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We Elected a Racist Moron For President

From the NYT:

President Trump on Tuesday insisted that he did nothing wrong when he initially declined to specifically condemn Nazi and white supremacist groups, asserting that “before I make a statement, I like to know the facts.”

Say what? Here is the man who as far as we can tell lies and gets thing wrong more than any other President, and he likes to know the facts? Really? Did he know the facts when he claimed Mexican undocumented workers were all criminals, that Mexico would pay for the wall, or that illegal immigration was at record lows? Did he know the facts when he decried the rising murder rate when it is decreasing? Did he know the facts before he put in place a Muslim ban that violated the Constitution and did not target countries where previous attacks had come from? Did he know the facts before he declared global warming a hoax? One could go on and on. What a sack of shit he is. But wait, there is more.

In a long, tense exchange with reporters at Trump Tower, the president also criticized “alt-left” groups that he claimed were “very, very violent” when they sought to confront the nationalist and Nazi groups that had gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee from a park. He said there is “blame on both sides.”

Let’s see if I have this right. The alt-left did not show up with guns, right? The alt-left does not want to take rights away from those who are not white, or practices hate speech, right? The alt-left had prayer circles, did the alt-right? Did the alt-left march on Charlottesville or was that the alt-right? Can we really say that the alt-left, willing to confront neo-nazis, are the same as the neo-nazis? Really? We should condemn violence on both sides and respect their right to protest, but one side is selling hate and racism? One group was there to intimidate and deny our basic freedoms and the other group was there to confront them so there was no free ride. They are not the same you moron.

“Many of those people were there to protest the taking down of the statue of Robert E. Lee,” Mr. Trump said. “This week, it is Robert E. Lee and this week, Stonewall Jackson. Is it George Washington next? You have to ask yourself, where does it stop?”

Now as NY Magazine characterized this: “’You had some very bad people in that group. But you also had some very fine people,’ Trump said of those who came to Charlottesville to defend the honor of men who committed treason in defense of chattel slavery.” I think that about captures the failure of his logic. Robert E. Lee committed treason, led an armed insurrection of our country, and tried to abrogate our Constitution in the defense of slavery. George Washington may have owned slaves, but that was not treason or illegal. It was part of who we were then, sad as that is to say.

“You had some very bad people in that group. You also had some very fine people on both sides,”

Every met a “fine” racist. Ever met a “fine neo-Nazi? I wish I was making this up. I wish this was fake new, but this is who our President is. Did I thank the people of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan enough again? You fucking idiots.

Several pundits have noted that the Donald can’t say anything bad about the white nationalists because he is too dependent on his base. I don’t think that is it at all. He doesn’t want to say anything bad because he believes what he said. He has been and is a racist white nationalist. And for those people who are racist morons, I apologize. Putting you in the same category as Donald Trump really did go too far. I apologize.


John McCain, the Maverick, comes back to the Senate, votes for a healthcare bill he has no idea what is in it, only Republicans voted for it, less two, and Pious Pence broke the tie. Then he stands up and gives us a lecture on returning to normal order. Normal order would have required hearings and public meetings about what they just voted on. It would have required a CBO score. So what the fuck is he talking about? He just supported the lack of normal order. This has been, sad to say, John McCain in about the last 15 years. He makes some statement we all think is political courage, the Maverick thing, and then he turns around and votes party line. Let us never forget Sarah Palin.

So McCain is giving us a giant example of extreme hypocrisy as he does not walk his talk. I do not wish John McCain ill and hope he recovers, but let us look at the vote for what it was, extreme hypocrisy. Party over country as it has a been with him since he ran for President the second time. Now on to the bill itself.

