments against this approach.  The first is that Democrats do not have to become Republicans in tactics.  No we don’t, we can give Judge Gorsuch a hearing, expose his conservative extremism and then vote no on cloture. But could not the next one be worse?  Yes, quite probably, but Democrats finally need to stand for something.  What if McConnell uses the nuclear option?  That would be to kill the filibuster altogether.

The Democrats could never bring themselves to do this because of democratic traditions, and again, must I remind you, where we are now?  Think of the difference it would have made in Obama’s first term if majority rule would have prevailed.  But now the tables are turned and don’t we want that protection?  Ha! You think Mitch McConnell and the boys won’t immediately change the filibuster rule?  It is a hollow argument because if you don’t filibuster he gets approved and if you do, the filibuster will get removed and he gets approved. The filibuster under Republican rule does not exist anymore.  These are not normal times and you have a chance to show a government out of balance and out of control and you must seize it.

I have never felt so much disgust and fear for where our country is going.  We can play nice and be part of the crew that goes down with the ship or we can mutiny and steal the life boats while we can.  When this horrible Trump presidency runs its course, it will sink, both economically and ethically.  We can either be on an island building a new ship or go down with it.  The choice is really that simple.  The people in the streets are telling us what to do.  Isn’t time we listened?

UPDATE:  I just listen to Senator Joe Manchin talk about why we should not filibuster.  He kept saying we need to debate him.  Umm, Joe, that what happens in committee and in the Senate, you just won’t get 60 votes for cloture.  Of course the Democrats should filibuster him.  That does not stop his day in court, as the Republicans did, just make sure he does not sit on the court.  Of course Joe against that two and will probably join the Republicans in a cloture vote.  He argues about institutions and he was not elected to obstruct.  Did he just miss the last 8 years and what cost you while all they did was obstruct?  If the Democrats don’t filibuster, they are lost party that stands for nothing.

The March for Life aka The March for Government Control of Women’s Bodies

Make no mistake about what this march is about.  These people really don’t care about life and I will get to that in a minute.  What they care about is having Government enforce their religious and moral beliefs on the rest of us.  Current law allows women to choose whether to carry a child to term or to abort it.  It also allows people who believe that all life is precious and should not be terminated (most are not vegetarians by the way) to lobby loudly and up close for their views.  In many ways they have more rights than those who choose to terminate their pregnancies because the Supreme Court has allowed the anti-people to get in the choose-people’s face and basically harass them.  That includes intrusive “counseling, not to mention intrusive sonograms.

So the March for Lifer’s have all kinds of rights except the final one, getting Government to enforce their views on everyone else.  They claim the moral and ethical high ground, but let’s examine that.  Because many, if not most of these folks voted Republican, they love live in the abstract, but their voting makes one wonder if they really could care less.  “Nearly 1,500 children younger than 18 years of age die from shootings every year. 1 in 3 families with children have at least one gun in the house. There are more than 22 million children living in homes with guns. Most of the victims of unintentional shootings are boys.”  Where do Republicans stand on gun control? Second Amendment rights versus loving life.  Yeah Second Amendment!

How many kids die of cancer a year?  “Each year, the parents of approximately 15,700 kids will hear the words “your child has cancer.” Across all ages, ethnic groups and socio-economics, this disease remains the number one cause of death by disease in children. Despite major advances – from an overall survival rate of 10 percent just fifty years ago to nearly 90 percent today, for many rare cancers, the survival rate is much lower. Furthermore, the number of diagnosed cases annually has not declined in nearly 20 years.

  • Every day, 43 children are diagnosed with cancer.
  • 12% of children diagnosed with cancer do not survive.
  • Children’s cancer affects all ethnic, gender and socio-economic groups.
  • The average age of children diagnosed is six.
  • More than 40,000 children undergo treatment for cancer each year.
  • 60% of children who survive cancer suffer late-effects, such as infertility, heart failure and secondary cancers.

So where does the Republican Party who supports these women’s efforts to put government in charge of women’s body stand on funding cancer research and health care insurance?  Well on the funding part they are mostly against it.  You know, they love life until the bill comes due. On the healthcare issue, well we all know that answer.  Replace and repeal is a myth and as the cut Obamacare many of these kids will die.

Okay what about after pregnant women have their babies and are now in the system and need help?  How do their champions of government control of women’s bodies fair when it comes to funding necessary care and support.  Well first of all they are going to defund Planned Parenthood that treats women who are pregnant with pre-natal care so how many die because they did not get early detection of problems?  And again see the “repeal and replace” Obamacare lie.  They are against federally supported maternity leave.  They cut government entitlement programs eliminating the safety net support for our young (and old), and note half of abortions occur in people needed entitlement programs. The majority of who are on food stamps are kids and old people. Then of course, getting federally funded and paid for preschools is a non-starter with Republicans.

