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Some House Cleaning to Set the Record Straight

First if you read my blog you probably read the Facebook Post I republished regarding how a liberal thinks and why in a response to Republican policies and dogma. There were two curious responses to that post on Facebook which I would like to share and rebut. One was one who called the post name calling and would not change minds. I have to laugh at that one. If anyone cannot figure it out now, there is no changing their minds until their pocket book gets run over. Then they might come out of their alternate reality universe.

Then there was another post that said something to the effect, “some moderate Republicans feel the same way.” I wanted to respond, but I did not, but here is what I would have written: “If you are a moderate Republican who feels that way, why are you still a Republican? That Party is antithetical to everything she listed.” Really what we have is a fiction that there is listening on the Right if we just were kinder and listened ourselves, both sides do it, and we can get back that old moderate Republican Party. I have argued before that if you were a moderate Republican, you are just fiscally conservative and there are plenty of Democrats who feel the same way, called Moderate Democrats. They are wrong and do not see how the economy has changed to make their beliefs inoperative, but at least in the Democratic Party we can actually debate that.

Okay, next up is the hysterical Republicans screaming the sky is falling as they react to real fake news. Remember when Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, took one of the text messages between two FBI agents who were kidding about a secret society within the FBI to bring President DFF down? He and Fox News went berserk with it, and then it turns out when looking at the context of all the messages, it was another joke, poking fun at just such paranoid nuts as Fox and Johnson. Johnson later admitted it was likely a joke but he had been out there screaming it is true and the sky is falling with Fox News providing him a bull horn. Okay now he got some more texts he interpreted as Obama “wanted to know everything” about Hillary’s emails. Oh wow!

So Johnson, Fox Noise, and the Right wing blogosphere went into a hysterical fit showing that Obama did it and now they are persecuting President DFF. Even President DFF got into the act tweeting, “NEW FBI TEXTS ARE BOMBSHELLS!” But once again the texts were taken out of context and what President Obama wanted to know about was Russian involvement in the election. Now what does this tell you about Republicans that they jump all over these false stories, and then irresponsibly start screaming for someone’s head? It tells you they should be nowhere near government or a position of responsibility. What were the people of Wisconsin thinking when they elected this fruit loop?

But wait! There is the Rob Porter and oh the so respected General Kelly. And let’s throw Orin Hatch in here. Rob Porter was accused of wife abuse by his last two wives. The White House knew about this because he could not get a permanent security clearance as the FBI had reported it. Orin Hatch first attack the media that reported it (all women are liars and it must be a smear plot). Then when the evidence became overwhelming, still regard Porter as a principled and honorable guy. Kelly was worse in that he fought all day long to keep him in the White House. What does that tell you about the boys club in the White House or how out of touch these people are? Oh, and his glowing statement about Rob Porter was written by Porters girl friend Hope Hicks, News Director for the White House. And try to remember that this is the same Kelly who tried to smear the Florida Congresswoman with a statement later proven to be false and he refused to apologized.

So just another day where the Republicans try to distract us from the Russian incursion and President DFF’s potential cooperation. The Russians penetrated 21 states voting systems. Oh, but that is all fake news, look the other way. The Russia investigation is a sham! How again is any rational person a Republican? This goes back to my very first rebuttal, there are not any Republicans who can be changed anymore.

Oh, and I forgot, a military parade, weapons and all in Washington? So now we truly are a banana Republic so insecure we have to show off our weapons. Just when you thought it could not get worse. Oh wait, does Der Leader want a uniform and fake medals? Yes it is going to get a lot worse.


Just a couple of quotes from the NYTs this morning that hit the nail on the head about Republican denial, the economy, and the less than stellar economic record of Barack Obama:

Charles Blow on the Republicans denying the polls about faltering Romney: “This is just an extension of the Republican war on facts. If you find a truth disagreeable, simply deny it. Call it corrupt. Suggest that it is little more than one side of a story — an opinionated, biased one — and insist that there is another explanation. The base will buy it. Let’s just call this Operation Ostrich.”

The NYT on the Economy and the campaign: “The problem with Mr. Romney’s “blame Obama” mantra is that Mr. Obama is not responsible for the deep and protracted recession that predated his administration and is at the root of the persistently high unemployment. Job creation under Mr. Obama’s term far outpaced the job growth following the first recession of George W. Bush’s presidency in 2001. New evidence released this week showed recent employment has been stronger than previously tallied.

Mr. Obama is not free from responsibility for the economy. He did not push hard enough for a larger stimulus and more robust housing relief. He also changed focus prematurely from creating jobs through stimulus to reducing the deficit through spending cuts.”

Kind of sums up where we are in this election. A Republican Party that is living in la-la land, and a President who has been too timid to really lead on the economy and seems to have no real understanding yet of the way forward, except half steps, hence the slow recovery. Electing Republicans would be disastrous with their alternate reality view of the world, but we cannot continue the lackluster path we have been on either. The Democrats will win, but the real challenge will be after the election to force them to be bold when facing our challenges for the future.

Some Things to Look Forward To

I was listening to a round table discussion on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria on Sunday and Joe Klein (Time Magazine) was telling Fareed that in his forty years of reporting he had never seen anything like what happened in Congress and he wasn’t shy about laying the blame on the Tea Party and the Republicans for refusing to accept any new taxes.  As Fareed had opined earlier, there is general consensus among economists that the only way to solve the deficit problem is to couple smart cuts with new revenues and that was the consensus around the table except for the one truly conservative journalist who said not to panic because Obama will just let the Bush Tax Cuts expire in 2012 and then you have your balanced approach.

I was thinking, and just what planet are you from.  Did you not just see the extension of the tax cut debate back in December or the latest take no prisoners “negotiations” on extending the debt ceiling.  So first what in the world makes him think President Obama won’t cave again if the Republicans won’t extend the tax cuts on the under $250 crowd?  And even more important, why do you think the Republicans will wait till then when they have the 2013 budget debates coming up early next year to again take hostages?

I think it is fairly safe to say things will be about the same or worse when those debates start.  It will be crystal clear to just about everyone that unless something dramatic is done, this recession will go on and on.  That plays right into the Republican’s game plan since they want to run against a failed Presidency.  They have done everything up until now to see that happen.  So once again it will be up to President Obama and the Democrats to show some leadership, except up until now they have failed to do it, or even plan ahead.  If you didn’t see that wonderful clip of the President’s press conference back last December when after caving on the Tax Cuts, a young reporter asked the President why he didn’t at least get a deal on extending the debt ceiling because they will use that as leverage in the coming year, and he really did not understand how extending the debt ceiling would give them leverage.  I’ll post if I can find it.

So we are going to be in the same fix again shortly, with the Republicans threatening to shut down the government if they don’t get an extension on the Bush Tax Cuts.  They are not stupid enough to wait and let Obama veto any bill they could get to him.  Here is the question.  Will the Democrats have the courage to face them down?  Will the President finally stand up and instead of co-opting the other sides arguments, point out their failures and fight for a different approach?  Not the Democrats or the the President Obama we have seen so far.


One last little thought.  I was reading in the paper where the new effort in climate research is to forecast changing  weather patterns on local conditions to effectively plan for the future.  As noted in the article, a 2007 review of international climate science by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded that warming was unequivocal and largely a result of human activities, mostly burning of coal, oil and gas.  So with that settled, the research using super computers turned to what is the impact to our human and natural systems.  But in their continual war against science and anything their faith based ideology rejects, House Republicans put a provision in a foreign aid bill to eliminate U.S. funding for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  See if you don’t know about it, it doesn’t exist.  Yes, Virgina, some Republicans really are evil.