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Fireworks as a Distraction

When I came back from my tour in Southeast Asia, fireworks made me nervous. Those last night in Syria appear to be a show for PR and nothing else. I don’t think it made anyone nervous. I know something of air warfare, at least back in the day, and the first thing you do is take out their defenses, you know Surface to Air Missiles (SAMs) and Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA). Then you have the freedom to hit targets and do real damage. I don’t think we hit one defense system. What does that tell you? Damage this morning was noted as minimal and some analysts in the Middle East say that we actually handed a win to Assad, the Russians, and the Iranians. See, America is all about smoke and mirrors.

So what was the point? What did we accomplish? Well, for the weak-minded President DFF’s base, we keep our word about red lines. See, he is tough. But did we just make things worse? And the answer to that question is what is a viable strategy for Syria. I hate Assad right up there with the best of them, but we have to have a plan of what comes after if we really want to up the ante as apparently John Bolton wanted to do. Note we have no Secretary of State or major ambassadors in most of the countries over there, so all we got is a hammer. Remember shock and awe in Iraq that got us here?

So if I am going to criticize, what would I offer as what should our strategy be? That depends. I would start strategy meetings about what should be our policy and what is the blow-back with people who know the area (and some of our allies). Should we confront Russia now or can we hope that, a la Afghanistan, they get worn out? How about Iran? If we don’t want a larger conflagration, what does our appeasement (pin pricks for show) get us? So there has to be a larger strategy here than if you use chemicals, we will hit you, but if you kill millions using conventional weapons, then okey dokey. Oh, and we care about all the innocent children killed, but we don’t accept immigrants from your area. So sad…

I think we need a strategy that makes sense, sell it to Congress to get authorization, and then have contingency plans in place so we can react immediately if that is what our plan requires. If we think Assad will eventually fall, and Russia will be drawn into warfare between the Sunnis and Shiites (that is still what this is about), maybe we do nothing but try to provide humanitarian assistance as the most efficacious way forward. If we think Russia and Iran might use Syria as a launching point to support weakening Saudi Arabia and the Sunnis, which could then result in an all out war, then maybe it is time now to confront both. Russia just seems to be emboldened with our failure to take any action.

Whatever the policy is, it needs to be an informed one that we share with the American people so they are not lulled to sleep by a fireworks display that does nothing. But of course, expecting a rational policy with real costs and benefits out of this administration is a pipe dream. This administration is all about the PR game, not the best interest of the country. So President DFF looked tough and talked tough, and maybe made things a lot worse, but who cares if his base is molified and it distracted from his domestic problems? That was really what all that was about last night.

The Traitors Within

I think the one thing about the Mueller 13 Russian Indictment is that while it was an attack on American and an attempt to mislead, it was mostly on social media, sometimes amplified by Fox News, and they are notorious sources of the real “Fake News”. When somebody sends me an article on Facebook, I ignore it. What was the source? Now I know that the conservative media and President DFF himself wants you to ignore the mainstream media, and yes, sometimes in an attempt to get the news first, they get it wrong, but they correct it and most of the time real journalists vet stories carefully and the best place to get the truth is established newspapers like the NYT, Wall Street Jounal or WaPo. Yes they all have opinions, but that is on the editorial page not the stories in the rest of the paper.

The thing that amazes me is that anyone believes anything they see on Facebook or Twitter posing as real news. Are we really that gullible? What went on in the last election on the Trump side was insanity, and not just his, but truly gullible and ignorant people acting on fiction and nonsense. Is it really that easy? I guess the problem is we are and few people actually read real newspapers anymore and get their news from Fox News and their feeds on their social media. We have forgotten what it means to know something, or at least many of us have.

How did conservative media and conservatives sour the population on science and facts? How did they turn most of their supporters away from news sources that might actually give them the truth? As we sit here and know (well at least some of us do) that the Russians interfered in our election, and of course they impacted the outcome, what about the conservatives that have worked so long to dumb down a large population in the United States to be susceptible to such an attack? You see where where I am going? The Russians certainly attack us, but whether wittingly or not, Republicans made it possible.

Now the question is how do we bring them back to reality? How do you teach people who look for what they want to believe, to look for what is, otherwise called critically thinking? The media helped with all this with he said/she said interviews without an honest broker of facts. Loudest most aggressive wins the day as he out shout the other so he must be right, right? Add to that the press briefings from the White House are full of lies and misrepresentations.  Who can forget the very first one about crowd size?

