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 I think the VicLic will fire the DAG and or the special prosecuter this weekend or one very similar to it.  Here is why:  First Democrats (and mainstream Republicans) are telling him not to.  He hates being told anything.  Second he just made a trip to Florida to announce an insane Cuba policy surrounded by his sycophant base.  They give him that self-righteous feeling of empowerment and invincibility.  Third, the investigation is heating up and everyone is lawyering up.  There could be rats who desert a sinking ship to save themselves.  He feels super threatened. And finally, because he likes the sound of Saturday Night Massacre and it makes him fell macho.  See, he is the unconventional President who charts his own path (his vision of himself not mine which is a lunatic out of control).  So why not shake up the investigation and slow it down?  Republicans have shown no interest in trying to rein him in and do they really want to go up against his base?  Yep, this weekend or one very similar.

Here We Go Again (UPDATED)

UPDATE:  SEE BELOW  In the aftermath of the shooting we are getting the, “Heated rhetoric must calm down in this country,” argument (Joe Scarborough). Get the implication here.  It is the great peace making argument that both sides need to tone it down, but fails to really recognize the imbalance here.  It is a giant cop out by our media that wants to be “fair and balanced.” In another story, which points out that the attacker was a Bernie supporter, the article made this statement implying “overheated”rhetoric:

Their idol, the senator from Vermont, has called President Trump a “demagogue” and said recently that he was “perhaps the worst and most dangerous president in the history of our country.”

So when is telling the truth about the worst and most dangerous president in the history of our country overheated rhetoric?  It is not both sides, and President Trump is not normal.  The rhetoric about him and the danger he poses is the reality of the situation.  That has nothing to do with tolerating violence, which the Democrats have never done.  You have to dig very deep to find some extreme outlier to demonstrate a Democrat promoting violence as a political tool.  On the other hand, just run the tapes of the Trump campaign speeches where he threatened the press, or said he would defend a violent assault on a protestor.  Remember, he claimed the Democrats were paying people to incite violence at his rallies.  Here is a great video summary. Oh, and let’s not forget who just body slammed a reporter to cheers from his supporters.

Meanwhile the Right Wing Media, which has always incited racial hate, fear of immigrants, nativism claims the shooting of Scalise is because of violence prone Democrats.  It is what they have always done.  Hate and fear are the stock and trade of the Republican base and that is the seeds of violence for both sides.  What would you call using your Second Amendment Rights (Sarah Palin) to get your country back?  Tell me where are all those left wing radio shows spewing out hate?  Right Wing radio commands the radio dials.  Spewing hate and fear attracts listeners, spewing tolerance and equal rights puts people to sleep.  So where again is all the overheated rhetoric coming from?

And of course there is the final straw.  Where did all those automatic weapons come from?  There are going to be unhinged people always.  Would you rather they have a knife or an AK-47?  The Republicans would prefer the AK-47.  You know, to protect your rights from the government they disparage every day.  It is not Democrats who are threatening to take away healthcare, or are about to gut Dodd-Frank.  It is not Democrats who want to pass “religious freedom” laws to allow discrimination.  It is not Democrats who want to give away the treasury to the wealthy, or destroy the environment by tearing down our government institutions.

So Republicans have by far been the spewing of hate and fear party, put the weapons in the hands of the nutcases, and are now trying to further disenfranchise the little guy, and the problem is the Democrat’s heated rhetoric?  Bull puckey.  We have been building to this event for a long, long time.  The current President of the United States, is the result of intolerance and ignorance.  And we are surprised that some nut job got a gun?  Sure we can tone down our rhetoric, but that does not mean censor it.  Donald Trump is an ignorant, racist, liar, and that is not rhetoric, that is proven fact.  Click on the links. Run the tapes of his speeches.  We are in dangerous times because the Republicans refuse to reign him in.  So don’t give me any bull shit about both sides need to tone it down.  Look at how we got here.