Then let’s get to the death penalty.  Oh, how they love life and second chances, except when it comes to the death penalty which they support by a whopping 76%.  Oh and their party platform this year condemns the U.S.Supreme Court for what it calls the “erosion of the right of the people to enact capital punishment”.

Then there is immigration.  Remember all those moms and kids at the border running away from violence in their country and what again was the Republican stand (Hillary too)?  Remember that poor kid washed up on the shore in Italy trying to escape the violence in Syria.  Just say no to these kids and immigration.

So Let’s all March for Life, to support women who need the freedom to control their own bodies, for programs to support women who choose to have children, and the support and programs to educate and care for their health throughout life.  But that is exactly what the Republican Party is against.  March for Life my ass.


Yesterday was quite a day politically. Bernie goes to the White House, the President endorses Hillary, Elizabeth Warren takes the Donald apart, and then she endorses Hillary on Rachel Maddow.  Wow.  Where is all that conflict the press has been telling us about and silently wishing for?  Meanwhile in Trump Land it is becoming evident that the Trump campaign is in total disarray, the Donald trying to secure money for his presidential bid with everyone afraid he is Kryptonite.  So let’s take this apart and examine it.

First we have Bernie going to the White House for a meeting at his request.  The clear message coming out of that is that Bernie is going to lead his crusade, but no longer challenge Hillary.  He will contest Washington D.C. Because he owes that to his supporters, but then he will work with Hillary to defeat Trump.  No third-party, no “contested convention”.  The press must be shell shocked.  But they are missing what Rachel said that is the key to winning in November.  The Democratic Party must make a place for Bernie and his supporters.  It must become their party.  It can no longer look at them as the fringe left as the press likes to depict them.  I personally think Bernie Sanders may have just saved the Democratic Party.  He made it relevant again.

Elizabeth Warren said it best when questioned by Rachel about why she had not endorsed either candidate up till now and Elizabeth responded by saying we Democrats needed this debate.  We need to get our ideas out there into the Public Square. Taking sides would have just ended that debate.  I have to totally agree with her.  The Democrats haven’t been feisty and those that feared this fight would hurt the party missed the bigger picture, that it made the party relevant again and brought its ideas out into the light.

As Elizabeth said, Democrats have been afraid to throw a punch (Establishment Democrats).  Now they aren’t and we are in a big fight.  I think Bernie Sanders is a truly great man who may have just saved the country because he pushed the Democratic Party out of establishment politics and made them relevant again.  He may be a large force in the Democratic Party for years to come (if they are smart). If he doesn’t become a force in the Democrat Party, they will fail.

There is an aside here that Democrats have totally been oblivious to.  The Republicans have been outraged in the media.  They have created scenes.  They have made wild accusations that the press fails to fact check.  And they have monopolized the media because that is what they love to cover.  Conflict!  Democrats have used calm reasoned arguments to counter and everyone went to sleep.  Well Elizabeth Warren just came out of their slumber punching and just gave Democrats a lesson in how to take them on.  When your “Republican colleagues” are hypocrites undermining the rule of law, you come out swinging.

Okay, the President then pivoted after the Bernie meeting and endorsed Hillary.  This had to have been done in consultation with Bernie.  But this was the time to strike.  The Trump campaign is in disarray, and politics moves at lightening speed, so it was the perfect opportunity to steal the show.  If made the Donald and his cohorts, the Republicans, look totally disorganize and in disarray, which of course they are.  It puts even more pressure and focus on what a flawed candidate Trump is.

Then we have Elizabeth Warren’s speech in Washington lambasting Trump, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and all the rest of the Republicans.  The Press will focus on the form of the speech, calling out the Donald as a racist fraud, but the substance of the speech was the real gem.  She pointed out how Republicans have become a threat to the judiciary and democracy as we know it.  This is a real issue that could take a whole blog or two, but she covered it in a couple of minutes.

It wasn’t just the Donald and his racism, but the whole Republican establishment who was trying to load the judiciary with corporate lackeys.  She pointed out both Mitch McConnell’s and Paul Ryan’s hypocrisy using their own words and called them what they were.  She demonstrated that the Donald was just the scab ripped off the wound, the wound being the whole Republican Party. It was exhilarating.  She was followed by Vice President Joe Bidden who gave a more scholarly description of the threat to our whole democracy by their actions.