Sure science can be politicized, but usually by non-scientist, the first and most egregious was the Tobacco Industry which lied to us and miss represented the science to sell us addictive cancer sticks. The right took a page right out of their play book for global warming. Science, if you really understand it is a method that takes predisposition out of the process.  It is called the scientific method.  They don’t hunt just for what they want to find, but what there is to find, and then it is tested and vetted to death.  But the Right Wing Machine has turned science into politics because they don’t like what science shows us.  It does not fit neatly into their view of government.

But once you cast doubt on real science and facts, you have created a monster you cannot control. President DFF is not only attacking science and facts, where he tweets out lies and misrepresentations that are easily exposed just by running video from a few days before, but he is trying to undermine the very agencies that secure our government. Once again the aim is short-sighted, it is to try to survive an investigation into his connections to Russia and probable money laundering. If there was nothing there, why would he care? But he is undermining in his weak-minded followers the very institutions we depend upon for our security. And once again, Republicans have jumped in to help.

So yes, we were attacked by Russians but it should have been noise in the background that no one paid attention to. Instead it most probably changed and election and the root cause of all this is not the Russians, but the right wing attack on our democratic roots that depend on critical thinking, rational debate, facts and science. Yes, they are in fact, the traitors within. Forget the Russians, these are who are the real threat to our country.

Follow the Money

From Lawrence O’Donnell last night and Foreign Policy this morning:

Democratic congressmen on the House Judiciary Committee want to know why Attorney General Jeff Sessions abruptly settled a money laundering case in May involving the same Russian attorney who met with Donald Trump Jr. during the presidential election to offer “dirt” on Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The civil forfeiture case was filed in 2013 by Preet Bharara, the former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York — who was fired by Trump in March. The case alleged that 11 companies were involved in a tax fraud in Russia and then laundered a portion of the $230 million they got into Manhattan real estate.The forfeiture case was heralded at the time as “a significant step towards uncovering and unwinding a complex money laundering scheme arising from a notorious foreign fraud,” Bharara said. “As alleged, a Russian criminal enterprise sought to launder some of its billions in ill-gotten rubles through the purchase of pricey Manhattan real estate.”

But Instead of proceeding with the trial as scheduled, the Trump Justice Department settled the case two days before it was due to begin. By then, Bharara had already been axed by the president. Bharara’s assistant did not immediately respond to request for comment.

The Russian attorney who uncovered the tax fraud scheme, Sergei Magnitsky, mysteriously died in prison. As a result, U.S. lawmakers passed the Magnitsky Act, which levied sanctions on Russian officials—sanctions that Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Russian attorney, worked to reverse.

Also the attorney representing the Russian companies in the DOJ case, Veselnitskaya, is the same one who organized a meeting with Donald Trump, Jr. and top Trump campaign officials in June 2016 to offer material that could “incriminate” Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. “Love it,” responded Trump, Jr. to an intermediary.

In May, the Justice Department settled the case for $6 million instead of $230 million and did not demand any admission of wrongdoing. According to the lawmakers’ letter to Sessions, Veslnitskaya was surprised by how generous the settlement was, telling one Russian news outlet the penalty appeared like “an apology from the government.”

While the Congressmen didn’t cite any evidence that the two events are definitely related, they sent Sessions a laundry list of questions. They want to know if there was any contact between members of the Trump administration or campaign and the Department of Justice or the Russian attorney about the case.

Okay let’s connect the dots or the dollar signs if you will.  The Russians were laundering money in real estate deals to avoid taxes in New York.  Who is it again who is deeply into real estate deals that is now the President?  The attorney who was vigorously prosecuting this gets fired (maybe firing the rest of the U.S. Attorneys was cover).  Then instead of the $230 million they were due, Sessions settled for a token amount, $6 million.  We don’t get the details of the investigation or who was involved from the U.S. Side in these deals because it was “settled”.

Can you connect the dots yet?  These are all “business deals”, whether it is colluding with the Russians on dirt, or defrauding the government of taxes.  Aren’t you glad we now have a businessman running our government? Ethics and national security be damned.  Business!