This is not to condone the violence, but to condemn it.  But the latest rhetoric to tone it down is simply a bandaid on a serious wound, and if we don’t look at how we got here, the bandaid is insufficient.  Remember who has been disparaging government forever, and who is it that wants to use government to try to make things better.  Remember who has used hate and fear to get elected while the other party tries to represent the rights of gays and women.  Remember who wants to dumb us down so our minds are not confused about facts.  Remember who nominated and fell in line behind a racist, ignorant, liar who incited violence at his rallies.  Remember who makes sure the nuts have access to automatic rifles.  Yeah we have a problem, but our problem is remembering who is our problem.

UPDATE:  Does the hypocrisy never stop?  Here is from ThinkProgress:

Rep. Jack Bergman (R-MI) told Fox News Wednesday afternoon that “the media is complicit” in acts of violence like the mass shooting targeting members of Congress “if they keep inciting, as opposed to informing.” Then he went on to say, “I agree with Rodney wholeheartedly in that the hateful rhetoric serves no positive purpose. In fact, today it served a negative purpose. But unfortunately, and I’m looking at all the media in the eye when I say this: friendships and cordial relationships don’t make good news. So I can tell you, especially as the president of the freshman class of Republicans, we are united along with our Democratic freshman counterparts to bring civility back to the 115th Congress.”

What a bunch of happy horseshit from the party that made saying outrageous things a way to campaign.  See the Liar in Chief or do you remember Joe Wilson and “You Lie”?  Lets go back to Michelle Bachman and her outrageous claims that always turned out to be untrue.  Didn’t Louie Gohmert just say, in speaking of Mueller, “This man had the FBI training materials purged. He did a lot of damage and a lot of Americans are dead as a result of the purging of their training materials.” and later told us Mueller is “Dirty”.

Look at my first link above, a Red Wing website, and then look at ThinkProgress or Media Matters, or any Progressive site and tell me they are equivalent.  If you do, “YOU LIE!”

Under Investigation

So from five sources, the VicLic* is now officially under investigation for obstruction of justice.  No there was not a leaker, think about it.  If you start interviewing people some of them are going to talk about it.  I wonder how little Jeffy Sessions will do in front of a grand jury.  Now you know why the VicLic was wanting to fire Mueller.  He got wind of who he was interviewing and what questions he was asking.  Now once again, the special counsel could “indict” him through a grand jury, but that is as far as it goes unless Congress acts.  Again we are at the mercy of those Republicans salivating over their agenda.  Only when there is no longer any doubt will the rats (Republicans) start deserting the ship.

Will he do it, fire Mueller**?  I think he will.  Remember that obstruction of justice is really part of the cover up, not the original crime, or if you want, investigation, colluding with the Russians.  If there is an obstruction of justice there has to be a reason he was trying to obstruct it.  That finding, obstruction of justice, since it really exposes the existence of the greater crime is a bomb for the White House.  Now if there is obstruction of justice, and I have no problem saying there is, aides in the White House could be co-conspirators especially if they withhold information.

There is just too much there, there.  When was the last campaign filled with aides who were meeting with the Russians?  None.  Why deny and lie about it until you got caught in the lie.  Sessions couldn’t remember any of them.  Does that not give you pause?  The timing of the firing of Comey makes no sense unless it was about the investigation. Here is the deal as I see it, and it is not complicated.  It’s about the money.  The VicLic got money to back his projects when no one else would and all you have to do is look at the source.  In some cases it was simply loans from Russian banks who now have their hooks in him.  In some cases it was really laundering money for the Russians and others.  I don’t know this, but in many ways it has been hinted at many times.

Now when the VicLic had a shot at President, the Russians were all in.  I don’t think the VicLic was stupid enough to meet with the Russians or their finance guys, but his team did.  So they were looking at a deal, remove the sanctions (for their incursions into Eastern Europe and into our election) and they would open up more business opportunities, and not mention his earlier dealings (for now).  It was just a deal to them, not doing the Russian’s bidding.  So there was collusion or so I believe.  I also believe, although with no facts to support it, that there was coordination on the leaks and fake news.  See the VicLic’s loose lips during the campaign encouraging the Russians to hack Hillary.

