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Breaking News!

Shoot up a church and hijack the news for days.  President DFF is in Asia and we face a potential nuclear war, and we get to listen to people explain God has a plan and maybe churches should all have gun carrying members.  As she who must not be mentioned here points out, what do all these shooting have in common?  Men and guns.  But we can’t talk about that, maybe more guns will help, right?  I feel the tragedy for these people, BUT GOD ISN’T GOING TO SOLVE THIS, we are and we have to get guns out of our society.  FMITH. (F*ck Me in the Heart).  There is no devil and there is no God.  Just us humans.  And apparently we cannot connect the dots. Oh, and finding the motivation is a waste of time.  Next nut job will have something different.

Bang! Bang!

It may be too early to say this, but I will anyway. Carrying a gun just sets up a lethal confrontation. Maybe Texas’s concealed weapon law and their free wheeling view of everyone being armed is coming home to roost. Could we be more stupid about guns? Sadly nothing will probably be done about them, or climate change, or energy policy, or our economy as Republicans are a plague upon our society.