UPDATE:  From the Daily Beast:

Defying a federal court order, the U.S. Department of Justice has thus far failed to release part of a security-clearance form disclosing Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ contacts with Russian government officials. The deadline, which passed Wednesday, was ordered in response to an ethics watchdog organization’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for portions of Sessions’ SF86 form disclosing any contacts with Russian officials. A Justice spokesperson told NPR on Wednesday that the documents would be released by the deadline, but they have not been. Sessions’ contacts with Russia have come under extensive scrutiny after it was revealed he had two conversations during the 2016 campaign with the country’s ambassador to the U.S.—a fact he did not disclose during his own confirmation hearing.

The corruption may run very, very deep.  I wonder who is on that list? Veselnitskaya maybe?


Yeah, I know I have used Alfred E. Neuman before, but is there any better example for our Village Idiot in Chief? According to the WaPo through leaks from our security agencies they are appalled at President Cheeto-heads actions, the moron released critical classified information:

President Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador in a White House meeting last week, according to current and former U.S. officials, who said that Trump’s disclosures jeopardized a critical source of intelligence on the Islamic State.
The information Trump relayed had been provided by a U.S. partner through an intelligence-sharing arrangement considered so sensitive that details have been withheld from allies and tightly restricted even within the U.S. government, officials said.

The partner had not given the United States permission to share the material with Russia, and officials said that Trump’s decision to do so risks cooperation from an ally that has access to the inner workings of the Islamic State. After Trump’s meeting, senior White House officials took steps to contain the damage, placing calls to the CIA and National Security Agency.

When the White House denied it, nobody believed them.  It is almost funny that we know it is the lying show. The leakers are far more credible than the White House.  Secretary of State Rex Tellerson came out and made an identical denial as the White House was pitching, and when the State Department was asked about it, they had no idea what he had said.  They were totally out of the loop.  Clearly it occurred and the hypocristy of going after Hillary’s email system when no damage has ever been identified, the classified material was not classified by some agencies, and this leak that will probably cost lives is just enormous.  I wonder if the Russians left any listening devices behind after their visit?  At least they got all the pictures.  The American Press was barred.

But I think the most poignant moment in this latest Cheeto-head fuck up came when Allen Dershowitz, famous attorney, was on CNN and got quite animated about warning fellow panelists not to conflate this with the collusion investigation.  “They are entirely two different things!”  No, Allen, they are not.  Now legally he is right, but they come from the same motivation and misunderstanding that caused them both.  

On the collusion thing, the reality I believe we will soon find out about is the flow of money to finance Trump adventures (investments), much of it laundered or being laundered through his deals.  So in Trump’s little mind the Russian boys and girls are really just good fellow business men and woman and of course there was collusion to send them a signal that the sanctions were just a hinderance to business.  I don’t know this, but I think it is the most likely scenario here with all the denials and head fakes.  Cheeto-head does not get the adversary thing at all.  And if I am right, they have their hooks in him and he has no idea.

So Cheeto-head does not see the Russians as an adversary, but a way to make lots of money. It’s jus business.  He has no idea he is so far out of his league that they are using him to undermining our democratic system.  Thus the leak was just an exchange among the boys and he is clueless about the damage done, as he is clueless about just about everything.  He is their perfect captured idiot in spy talk.  But, hey, it is just business, right?  And with a businessman in charge, everything should be hunky dory, right?  You people who voted for him are morons. As I have pointed out before, none of this is a suprise.

I know what we are going to hear next.  “Who leaked this?  We have to get those leakers! Leakers, leakers, leakers.” Or said another way, deflect, deflect, deflect. Except he is the biggest leaker of all.  And the leakers leaked in order to wake up the nation to the danger he poses and the damage he has done.  And it is only the beginning.  He alienated all the intelligence agencies and the FBI.  Now his bumbling is putting the nation at risk.  They are good Americans and will not stand idly by while he destroys their hard work and undermines our intelligence sources.  It is going to be a fun and dangerous ride.  I hope he did not kill anyone with his leak, but he may well have.  

How Much Smoke is There?  UPDATE SEE BELOW*

While the media is distracted with a Trump head fake to restart the war in Afghanistan which I will comment on later, but do you really think the guys who want a tax cut for the wealthy want to fund another war, the Russia thing just gets bigger and bigger.  What we know is not much since everything we do know is based upon leaks and the Republicans seem to be in no hurry to get to the bottom of it.  So let’s see if we can itemize the smoke columns;

Said another way there is just too much really weird stuff going on that makes no sense if there is no Russian connection.  And that brings me to the investigation.  As an American, I am apalled that I had to learn about the investigation through a leak.  It is an obvious question that if the Russians are being investigated for interference in our campaign, was there collusion by the Trump campaign.  Directory Comey felt compelled to tell us about reopening the Clinton investigation but said nothing about an investigation into the Trump administrations connections with the Russians.