So, the fire is breaking out from the smoke and my guess is the next move is the firing of Mueller.  Then we see what the Republicans are really made of.  I think they will only desert their dreamed for agenda when they realize all that is left is to save their own skins.  We will see.

Oh, I would like to add one more thought.  If the VicLic really wants to get this behind him so he can work on his agenda, why aren’t they working on it now?  Nothing in the investigation is keeping them.  All we have is a secret repeal and replace Obamacare plan in the Senate because they are not foolish enough to vote for the one out of the House, and a repeal of Dodd-Frank out of the House that will also have real problems in the Senate.  Where are the jobs bills?  Where are the infrastructure plan?  Where is the Tax Reform Bill?  What is holding that up?  It isn’t the investigation.

*VicLic -Village Idiot/Liar in Chief

**Not the VicLic cannot fire Mueller, but he can order the Deputy Attorney General to do it, and when he refuses, fire him. It will be just a matter of time before he finds someone who will do itl

Just When You Thought It Could Not Get Any Stranger

Trump is thinking about firing the special counsel?  Deja vu!  Of course he is not a student of even recent history so he probably thinks Deja Vu is some French dish.  Now reasons for the firing are being thrown out by his minions.  Mueller is a friend of James Comey and is therefore biased.  He was appointed after Comey released his notes and therefore was a plot by Comey.  He is a Democratic plant and many of the people he is hiring gave money to the Obama Campaign. And on and on.

None of it makes any sense.  Everyone agreed this former FBI director who was appointed by Bush II is a straight shooter.  The investigation will go where it will and the truth and facts are what will make a case and is what is important here.  And that is the real reason the ViLic (Village Idiot/Liar in Chief) is considering firing him.  He is doing the job and the obvious truth will out.  It will be interesting to see if the Republicans sense a sinking ship and like rats, desert the ship, or will they circle the wagons knowing that by hitching their wagon to this buffoon in the early going lusting after their “agenda” could crush their party if the truth does will out.

Tomorrow we have Attorney General Jeff Sessions to testify in an open hearing.  I believe we will see whether they are circling the wagons or deserting the ship.  I can’t believe he will not assert executive privilege.  On the other hand he could deny all of Comey’s testimony and then the game is afoot.  Or he could try to rehabilitate himself (if that is possible) and just tell the truth.  Only in my dreams.

Julius Caesar and Britain

There is a highly entertaining article this morning in the NYT about how art is taking on the VIIC/LIC (Village Idiot-in-Chief/Liar-in-Chief).  I particularly like “The Fart of the Deal“.  But the thrust of the article is about the  about Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar played by a blond actor with a Eastern European wife.  The hyperventilating is about whether this incites violence against the VIIC/LIC.  Remember in Shakespeare’s rendition, Julius Caesar is done in by seven co-conspirators.  Sadly, those who are hyperventilating learned nothing from Shakespeare’s real lesson, the disaster of the aftermath.  While Caesar seemed to be consolidating power and ending their Republic (see picture), the actions of Brutus and his compatriots brought the Republic to an end “and let slip the dogs of war.”

Julius Caesar was a great leader while our VIIC/LIC is a flailing clown.  But there are parallels to electing a leader who then sees himself as emperor above the institutions of the Republic.  Clearly the VIIC/LIC sees the election as giving him license to then ignore law and tradition, and in the process destroy our democracy.  Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar once said, “Men in general are quick to believe that which they wish to be true.”  Clearly the VIIC/LIC has used fear and blaming to make that so operative today.  We no longer need facts, just what we wish to be true.

The Republicans are watching the same spectacle we are, but choose to believe “that which they wish to be true” to push forward their agenda. In the words of Shakespeare again, “What we wish, we readily believe, and what we ourselves think, we imagine others think also.”  That is the modern day Republican Party oblivious to the failure of their ideas. In many ways the modern day lesson is that if you want something so bad, you may destroy all that is precious to find out you have achieved nothing.