I have already written about Elizabeth Warren then endorsing Hillary and saying what we all know, she is a fighter.  But she also pointed out that Hillary is stronger for Bernie and she needs him.  She laid out why Bernie Sanders did this country a great service.  Then she pointed out what a great threat Donald Trump and the Republicans are to democracy itself and the very real threat of corporation control of our government.  It was a plea to all Americans, and especially Bernie supporters that you can not stand on the side lines.

For me, it was a vindication of everything I have been writing for years.  We are in a fight for the very survival of our democracy and we have a real chance in this election to expose Republicans for the corporate hacks they are.  We also have a chance to make the Democratic Party relevant again.  Bernie has woken us up to our values again, and Hillary, if she takes the path Bernie has set us on, is the one to fight that fight.  Bernie may have just written himself into the history of the United States and if Democrats are smart, he will be in major leadership positions in the Senate.  It could just be a new day.

Oh the Hyprocrisy

I will get to the Supreme Court nominee in a minute, but first I would like to comment on the hearings yesterday that the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held to excoriate the EPA person in charge of the Flint Michigan region.  Does she deserve their scorn.  Yes she does, but she has been playing ball in an arena where Republicans will take any opportunity to ruin someone’s career in the EPA for government overreach.  

There’s a special place in hell for actions like this,” said Representative Earl L. Carter, a Georgia Republican known as Buddy, referring to the fact that for months after Ms. Hedman learned about the lack of corrosion control in Flint, neither the E.P.A. nor any other governmental agency warned residents that their water was unsafe.

Now I kind of agree with that.  But this is the Republican Party that hates big government, wants to leave decisions to local governments, and it was their own party representatives who made this disasterous decision, and now are calling for big government to save them.  Anybody besides me see gross hyprocrisy here?  Oh and which of the Republican candidates for President want to disband the EPA?

Then there is the young man in North Korea who has been sentenced to 15 years at hard labor for trying to steal a propoganda poster. Now as the NYT tells us:

The sentence is the latest penalty that North Korea has meted out to a small number of American tourists, missionaries and journalists in recent years for what have been deemed antistate crimes, including accusations of illegal entry and leaving a Bible behind in a hotel.

Harsh? Inhumane? Of course.  This is North Korea.  The only thing that amazes me is that anyone would want to go there and if you were there, being very careful so you can get out.  North Korea is a living hell and one has to wonder what this young man was thinking.  The real threat in the future is North Korea and we and the Chinese are going to have to decide what to do about it before, on dare I say it, we are looking at a mushroom cloud.

Okay, on the Supreme Court nominee.  I would like to have seen another Ruth Bader Ginsburg but really, that was not in the cards.  One woman’s group has come out and said they were disappointed, but support him.  I actually thought given the times, this was the only choice.  He either gets confirmed or as President Obama so eloquently argued, government has become a dysfunctional partisan mud pit.  Well he did not use those words, but you get my point.  It was in many ways the perfect appointment for the times, because it will expose the Republicans for what they are and what they have done to our country.  So let the games begin.

The Donald

I guess I am not the only one that sees what Donald Trump is up to.  On MSNBC’s Alex Wagner today, guest Ana Marie Cox  kind of laid it out there and it sailed over the heads of most of them.  I have always said he is performance art.  That is, he is taking Republican positions and showing what they really mean.  Why do you need a giant fence unless they are truly dangerous, etc.  I have a secret plan for ISIS and so does every other Republican candidate, but Lindsey Graham, who is quite clear about what he would  do.

But Ana Marie Cox simply said: 

As  insane as he is, his main differences with the Republican Party mainstream candidates are Stylistic and not substantive.  I mean a lot of the stuff he is saying, he is saying what Republican base voters want to hear but the candidates we consider mainstream say in a much more coded way.

There you have it.  He is making explicit what Republican policies are based upon.  Republicans are terrified because in a debate with Donald, code won’t work and they will be exposed for what they are.  He forces them to expose themselves and choose a side.  In a primary contest, you want to sound as crazy as Donald without saying the crazy things Donald says, so that they can swing back to semi-normal, or the illusion thereof, in the general election.  Donald is pinning them down.

Some Points to Ponder

When the smoke clears on removing the filibuster for judicial appointments (except Supreme Court Justices) and executive branch appointees making the Senate possibly a functioning body, the Republicans will go back to trashing Obamacare and the people who are losing their junk plans or see a minor increase. Note that California where the exchange is working fine, the insurance commissioner has decided not to honor those old plans (unless they meet the requirements of the law, issued before 2010 which most of them do not).