Clearly in a perfect world we would not want to pre-judge someone based upon an investigation that might clear of criminal wrong doing, which is what happened to Hillary.  But when you are talking about Russian interference in our election and the potential for a president’s administration (or maybe he himself) colluding with the Russians, we need to know about it so we can make informed choices in a democracy.  This idea that nothing can be said, and we have to find out from a leak that the Trump administration was told Flynn was compromised and then they did nothing is truly disturbing.

Directory Comey is a poor choice for this role and we may have to set some deadlines.  Why not supeona Trump’s tax records?  Why is the Senate dragging their feet?  Why don’t the agencies get together and tell us what investigations are going on without naming names and when we will get some sort of report?  It is at times like these we thank our lucky stars for leaks.  How much longer would Flynn have had access to the highest secrets we have before his compromised position forced him out.  Clearly we have problem with secrecy in this country and maybe it is time to start a discussion about how the public can be informed about potentially very damaging actions that are being investigated.  Just having no comment because it is an ongoing investigation does not seem to work when the stakes are this high.


Comey and Ego

Sadly after listening to his testomony yesterday, all I can conclude is the man is just another ego in drag, wrapping himself in integrity when his “integrity” swung an election.  And it turned out he was wrong and still he would do the same thing.  What does that tell you?

“It makes me mildly nauseous to think that we might have had some impact on the election,” he told the senators. “But honestly, it wouldn’t change the decision….Concealment, in my view, would have been catastrophic,” he said, adding later that he knew the decision would be “disastrous for me personally.”

In his little mind, not disclosing the new investigation was concealment. That is a an emotion laden word implying nefarious motives.  He was going to save the country from “concealment” by stepping forward and going against policy. But let’s just step back a moment.  He was already investigating Trump and the Russian connection, but that he did not disclose it and continued to “conceal” it might make one ask why.  Why the hypocrisy or double standard here.  Because as one ex-FBI person has said, they were sure Hillary would win.  

But with polls showing Mrs. Clinton holding a comfortable lead, Mr. Comey ended up plunging the F.B.I. into the molten center of a bitter election. Fearing the backlash that would come if it were revealed after the election that the F.B.I. had been investigating the next president and had kept it a secret, Mr. Comey sent a letter informing Congress that the case was reopened.

They had already made a political calculation about how this might effect them if they did not disclose Hillary was under investigation and she won.  Only there little decision change the course of election history over nothing but allegation and that is what their own policy is suppose to prevent.  And he wouldn’t change it?  That tells you everything you need to know about the man.

But there is another issue here.  The Justice Department has a policy of not disclosing an investigation because of unintended consequences.  Ever see the movie Absence of Malice with Paul Neuman and Sally Field? Maybe Comey should have watched it. So why did he not follow policy on this one and did follow it on Trump’s Russia investigation?  And here again is total ego.  He decided the nation needed to know because he made the political calculation that she was going to be our President, not Trump, and he did not want to tarnish the FBI by not disclosing (concealing) the investigation so the American people were not mislead.  

Except they were misled by his disclosing it.  There was nothing there, while on the Russian thing, you can be sure there is something there and we elected that moron.  So why not follow policy?  Because, he, James Comey, is going to decide when policy should be trumped (pun intended), and he got it totally wrong and again, he would not change that decision?  He learned nothing from the mistake?  The perfect Republican.

Really, you can see the problem with this man, his ego, and his bad judgement back in July when he concluded the investigation into Hillary and gave that press conference where he excoriated Hillary for her lax protection of security, but found no intenet to release classified information.  The whole thing was covering his ass with Republicans.  He knew they were going to be hopping mad that he did not charge her so he took great pains to disparage her while explaining under the law she did nothing wrong.  It was CYA at its pinnacle. Had he simply said that she had made some mistakes, but no crimes were committed, as he is suppose to, it would not have been a political event, which he turned it into.  That would have taken courage and shown the measure of his integrity.  I want you to note that Hillary did make mistakes with her server, but THERE WAS NO INTENT OR IDENTIFIED DAMAGE.  Putting Cheeto-Head in the White House will damage this country for a long long time.

