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WTF Friday

Late Spring Again - Friday 8 April 2011 - Another WTF Moment

Well it is still cold, there is snow on the ground, and work is at a virtual stop in the vineyard so I thought I would start a new post, WTF Fridays.  This will not replace Vine/Wine Fridays, but in addition to.  There is just so much material….

  • People are mad as hell that Congress cannot resolve the budget issue.  “Why can’t they just compromise.”  Well if you are paying attention, compromise means the Democrats cave in after already giving away $33 billion in sorely needed spending and abandon woman’s rights.  What did you expect when you elected the neanderthals from the Tea Party who are not about to compromise?  You want compromise don’t elect people who campaign on being radicals and no compromise.  WTF
  • The Beltway media is tripping all over themselves to anoint Paul Ryan and his attack on Medicare as brave.  Of course none of them actually read it or as James Kwak said (The Baseline Scenario). “Gag me.”  The plan is a disaster and the numbers don’t add up.  So, it is brave to show that you will throw out any pile garbage to see if it will stick?  It solves nothing and makes the problem worse and the media is tripping over themselves to kiss Paul Ryan’s ass?  WTF
  • To show how stupid the Beltway media is, if the Democrats agree to a $38 billion cut in programs that benefit the working middle class and poor, they think this is compromise.  Actually it is capitulation.  Compromise would have been getting some new revenue from taxing corporations (reducing loop holes) or the wealthy along with some cuts.  The Tea Party is on its way to defining government for all of us.  This small minority is now in charge of the government.  WTF

Note:  The capitulation of the Democratic Party and President Obama was when they folded on the Bush Tax Cuts.  They opened up the door to all that we are now seeing.  Just another WTF moment from the spineless Democrats.

  • The Tea Party likes to say that the people spoke in 2010 and they are only carrying out their mandate to gut government.   That is not what the people really said.  They said make it better because Obama has not.  When the economy gets much worse due to all these cuts, it will be the Democrats fault right?  WTF
  • Obama and the Democrats are just amazed at the intransigence of the Republicans.  Let’s see, they gave away the farm on every issue they took on, their starting negotiating position was what the Republicans wanted, and the economy did not get better.  Now they are surprised that the Republicans won’t budge.  They created this monster.  WTF
  • The media keeps covering Donald Trump’s birther binge.  What should concern you is that this is nothing but entertainment.  Trump is courting know-nothings in a bid to keep his face on People magazine.  He is a cartoon character out of loony tunes.  But with four-fifths of Republicans now doubting the President’s pedigree, this is really an act of terrorism.  How can people be so unbelievably stupid.  WTF
  • I guess the most telling thing about our media is that they are now all about entertainment, and in that pursuit are dumbing down America.  Prime example is that when they interview, say Donald Trump, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, or some Tea Party Fruit Loop, they don’t challenge the absolute nonsense and misinfornation that is being put out there.  They treat it as though it is serious discourse.  No wonder Americans are so dumb.  Real stories are coming from media sources that are outside the Beltway and have not been co-opted by their own incest with the politicians they are covering.  WTF
  • And for my finale, did you know that if we paid what other industrialized countries pay for health care, which might I add is full coverage for everyone and better results, there would not be a deficit.  But we have to wipe out Medicare and turn everything over to the private sector right?  WTF

When you really look at what the Republicans want to do, and you think it through (a leap of faith assumption for most Americans), it is lunacy, from the birthers, to flow down, to defunding government and transferring wealth to the rich, to expecting things to get better.  You really have to think, WTF.