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In the Vein of I Told You So

Special Counselor Robert Mueller had impaneled a Grand Jury. Why would you be presenting evidence to a Grand Jury if you did not have evidence? This is not like St. Louis (Darrin Wilson shooting Michael Brown) where they impaneled a Grand Jury to get the heat off of the prosecutors and control the evidence so they cold drop the charges. This is a tipping point. Who is the target? That is the million dollar question. Could be Flynn, could be Manafort, but I doubt it. It could be Kushner or Donald Jr. Again, maybe, but I doubt it. They are players in a bigger game. No, if I had to place a big wager, it would be on the Village Idiot in Charge. That is where the focus is. Is it collusion? Is it obstruction of justice? Is it both. I think it is both. One begets the other. Is there underling money laundering and illegal financial transactions? That would be the reason for all of it.

Now we will see what the VIC does to change the subject and to fire the special prosecutor. We will also see if Republicans still are part of this country, its laws, and its Constitution. Some opined that Mitch McConnell was hurrying legislation because he knew this would happen. To me it is obvious. Too many lies, too many changing stories, too many Russians. I said September. My guess is we are still on track. No the investigation will not be over, but we are going to see a reaction as the noose tightens that will force action in September.