This is not a case of the head of the FBI inserting his integrity and the integrity of his agency ahead of policy for the good of the country.  There was a policy against doing what he did for the very reason it so backfired and he went against his boss’s direction (the Attorney General).  He made a political calculation about the election and inserted himself into it against policy.  He got it wrong, changed the direction of the election, missed the elephant in the room, Russian collusion and interference, and he tells us he would do the same thing.  Real integrity would have been to follow policy based on years of experience and taken the heat had it come back to haunt him.  There is no integrity here, just ego.

Try Not to Get Comfortable

I think the thing that stays with to me the most from last week is when the White House Press Secretary announced the new job numbers and made a joke out of Cheeto-Head telling us you could not trust the old numbers, but these were real and the press corps laughed.  I did not laugh, I was horrified.  We just normalized lying from the President of the United States.  I remember in elections past where a candidate would go off the truth track and the media pundits would tell us that is just the nature of politics in an election year.  Now we have Cheeto-Head and they seem to now be normalizing a whole new level of continuous lying.

The of course there has been the slaughter at the State Department where the Cheeto-Head Administration fired career diplomats who have been around for years in both Republican and Democratic regimes, seemingly wiping out decades of experience and knowledge.  I cannot make heads or tails out of that one unless you start to make the Russia connection.  Our diplomats is how we project power throughout the world and if you want to reduce that power, withdraw from Europe and leave everyone to fend for themselves, how best to do it but wipe out our diplomatic corps.  Add that to the budget cut of almost 37% and something bad is going on.

Then we have the Attorney General Massacre.  Sure past Presidents have replace the AGs with their own people, but in a structured way so as to not upset or derail ongoing operations.  So what was this about?  I have a theory.  It’s the Jeff Sessions thing at the state level.  Remember the report that Cheeto-Head was furious when he heard that Sessions had been force to recuse himself from the Russian investigation?  Ask yourself this:  If there is nothing there, what’s the problem?  Sessions lied under oath and note his lie was not a forced error.  The question he was asked had nothing to do with meeting Russians and he blurted out a line about being a Cheeto-Head surrogate and never having met with Russians as though that was a plan response and he just had to get it out there.  Draw your own conclusion here.

But now we have a mass firing of the AGs and one has to wonder why?  Is Cheeto-Head afraid of investigations at the state levels that could expose his fraudulent business dealings?  I think it is all about control.  Remember Sally Yates when she told them the immigration ban was unConstitutional?  He got the racist little sycophant Sessions in as Attorney General to control the investigations, and stymie where necessary.  Now he needs control at the state level.  It is all about control.

Cheeto-Head lies and nothing he or his administration say can be taken at face value.  He tells us with a straight face that the new Republican healthcare plan will be better and the facts belie it, yet our media continues their “fair and balanced approach to covering this issue by reporting lies without refuting them.  As Gloria Steinem “the liberal activist and writer, wrote in an email that she had grown tired of “false equivalency or even-handedness” from news organizations, which she blamed for aiding Mr. Trump’s rise.”

And that is where we are and we should not be normalizing this moron or his administration.  He is making lying and misdirection from the White House normal behavior and we should never accept it.  He is trying to delegitimize intelligence from both our intelligence agencies and our FBI so that he can define reality.  He has a head of the EPA empowered to deny science.  It is the logical conclusion of what Republicans have been up to for 50 years, reinventing reality so their nonsense makes sense.  Only now it is being taken to a whole new level and we should not be laughing, but rioting in the streets.  Our media is already a lost cause, but we aren’t.  Don’t normalize this crap, fight back.


The Republicans are trying to paint the Democrats as over reacting to Trump and the Russians.  These are the guys and gals who had how many hearings on Hilary and found nothing?  But of course if the tables were turned their brains would be exploding.  Now step back a minute from the partisan struggle and ask yourself, are they overreacting?  Do we have a real threat from Russian and should it not be our business to make sure there is no collusion or undo influence on the Cheeto-Head Administration, not to mention, how much fake news and hacking really occurred?  Of course it would and in a sane world that would be an independent commission with subpoena power to find out the facts.  But we don’t live in a sane world and overreacting is what it is going to take to get Republicans to do the responsible thing, because of course, they don’t want to find what they are going to find out.