So remember when you slogged through Julius Caesar in high school and thought it a waste of time?  It wasn’t and Shakespeare’s lessons in this play and his many others should have prepared us for such an event.  As many modern day advocates push to “modernize” our reading and English curriculums in school, beware.  We may be losing wisdom that has transcended time.  Nobody said learning was supposed to be easy and the important lessons take hard work.  On a side note, without she who must never be mentioned here, I would not have a clue about Shakespeare or his lessons.  But going to Ashland’s Shakespeare Festival and learning the plays woke up my mind to his wonderful insights into the human soul.  My only fear now is from Shakespeare’s Henry V, where the country was divided and squabbling and Henry united the country by taking them to war (Modern day equivalent, Wag the Dog):

“I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips,
Straining upon the start. The game’s afoot;
Follow your spirit: and upon this charge,
Cry — God for Harry! England and Saint George!” 

― William Shakespeare, Henry V

Okay, on to Britain which seems appropriate.  Theresa May called a “snap” election to consolidate power for Conservatives and their march to Brexit and what happened was a total disaster as the Labour Party made a big comeback and many think it is because the young got out and voted.  Now there is truly divided government with no one in charge and the possible coalition of parties to govern are fragile at best.

Is this a bad thing?  Maybe, maybe not.  I would like to think with absolutely no evidence yet (“What we wish, we readily believe, and what we ourselves think, we imagine others think also.”), is that we have had our fling with being mad as hell and looking inward.  Maybe we had our tantrum and we are looking around at the damage and saying, wait a minute.  Maybe, as England was the first to send the signal of inwardness with their Brexit vote, they are the first to say, “Okay, over it.  Let’s get on with change and the future.”  Could we be next?  Happy Saturday.

Footnote:  Things to Ponder:  While the VIIC/LIC was empowered yesterday feeling he escaped unscathed from Comey, looking back on his testimony and a careful parsing of his words,  you might come to the conclusion that his real audience was Robert Mueller and that he had left the trail and evidence for a strong case to be made on obstruction of justice.  I think that is exactly what he did and noose is tightening.

Friday Morning (WTF?)

Well, what a mess. I mean really.  The Brits were supposed to have a “snap” election to clarify things and instead there is total confusion about the country’s direction.  Here at home we have a village idiot where it is now common for respected journalists and public figures to commonly call him a liar.  So the British Empire and one of its former colonies is running amok, and France and one of their former colonies, Canada, seem to have young vivacious leaders who have a vision of the future.  WTF.

Our Republican Congress is patting themselves on the back because they passed a bill to repeal most of the protections put in place to try to restore Dodd-Frank after the great financial debacle in 2007 when we thought the banks would not over extend themselves in the hunt for profits.  Like it won’t happen again?  And since corporate profits are higher than ever, where is the need for this?  I kind of look at this as part and parcel of putting a village idiot in charge of the country.  We just de-regulate everything and business will take care of all of us, like they always have.  Again, WTF.

Meanwhile the VIIC (Village Idiot in Charge) really got slammed in the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday and he responds with accusations of lies, fake news, and vindication.  Boy do we live in two different realities.  Just for a reality check image, if this was Hillary doing this, would the Republicans be claiming that she is just inexperienced to the ways of Washington and did not really mean, “Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest.”  This is laughable.  Paul Ryan is telling us that the VIIC just doesn’t understand the ways of Washington, “He is just new at this,” which might work on the unwashed (his base), but for the rest of us, what he is talking about is ethics and morality.  And no, he does not understand ethics and morality.  If that quote by Paul Ryan was not a WTF moment, there simply aren’t any.

So what to expect after the big day?  Well, the quiet before the storm.  First, I can’t wait for the morning White House briefing to see how they reinvent reality.  Of course they may not turn on the cameras and if that is not a WTF moment about what is happening to our country, there aren’t any.  My guess here is that the VIIC and his minions will claim vindication, that there is no connection between the VIIC and the Russia investigations, and then we are sitting on a smoldering volcano.  That volcano is all the people with security clearances that know what is going on, and know we can’t keep pushing this under the rug and let the VIIC lie his way to giving away the country.  See Reality Winner.

