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Just When You Thought It Could Not Be Worse

The Republicans decided to blow up any fake bipartisanship they may have been displaying by voting against the Justice Department’s recommendations to release the Nunes Memo.  At the same time they voted against releasing the Democrats’ Memo which is a point by point rebuttal of their memo.  How’s that for respecting different opinions?  If you think Republicans are interested in democracy or the rule of law, think again.

My thought is that at this point Democrats can quit saying “my friend across the aisle” and just recognize they are the enemy.  They are in a word, destroying democracy and the rule of law.  It is everything we stand for and believe.  And of course the whole memo is a carefully culled document to paint the FBI and the Justice Department in the worst possible light to impede or stop the Mueller investigation.  Remember WMD and Iraq.  Here we go again. My thought here is that Democrats need to quit respecting the legitimacy of the majority party and just release their own memo and get the facts out there. They are no longer in an institution protecting American values and tradition, but destroying them.  Why play by their rules any more?

The memo itself is purported to cast Rob Rosenstein, the Deputy Assistant Attorney General as using a flawed or biased process to decide to bug Carter Page.  First let’s say that as we learned from the Simpson testimony, there were multiple sources corroborating something was very fishy besides the famous dossier gathered by Fusion GPS with the help of Christopher Steel, British intelligent agent.  But that is not how the Nunes selective fact gathering memo is reported to describe it.  It is a hit piece pure and simple.

But let’s just step back a moment.  Do you remember what went on that we know about?  Further let’s just give Nunes’ lie the benefit of the doubt.  Say the initial information was tainted with bias (try to keep in mind that the initial study was funded by Republicans trying to smear Trump before they gave up and the Demos ended up paying for it).  A FISA Court Judge would not have authorize a bug based on that alone and would have requested corroborating evidence.  We are not privy to that and you can bet Nunes would not present that information.  But once they did bug him, the evidence that might have been gathered could not be tainted, it is either true or false.

So if the whole process is tainted with FBI love for Democrats which we all know is ridiculous (who cost Hillary the election again?), there is still the facts and testimony to examine to determine if all that smoke is really indicating a fire.  And that is the key here.  They don’t want that to come out.  With the caving of FBI Director Wray in the resignation of Assistant Director McCabe, we have seen the Republicans capture and maybe permanently damage one institution of justice.  They have already destroyed the Justice Department.  Now they have an echo machine to try to change lies into truth through Fox News and the whole Republican Party.

What is disheartening this morning is to watch the clown show and realize this our country.  There was money laundering, collusion, and certainly obstruction of justice to hide these things.  We have a moron for a President who is a pathological liar, racist, and xenophobe.  And we have a major party, the Republicans enabling all of this.  Not my America anymore.  I have no idea what we stand for anymore.  Again I want to personally thank those 76,000 morons in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Ohio that brought us the destruction of America.

Will I watch the State of the Union.  No.  He will read a Stephen Miller written speech about how he is single  handedly saving the country and everything he is taking credit for was already happening.  He is a consummate liar and not one thing he says can be depended upon.  The only hope for the country is when the walls come tumbling down, and I just hope there is enough left to rebuild.

As an aside, when you recognized what is happening and you know that your friends and neighbors who are such good people who voted for Trump are enabling this destruction, watching their Fox News, and still supporting the Republican Party, how can you be friends anymore?  My best friend is a Nazi?  Think about that.

Another Crazy Night As Republicans Continue to Make Excuses

The Deputy Attorney General (DAG) released a statement tonight that is right out of Alice in Wonderland, or more specifically, from the pen of the Trump minions:

Americans should exercise caution before accepting as true any stories attributed to anonymous ‘officials,’ particularly when they do not identify the country – let alone the branch or agency of government – with which the alleged sources supposedly are affiliated,” Rosenstein said. “Americans should be skeptical about anonymous allegations. The Department of Justice has a long-established policy to neither confirm nor deny such allegations.”

Huh?  So far we have found that the newspapers have been dead on, and what is the country thing?  What can I tell you?  It just gets weirder and weirder “Responsible” Republicans are counseling that Trump is his own worst enemy and if he would just get off twitter and let the investigation take its course there would be a lot less to investigate. That assumes there is nothing or little to find and based upon what we are seeing, there must be something very bad to find.  If you obstruct, there is a reason you obstruct.

And that raises the violent rhetoric issue.  Trump knows they are going to find a lot.  So he is feeding his base that the fix is in and they are after him.  So when he does get nailed, and he will, what he is doing is fomenting revolution.  All the bad people ganged up on Trump and his base has to do something to save him.  If you think that is voting you are missing all the hints.  And remember Bernie’s “overheated” rhetoric about the most dangerous and worst president we have ever had?  You should really worry what he will do when he thinks the whole situation is out of control.  He is as Bernie told us, the worst and most dangerous president we have ever had.  That is just a fact.

Lovely Day in Monterey -The VIIC’s Goose is Cooked

I Xootred to the Monterey Aquarium and enjoyed the morning (sort of) marveling at the amazing variety of nature.  Then stopped on the way back with my girl friend (and wife for going on 38 years, for a Bloody Mary watching the surf break.  I say sort of because many people bring their children there and assume the place is a playground and they can just run amuck.  So glad California is not an open carry state.  But the Aquarium is just a wonderful place to learn about the ocean.  As always, watching the endangered sea otters is just a joy.  I did notice on my trip over that there were a lot of very large seals splayed out on the rocks.  Made me think maybe I don’t need to go on a diet, just learn how to bask in the sun on large rocks.  In that group I would be the svelte  one.