Having said that, and the fact that Democrats need to be resisting Cheeto-Head and his Cabinet of Incompetents, what should the Democratic strategy be besides opposing Cheeto-Head?  Now note that the Republicans won everything this time by opposing everything Obama, but there is a caveat.  Cheeto-Head was not their candidate, Jeb Bush was and he was resoundingly rejected.  So the message was clear, establishment was rejected (Democratic or Republican), and change was the flavor of the day.  So Democrats not only have to oppose Trumpism, they need to show real change.  So far I am nervous.

First there was the DNC election where they went with Tom Perez, Obama’s candidate.  Once again the establishment is winning (in what may be a loosing campaign).  Now Perez may surprise me as Chuck Schumer is doing, but it was an establishment choice just like returning Nancy Pelosi to House Minority Leader.  While Nancy has fought the fight, that was not the point and the same with Perez.  The Democratic Party needed to demonstrate that they really learned something from losing the House, Senate, and most state houses (one could argue they won the Presidency, but it would have been a crippled Presidency).  So far they have not.

Second there was the Minority Response to the State of the Union given by former Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear in a diner.  Gov. Beshear knows health care so he could speak to the unrest in the town hall meetings, but is that what we are, reactive?  And the messaging was horrible.  Old guy in a diner with old people talking about protecting what we have, not where we are going.  Who did that relate to, old people in a diner?  Is that what the Democrat Party thinks is who we need to reach?  My perfect rebuttal, would be just that, a spirited rebuttal.  First you pick one of the new young Progressives.  Then you anticipate what the President is going to say and carefully prepare a rebuttal, item by item.  Then you hear his speech and adjust your response to what he actually said and provide a fact based rebuttal to what he proposes with alternatives.

I am not sure the Democrats learned anything yet.  Sure we need to have a fifty state strategy, and yes we need to listen to local middle America concerns.  But we have to develop a Progressive strategic plan to deal with the realities we face and sell it, not pander with the promise of ending trade agreements, increasing pollution, or wiping out regulations that protect workers as an answer to saving jobs.  Bernie was the face of the new Democratic Party.  His focus was a Progressive approach to economic inequality.  Hillary was not believable in that role.  Any back sliding at this point will be disastrous.  We really, really need to get away from establishment thinking.

Where there is Smoke…

No, this is not Benghazi.  In Benghazi, they got all the documents and there was no there there.  In Russia Gate we have no idea what the documents say.  But there is way too much smoke, where before the smoke was created by Darrel Issa and his band of minions.  Now we are hearing the Democrats are playing partisan politics.  Well maybe, but instead having nothing there is a whole list of damaging evidence that something was going on.  Oh, and why not show us his tax returns?  Why are the Republicans so busy not requesting them?

So let’s review:

  1. We have now undeniable evidence (which we can’t see) that the Russians hacked at least the DNC and then feed these leaks to Wikileaks and created fake news to try to at the least surrey Hillary Clinton and make any administration by her hamstrung (It was going to be anyway with a Republican Congress)
  2. We have Cheeto-Head equating Russia with this country’s political murders
  3. We have Cheeto-Head admiring Putin and trying paint him as the wounded party in Eastern Europe
  4. We have Putin not retaliating after Obama’s sanctions for hacking which threw out a bunch of his spies
  5. We have evidence, again leaked, that members of Cheeto-Head’s campaign having contacts with Russian operatives
  6. We have Cheeto-Head telling the Russians to continue hacking Hillary’s account as it is a good thing
  7. We have Cheeto-Head not releasing his taxes after the campaign as promised
  8. We have the Trump Administration interfering in an investigation by requesting FBI, Intelligence Agencies, Justice, and leaders of the GOP to tamp down the belief that the meetings were anything but tit for tat on sanctions, or had anything to do with the hacking
  9. We have the leaked report that the Obama Administration in its last weeks, seeing more and more of the evidence, tried to spread that classified evidence to as many government agencies as possible so that the Cheeto-Head Administration could not sweep it under the rug
  10. And now we have Jeff Sessions caught in a lie or at least a diversion from the fact that as a Cheeto-Head’s surrogate he did have close door meetings with the Russian Ambassador (Sanctions?)