That raises a whole host of WTF questions.  We knew probably back in 2015 that we were being hacked, and by 2016 we knew it was a full blown attack, and we said nothing?  Sorry it’s secret.  We can’t know we are under attack because it might reveal sources?  It raises the question which is worse, the disease or the cure.  So we find out in drips and drabs from leaks or being told by our allies who are concerned about the number of contacts of Trumps people with the Russians*.  We can’t know if there was real collusion because there is an ongoing investigation, while the perpetrators destroy the country?  WTF.  We can’t even know when we will know.  Again, WTF.  Thank god for the leakers.

So we have a President who has attempted to obstruct justice (Ignore Alan Dershowitz.  Like John McCain he is well past his prime).  You know it is nonsense when you Goggle it and all you get are right wing propaganda organizations (Brietbart etc.)), some very obvious collusion, and to nail the VIIC all you have to do is quote his sons or follow the money.  Hopefully that is what special counsel Robert Mueller is doing.  But you have to wonder what the Republicans are thinking (Republicans/thinking, is that an oxymoron?).

The case is getting bigger and bigger and if Mueller does his job sooner or later the truth will out.  And if he does not, there will be a revolt in government to get the truth out.  We may already be seeing the signs of a real crisis in government as those tasked to carry it out no longer trust either their leaders or the VIIC.  So how do they backtrack after all the cover they are providing the VIIC?  Are they so enthralled with their ideological agenda that they don’t care in the short term?  Watching them equivocate about the VIICs behavior is watching fat old white men (usually with a southern accent, but not always) is just another WTF moment except of course for the unwashed who suck in every word as the obvious truth.

And that leaves me with my last WTF thought:  Where the fuck are the Democrats?  Thomas Edsal delivers a devastating analysis of the state of the Party.  Now you can do one of two things with this analysis.  The first is what Democrats have always done and has, in my opinion, destroyed the Party (See Bill Clinton and the Democrats turn to conservative politics) and that is chase the numbers.  By that I mean, well if whites are afraid of immigration maybe we ought to pander to that, you know, be Republican lite.

The other option is to recognize it is a new world out there, understand the message of the young disaffected voter, and turn progressive.  Stand for something in a direction that actually moves the country instead of looking backwards.  Do the hard thing, the right thing and stand for something. So far I have seen or felt nothing.  Clearly we have to get the Clintons off the stage if we want to move forward. She may have been wronged, but moving forward is not opening old wounds.  So all in all we are living in amazing WTF times.  Let’s just hope this is not the new normal and to be WTF, they get even more extreme.

*Ex-Director Comey said in his testimony that these reports of multiple contacts was mostly false.  Nobody knows what he means by that and the NYT wrote a nice rebuttal.  One of the points they raised is that the FBI has a much tighter definition of a Soviet spy than other organizations, meaning they may discount meetings with bank and financial people that are really puppets of the Kremlin.   This is where Comey is his own worst enemy.  He is parsing definitions and loses the big picture, just as he did with the October surprise.

Miscellaneous Monday

It is kind of hard to respond to all the nonsense that is happening.  We are seeing ignorance unleashed on America and it is pulling the lowest common denominator lower.  Climate change was front and center last week, and on an agreement that had no binding requirements, we withdrew from for a pack of lies.  I won’t waste my typing on addressing them but to just say, this is not making America great, it is making America small.  Instead of preventing the United States from being the laughing-stock of the world, it made us just that.  Instead of helping our economy, it will hurt it, and along with it jobs.  It is so stupid it boggles the mind.

Then there was the attack in London and the tweets.  If you weren’t embarrassed before, you should be now.  First, he made it clear that the travel ban was a Muslim ban.  If the Supreme Court fails now to see that, we really do have a failed politicized court.  Thank you once again Republicans who have worked for fifty years to politicize the court.  I don’t know why I am surprised after Gore v. Bush.  On a purely logical level, how would a travel ban have helped London?  We don’t, at least I don’t, know if this attack was home-grown, but the last one was, as were most of our own nut jobs since 9-11.