So here is the point to ponder: When you really look at the numbers this is what falls out. 80% are totally unaffected by Obamacare and of the remaining 20%, only 5% are in the category of being cancelled. Breaking down the 5% it turns out that only about 1% are really losing in the deal, that is they will have to pay more for their plans when government assistance is figured in. This, in terms of real numbers, is about 1 million people. So in a program to insure more people, give them better coverage, only 1% face any real negative change in cost. But the Republicans are up in arms protecting the rights of this 1% or 1 million people. Meanwhile in Red States where they have rejected Medicaid, they are making sure 5 million have no coverage at all. Does the hypocrisy here just sizzle or what?

Who Said It Best Today: Jonathan Chait on Republican Hyprocrisy

It is 5:30 am and it will be hot today so I have to get out into the vineyard early so I will just give you this: Jonathan Chait wrote a great piece on how the Republicans fear of government over reach is situational depending on their philosophical leanings: The Judge who ruled Obamacare would stifle our very freedoms and we could be force to buy broccoli, was the one who okayed all the eavesdropping. The Wall Street Journal thought bicycles in New York was totalitarian, yet has no problem with the surveillance program, and Jack Welch, Republican corporate chief, who thought Obama cooked the books on the jobs numbers, has no problem with this level of data mining and control. You can read the whole thing at Conservative Freedom Lovers: You are Doing It Wrong.

Say What?

I guess everyone heard Joe Barton yesterday apologize to BP for being forced to “show us the money”.  There it is.  That is in naked action, what Republicans stand for.  Business is king, and the American public is simply a fund to cover their risks.  Why do you think they are fighting so hard against banking reform?  This whole escapade of the oil spill has pretty much demonstrated who Republicans represent and how hypocritical they are, and yet at least half of Americans turn a blind eye to it.  Let’s look at the three most telling examples of who they are that occurred during this oil spill.  Oh, and don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Democrats have all the answers since most of them appear spineless when it comes to political courage.

When this first happened, many Republicans were concerned about the “bashing” of BP.  They are a responsible company and this is only hurting their stock prices they lamented.  Ah, protecting your biggest donors bottom line is a full time job in Washington.  But what about the “stock prices” of the fisherman whose livelihoods are wiped out, or the tourist industry and all the small business that will go out of business, or for that matter the quality of our environment and a whole ecosystem?  To tell you the truth, I don’t think they really cared and like environmental messes they can’t see, out of sight, out of mind.

But then the oil starting flowing onto the beaches, these wonderful Republican politicians started screaming where is the federal government and why isn’t there a total mobilization of all resources.  Now I agree with their question, but these are the guys who have told us over and over that the federal government is the problem, it is too big, and we need to get it out of our lives.  Now they are upset because they have successfully marginalized it and it is not there when shit happens?  The level of hypocrisy has set a new all time record in our glorious South. At least most are old fat white men who will die off pretty soon from clogged arteries and brain atrophy from lack of use.

Finally we come to Congressman Joe Barton, the ranking member on the House Energy Committee, outburst (Texas Republican).  In commenting on the $20B set aside to pay claims, he said, “”I apologize. I do not want to live in a country where any time a citizen or a corporation does something that is legitimately wrong, is subject to some sort of political pressure that is, again, in my words — amounts to a shakedown, so I apologize.”  Let’s see if I have this right.  BP has lied about just about everything from the amount of oil flowing, to the fixes “that have never been tried before” (they were and failed in Ixtoc 1 blowout in 1979), and we are just going to take them on their word that the $75 million dollar liability limit that is the current law and those prince of Republicans won’t lift, will not affect their payouts?  When you and I buy a house we put money in an escrow account in good faith.  So in Joe’s mind, why doesn’t this apply to BP?  Let’s face it, $20 billion is not even going to get close and the environmental damage and the loss of a way of life, has no price.

So there it is.  It is clear as a bell what Republicans stand for:  Moneyed Interests.  You like the way things are screwed up and you want to continue down this path, these are your boys.  But remember, for the average guy who can’t pony up a quarter million in campaign contributions, well take a hike.  Sooner or later we have to understand that where the market place will take us if left to business as usual is very, very good for a very, very few, and is a disaster for the rest of us.  Continuing to support conservatives who see no role for government is a path to destruction.  But let’s keep on this path because it has works so well hasn’t it?  I have to think that at least half the nation is brain dead if they cannot see what is going on and who these guys present.  But then I live in El Dorado County where they keep voting in some nut case right of Atilla the Hun.  Maybe there is something in the water up here that damages their brains.