Way too much smoke here that could be easily wiped away with a release of the tax returns and statements from DHS and the FBI about the recording they have.  But instead they say nothing.  That says a lot to me.  First, there is a real problem and it is a political hand grenade or they would have said something by now.  Second, why are the Republicans and the Administration working so hard to make this go away, instead of just getting out the facts and end it?  On, and imagine what would have happened if the tables were turned, and this was Hillary with a Republican Congress.

Now for my suppositions, I think this is all about money and greed, not from Putin who has real aims to divide and conquer in Europe, but from the Cheeto-Heads.  We know there are billions to be made if the sanctions are lifted.  What we don’t know, but I would bet my last glass of wine on, is that Cheeto-Head is tied up with Russian Oligarchs and their money.  He probably laundered the money through his many companies and allowed them to offshore their cash.  I think that for the most part, Cheeto-Head has run a Ponzi scheme, leveraging one deal after another, and Russian cash was critical.  I think the Russian government probably has information on this and while not overtly blackmailing Cheeto-Head, pointing out that the lift of sanctions and other favors would grease both palms.

I don’t know any of this, but there is a ton of circumstantial evidence that points this way.  This is a no-brainer for the country.  The Republicans could lose their hold on Trump and their conservative agenda so they want to fight this.  Here is another question I ask:  Why would then not want him replaced by Pence who is their boy unless there is something that raises the question of the whole legitimacy of the election.  We need an independent panel, and get on with it.  We having dancing now in the Senate and House panels, but they will hit a wall and it will fall apart.  Better to get on with now than drip, drip, drip.

And while we are distracted Cheeto-Head is wiping away regulations that protect people and the environment for jobs.  This is such a sad joke.  It won’t create jobs, just destroy more of America and make fighting global warming and pollution harder.  Remember when Trump admitted that Health Care is complicated?  So are regulations in our country and the unintended consequences getting rid of them could be massive. Just another day when you put the Republicans in charge.

Going Backwards

It is hard to watch the CPAC wild enthusiasm for statements from Trump puppets giving them applause lines full of hate, racism, and failed lessons learned.  Remember that line, we are all Americans.  Not these people.  They clearly do not understand freedom of the press, having your ideas challenged with facts, or learning in general.  And they represent the Trump Bunch.  How do you wake up everyday with so little empathy and kindness toward your fellow human beings?  What I get from this kind of political action is pure meanness. Trump is a disgusting human being and disaster is unfolding before our eyes.  We won, now let’s show them whose boss.  Actually I don’t think they won, and he will never be my President.

So let’s just summarize:

  • Cheeto-Head attacks the free press, bans those trying to report on his Russia dealing from a press event, probably all in an effort to take attention away from the events of the day, and instead of focusing on the Russians, he is out to kill the messenger
  • ICE is becoming our version of Hitlers SS.  Did you know that Muhammad Ali’s son was stopped at an airport and question on how he got the name Muhammad?
  • Economists will no longer be part of the Presidents Cabinet.  Who needs facts?
  • Then we have the bathroom brouhaha.  Who cares?  Have you noticed that many places have unisex bathrooms?  But they care and the most vulnerable are kids who will be hurt
  • Oh, and there is a new study showing the results of most students who us vouchers to attend private or charter schools fail miserably compared to public school kids.  Where they work, is in closely regulated schools, just what the Trump Bunch are against.
  • Scott Pruitt, EPA, chief is being reviled as a puppet for industry and we may find out his role in the botched execution in Oklahoma.  Just another bottom of the barrel pick to lead one of our most important agencies.
  • Speaking of schools, no more free lunch.  Our Secretary of Education has no idea what hunger is and thinks we ought to do away with it.  After she came out against the bathroom change and had to change her tune to keep her job, we know all we need to know about her
  • Then there is the rise and support of private prisons again.  Don’t you just love people getting rich by sending as many people as possible to prison?  It works so well
  • Homeland issued a study, well it was leaked (how else are we going to find anything out in the Trump years?), using open sources, to show what we have all argued, the ban and the countries selected makes no sense.  It doesn’t keep us safe and may make things worse.  And yet we do nothing

When you look at these people from Trump on down, they are disgusting.  They are the worst of America and I am still trying to understand how my country could take the worst we have to offer and put in them in charge.  And even worse, their worst qualities are just being magnified in the light of day and conservatives do not rebel in disgust.  I hope this nightmare ends soon.