I could spend this whole blog taking what he said and showing his ignorance, but the mainstream newspapers and even television has done a pretty good job.  And quite frankly that is not the point.  He may be just acting out like angry child who just says no to everything.  If science says we are overheating our planet, well you elitist know-it-alls, screw you.  If the CBO tells you your healthcare plan will throw 23 million in the ditch, bull pucky.  If your plan for immigrants from Mexico or dealing with terrorists does not stand the test of examination, the hell with you, I will create my own facts.  That is what it looks like is going on here.  Facts don’t matter.  Opinions matter and if you are liberal, don’t bother to have one because we will do just the opposite.

There is an interesting little story in the NYT this morning about a teacher trying to teach climate science in coal country and the resistance he is getting from his students.  It is really kind of troubling how our opinions are like religious convictions and cannot be shaken by facts and data, no matter how prevalent the facts and data are becoming.  I found it interesting that one student bolted from the classroom because she could not take the assault of facts and data that is becoming so overwhelmingly obvious.  The analogy to the President and his base is also overwhelmingly obvious.  Facts and data challenge their opinions and the last election was them bolting from reality.

On the terrorist thing, really, ISIS is dead and what we are dealing with are homegrown nut jobs.  The question one has to ask is who is the larger threat, white right-wing terrorists or radicalized muslim terrorists?  The answer might surprise you, but on the issue of a travel ban, it has absolutely not impact on terrorism.  We would do better to embrace our Muslim Community and have them work with us to root out the nut jobs instead of alienating them.  It is really a police matter and we have to get better at working with our own citizens to identify the threat.

Finally just an observation.  MSNBC is all a twitter about Megyn Kelly’s interview with Putin.  Putin said this and Putin said that.  His is a professional liar, and much like a White House briefing these days, we get direct lies or confused logic to make what we heard useless.  I did here one thing that showed me what amateurs many journalists are in dealing with propaganda experts.  Megyn related a story about how off the record they had related talking about their family and children.  See, Putin is just a normal guy you can relate to.  Or he is a train professional who knows how to make you think you know him and have a connection when it is just manipulation.  Just my opinion.  Have a nice Monday.  I think I will go get another blood test and see if I get another month added to my tour.

Can This Insanity Really Last?

The man and his administration becomes more bizarre by the moment, and yet much of the media and their political talking class pretend this can be fixed.  Oh you know, just take away his twitter account.  Put someone more politically savvy in the Chief of Staff position.  Have someone help him be more consistent with his message.  There is no helping him and that is the fatal flaw in all the political talk around him.  He is incompetent, ignorant, and a classic narcissist.  Let’s just consider the last few weeks.  There was the trip to the Middle East and Europe that was an absolute disaster.  There he was embracing tyrants and alienating our democratic allies.  He told the Saudis, you remember the Saudis, the ones who are primarily responsible for espousing radical Muslim philosophy and then funding its export around the world, that we don’t care, only that if they do stuff to benefit us, they are our pals.  Benefit means money.  Now think about that one.  If the Saudis are going to invest billions in America, what will they own?  Oh well.

In Europe he alienated everyone, and you read the body language.  Let’s not forget the pushing episode or his primping posturing.  It is like he is a caricature of a President, and a very bad one.  Then he undermines the whole NATO basis and gave them less incentive to kick in their share of the money by refusing to say he supported article 5.  The whole trip was a disaster and the world got to see what a buffoon he is.  Then he comes home and his spokespeople give us a looking through the Looking Glass view of the trip, where up was down, and down was up.  Note that during this trip he kept the U.S. press corp at bay while he lectured to the foreign press corp.  Also note that they have stopped televising the daily White House Press brief because it is a laughable concoction of lies and those nasty reporters keep pointing that out.

Now we have the great Climate Change decision which is no decision at all.  And here is Exhibit A in double speak:  We will withdraw because we are tired of sacrificing for others.  America first! That makes no sense whatsoever.  The cost of not reducing omissions will far exceed the short term benefits of ignoring it. Large businesses are coming out against this move because they see the opportunities of alternate energy.  The only other countries in the world not supporting the Paris Climate Accord are Nicaragua and Syria.  We are in such good company.  Here comes the climate change deniers and we look like the most ignorant banana republic.  It is so sad and insane.  Science, if it is inconvenient, must be ignored. The only rational explanation I have heard about this is that the Russians want the ice cape to melt to improve their position in shipping across the arctic ocean.