Okay to business. The Village Idiot in Charge (VIIC) went to the Coast Guard Academy to give a graduation speech and whined about the press.  I guess the hypocrisy of him telling them how important they are and his proposed 20% budget cut was lost on him.  Then the big news:  Rod Rosestein, acting Attorney General, appointed a Special Counsel to investigate the Russia Probe.  POW!

Now understand what that means.  The Republicans cannot now control the narrative in the investigation.  We have heard the “bi-partisan” Senate and House investigations, which aren’t really because the Republicans will call witnesses to confuse and obfuscate.  Now they will still do that, but reality is going on in the background and they have to be more circumspect.  

The VICC is going to screw himself into the wall because he can’t control the investigation anymore.  Acting Attorney General Rosenstein is toast.  Watch who is nominsted to lead the FBI because that will now be the only way VIIC can get inside the investigation.  Expect a political war here.  Also note who is nominated for Attorney General.  

Now, don’t expect things to take off.  Robert Mueller will take time to get up to speed, but as an ex-FBI Director, he knows the ropes.  He knows where the bodies are buried and how to dig them up.  But things could go dark for awhile with the Special Counsel because like the FBI, he should not comment on an on-going investigation.  Eventually the light will come on and the Senate and the House will look stupid if they do nothing and then we find out there is real smoke.  So this is a very good step forwartd.  We will get to the bottom of what happened.

One last thing.  Some are lamenting that a better approach would have been a bipartisan commission.  Maybe, but the Republicans were never going to let that happen.  Now they know if there is bad stuff there, it is going to come out.  They may soon start distancing themselves, and if we find there is real evidence, there may be talk of impeachment so they can get their guy Pence in.  Oh, I thought up a nickname for Pence.  Homophobic Mike.  The other possiblity is Pious Pence.  I like the latter,

I Can See Clearly Now

The only saving grace from the White House is their total incompetence.  The reason for the firing of James Comey is becoming crystal clear.  In spite of the memo claiming it was the outrageous treatment of Hillary, which nobody believes from this White House, White House minions were out with very different versions of Trump being unhappy with Comey for some time and had lost trust in him,  Of course that says what happened to the plot line that the new guy Rod Rosenstein who had been in office 12 days, writes a memo and the White House gets it, and then acts?  Well, nobody believes that one either. There are reports that when the White House started to lay blame on him, he threatened to resign.  We all know that was a fiction to get Sessions involved.  And it is clear Sessions’ involvement was a clear breach of his recusal.

Now the veil is slowly being lifted.  Apparently the Russia investigation was ramping up and Comey had asked for more money and resources.  Trump had been getting madder and madder about the ongoing investigation and that Comey would not follow orders to back off. He was mad that Comey had not supported his Obama had phone tapped me.  He was mad because Comey had confirmed an investigation into his campaign and administration.  And he was really mad because, as noted, Comey seemed to be ramping up the efforts.  And as now reported Comey thought Cheeto-head was mad in an insane way.  Oh, and did you see where yesterday after Cheeto-head’s meeting with the Russians (now there is a visual), he banned U.S. Reporters from the photo session/ meeting? And don’t forget Valdimir gave Cheeto-head a thumbs up for acting presidential.  That ought to count for something.

So there is no question about what is going on today.  The smoke was getting thicker and Trump ordered the hoses brought out.  No one listened.  And for an immature child, who has something very bad to hide, he went on a firing tantrum.  Republicans so far have failed to understand their duty to the country, with all of them hedging their comments, calling Sally Yates a political hack (although nothing in her testimony was political and backed up by multiple accounts) and saying the President had the right to fire Comey, which he did, but not noting that in an ongoing investigation of his administration, highly inappropriate and destructive  to our democracy and our confidence in it.  If it’s not clear at this juncture that we have a president who is out of control, has things to hide, and is a danger to a functioning democracy, then you must have voted for this dangerous moron in the first place, clear evidence of brain damage. And so far the Republicans are right there with him.

But I think the dam has broken.  There are so many lies and blame going on, that people are starting to push back.  I think what we have learned is that the political appointees cannot be trusted, Right now that is Acting Attorney General Rosenstein and acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe are suspect, Rosenstein with his part in given cover to the White House for firing Comey and McCabe for failing to answer a simple question put before him by the Senate Intelligence Committee this morning, did Comey tell Cheeto-head that he was not under investigation?  Oh, I get the privileged conversation, except the President already put it out there.  We ought to be able to know if it is true.  He did promise to report any political interference which kind of puts him on notice with career professionals.  I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him.  Wouldn’t you have given Comey a heads up call?

So between the Republicans and the political hacks, the real ones, nothing will happen.  But as I mentioned earlier, the dam is broken.  Career professionals will take their Constitution and country as more important than toddying to the Firing-in-Chief.  Expect to see more leaks and a real blow up if the Republicans and Cheeto-head try to slow walk this.  Finally, I will give Comey the same advice I gave to Obama.  Speak out.  These are not normal times and the very foundation of our democracy is at stake.