Even mainstream media is now talking about how working in this administration is ruining the reputation of formerly well respected professionals as they come out to support the unsupportable.  Then there is the Russian connection that is getting more and more likely.  Too many meetings, too coordinated, The Yates’ testimony, the firing of Comey, Kushner’s secret meetings, and now we have that little shit, Sessions caught in another lie about meeting with the Russians. It is obvious.  In any other time the Republicans would be screaming the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming, and getting to the bottom of what is obvious at this point, Trump is compromised.  Instead they talk about putting all this aside (that is insanity in itself) and getting on with their agenda.

They should be thanking their lucky stars that they cannot get on with their agenda, because their agenda is a disaster for America.  They are still back there in the flow down days of yester year.  If they were successful, the impact on the nation would be extreme and finally the morons who voted for Republicans might just wake up.  But at this point you just have to wonder how we are not rejecting this whole insanity and still pretending this is just different leadership.  It’s different all right, insanity as a strategy is something really new.

Oh Good Lord!

The Village Idiot in Charge (VIIC) is running amok in Europe and pissing everyone off.  Does the man understand the history of World War I and II?  Rhetorical.  He does not and neither do most of his supporters.  Nationalism is the road to war and empowering Russia.  When the VIIC failed to overtly say he stands behind Article 5 of NATO (an attack on one is an attack on all), it was a Russian wet dream. It undermines NATO.  Then he goes and offends just about everyone.  The video of him pushing aside (ala Diana Ross of the Supremes) a European leader to get up front tells you exactly who he is.

He is stupid, arrogant, and a grave danger to the country.  How do you apologize to the citizens of the world for this abomination or the ignorant fools who voted for him?  I don’t know but I am not proud to be an American under this kind of leadership.

Hillary came out swinging today at the commencement speech at her alma mater, Wellesley.

I think Hillary killed it “…a full fledged assault on truth and reason.”  put a face on what the VIIC is doing to this country.  My thought as I watched this is where is Barack?  These are not normal times and all I can say is all hands on deck, tradition be damned.

In the Russia news, the follow the money strategy is focusing in on Jared Kushner.  That was no surprise as last week it was a close advisor of the VIIC who was a person of interest.  Who else?  For the VIIC you are starting to see what he is really about (himself).  Nationalism to him is me first, I got mine, screw you.  We see that in his approach to Europe and his short-sighted profit motive to be friends with the Russians.  What do we care if Vlad takes over Eastern Europe again?  Where is the profit and loss?  In Saudi, the message was do what you want with women or minority rights, we don’t care as long as it does not impact the bottom line.  That is not the America where I am a citizen.

Meantime in the country we have the same thing going on.  We are going to run the government like a business and what that means is the business of tax cuts for the wealthy and cuts for everyone else. Did you see this morning that VIIC minions wants to transfer student loans($1 Trillion) from the agency that cares (or is supposed to) about educating our nation, to the Treasury Department as a revenue stream on the backs of our kids.  That is the new America we live in.

Finally in healthcare we have a disaster for a “repeal and replace.”  It won’t pass and what they will do is not do the things that will fix the problems with Obamacare, but continue to sabotage it to make the medical markets smaller and more costly so they can blame the failure of Obamacare on a bad idea (death spiral) instead of their hand in its demise and failure to take the steps necessary to fix it.  Middle America doesn’t get it yet, but they will.

In the meantime we had Montana morons cheering the attack on a journalist and believe me,  listening to and seeing the journalist, no one will believe he attack the candidate.  While the Republicans poored money into this campaign, the Democratic Party was once again very late to the party.  That is the new America we live in and I want to move.  No actually I want to move all the morons who reject science, knowledge, data, our fundamental beliefs to Montana or South Carolina where they can all simmer together in their stupidity and see what percolates up.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend.  Memories may be all we have left.

Rational Thinking

Does it matter anymore?  The issues we face are nuanced and grey.  Where one can find an absolute principle, another might find a yes, but.  And those looking for an absolute principle don’t care about the yes, buts.  It is clear to me we have an unhinged President who hates democracy.  His Secretary of State just gave a press conference in Saudi Arabia and banned the U.S. Media.  Is there a plot by the press to get the president as many think, or are the facts just inconvenient for them?  Well I know the answer to that, but so do Trump supporters.  That is the most depressing thing going on right now.  If you can find that sliver of truth, nobody cares.  Rational thought does not count for anything.

So in the interest of those of us who still care about making sense and having policy that are not based upon ideology, but on the reality we live in and actual results, here are things to think about:

  • Healthcare – Fact:  People like the benefits that Obamacare has brought them and want to keep them, just with lower affordable rates.  Fact:  As the VIIC (Village Idiot in Charge) attacks Obamacare and threatens to destroy it, the markets get less stable and Obamacare becomes less viable. Fact:  Republicans have no way to fix it with market place solutions.  Covering more people and lowering rates can be done only by expanding the pools of people who pay in.  So the choice is simple.  Either you move to left and embrace a single payer system, or you move to the right, bring the market place back in, cancel many of the benefits of Obamacare and cover far fewer people.  That’s it.  All the rest is smoke and mirrors.  See the rest of the world and compare it to our history with health insurance for data and facts.
  • Corporate Taxes – Fact: Large corporations are not over taxed.  While it is true that the published rates are some of the highest in the world, the effective rates (after all those loopholes) is almost half that and many large corporations pay zero taxes.  Do we need real reform to spread out the burden more effectively?  Sure.  Do we think the Republican’s tax reform ideas will do that?  Not a chance.  Here is the economic policy institute crunching the actual numbers.

  • Jobs – Fact:  The president has proposed tax cuts and deregulation to solve our jobs problem and get the economy moving.  The reality is that this has never helped anyone but the wealthy.  As E. J. Dionne pointed out in an op-ed this morning hoping the Pope would counsel the VIIC:

Francis, after all, has explicitly condemned “trickle-down” economics as a system that “has never been confirmed by the facts” and “expresses a crude and naive trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power.” Capitalism, as he sees it, “tends to devour everything which stands in the way of increased profits.” He added that “whatever is fragile, like the environment, is defenseless before the interests of a deified market.”

Further, in places like Utah, the issue is lack of workers and really the need for more immigrants for many jobs.  So how again are tax cuts and removing regulations going to help?  Oh those fact things.

  • Global Warming – Fact:  The earth is warming and it is now happening faster than anyone thought.  But that goes against Trumpism ideology that man could have had anything to do with it so we ignore it.  Science is just another opinion.

Okay I think I have made my point.  Because we are ignoring facts and data we are doing almost everything wrong and making them worse.  Additionally we have a moral and ethically challenged administration that is restocking the swamp. not draining it.  We seem to have a national motto right now, fuck humanity, what is good for business is good for the U.S.

I don’t think that will serve us very well, but making rational arguments to point out the flaws in Trumpism seems to fall of deaf ears.  Okay, maybe I have some things wrong or maybe there is an element of truth to some of the complaints.  But where we are right now, compromise or nuanced plans to deal with these issues are not possible because they fail an ideological test from the right.  And make no mistake, this is all coming from the right.  I fear we will have to see massive failure before these ideas are cast aside.

One more depressing thought.  The VIIC is in the Middle East lining up with the Sunnis against the Shiites.  We seem to be overlooking the moral depravity of the Saudi government and their treatment of women as inconsequential to good business.  As the ship sinks, the VIIC is going to wag the dog and the safe bet is he will pick Iran as our foe instead of North Korea, because the short term damage would be less.

Yeah, I get that Iran is a bad player, but there society is much more aligned with the West and is changing.  Aligning ourselves with the very nation that imports radical Muslim extremism (Wahhadism) seems like we are pick the worst of two sides.  Why are we picking sides at all.  Why are we not working for peace instead of further arming the Saudis and making the Iranians feel even more threatened?

See what I mean by nuance?  Right now the people in charge are incapable of nuance.  We are living in a very dangerous place where irrationality is driving the train.  There can be no other way to see it.