We have no idea what they just passed, but now it is open to debate. No, that is not normal order. Obamacare had a year of hearings and public comment. And we are back to the real problem, what are Republicans trying to do? What is their goal? What will they all vote for? The answer is nothing. Some want just a repeal of Obamacare returning us to pre-Obamacare. Some want to fix the problems of Obamacare, but fail to recognize that the stuff they want to get rid of (mandates, minimum insurance requirements, and taxes on the wealthy) will make it worse. Those are what makes it work and they have to be strengthened. So what will see is a massive argument that may well cause civil wars in the Republican Party. Couldn’t happen to a nicer group while they try to screw every man, woman, and child in the United States that was not born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

Oh, and as an aside, did you see that the Village Idiot in Chief tried to politicize the Boy Scouts and told them how he won the election, me, me, me, and then focused on being loyal (to him):

“ As the Scout Law says, a Scout is trustworthy, loyal,” Trump said, pausing dramatically. “We could use some more loyalty, I will tell you that.”

Over the course of a freewheeling 40-minute speech, the president complained numerous times about “fake news,” bragged about his Electoral College victory nine months ago, threatened to fire Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, and encouraged the assembled teens and pre-teens to boo President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

…“By the way, just a question: Did President Obama ever come to a Jamboree?” Trump asked, reaching out his hands to elicit boos from the audience. According to the BSA, Trump is the eighth of 11 sitting presidents to make an in-person appearance at a Jamboree, with Obama appearing by video in 2010.

Trump, in addition to vowing to the assembled elementary, middle, and high school students that they would be “saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again,” made another policy pledge in threatening to fire Price—a former Boy Scout himself—if Congress does not repeal the Affordable Care Act.

A better speech to the Hitler Youth could not be made. Remind me to never ever give money to the Boy Scouts. Oh, and if did not think this man is deranged, here was a partisan, thinly veiled hate speech to kids ignoring their motto of honesty and integrity, things he would not have a clue about and focused on loyalty.  Hitlers troops and those just following orders were loyal.   I know who we ought to string up.

King Trump and More Shoes Dropping

The Village Idiot in Charge gave an interview to the NYT today and you too should be shocked.  We will take it part by part:

TRUMP: Look, [Attorney General Jeff] Sessions gets the job. Right after he gets the job, he recuses himself.

BAKER: Was that a mistake?

TRUMP: Well, Sessions should have never recused himself, and if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the job, and I would have picked somebody else.

HABERMAN: He gave you no heads up at all, in any sense?

TRUMP: Zero. So Jeff Sessions takes the job, gets into the job, recuses himself. I then have — which, frankly, I think is very unfair to the president. How do you take a job and then recuse yourself? If he would have recused himself before the job, I would have said, “Thanks, Jeff, but I can’t, you know, I’m not going to take you.” It’s extremely unfair, and that’s a mild word, to the president. So he recuses himself. I then end up with a second man, who’s a deputy.

Now think about this.  How could he recuse himself?  Law and ethics required it.  Swearing an allegiance to the Constitution required it.  The VIC does not get that.  They work for me, not the people of the United States of America.  Does this disturb you Republicans?  Next up, he thinks the FBI should report to him not Justice (Gestopo anyone?).

TRUMP: And nothing was changed other than Richard Nixon came along. And when Nixon came along [inaudible] was pretty brutal, and out of courtesy, the F.B.I. started reporting to the Department of Justice. But there was nothing official, there was nothing from Congress. There was nothing — anything. But the F.B.I. person really reports directly to the president of the United States, which is interesting. You know, which is interesting. And I think we’re going to have a great new F.B.I. director.

Now first of all, the FBI always reported to the Department of Justice but the ignorant dumb ass does not get that.  What happened after Watergate was that procedures were put in place where the FBI and the Attorney General do not report to the President on on-going investigations.  The VIC wants to undo all this as King Donald.  We do not have fairness or a Constitutional democracy anymore, just Donald Trump, and his faithful court squashing anything uncomfortable.

Okay, now for the pièces de résistance.  Trump is getting close to firing Mueller:

SCHMIDT: Last thing, if Mueller was looking at your finances and your family finances, unrelated to Russia — is that a red line?

HABERMAN: Would that be a breach of what his actual charge is?

TRUMP: I would say yeah. I would say yes. By the way, I would say, I don’t — I don’t — I mean, it’s possible there’s a condo or something, so, you know, I sell a lot of condo units, and somebody from Russia buys a condo, who knows? I don’t make money from Russia. In fact, I put out a letter saying that I don’t make — from one of the most highly respected law firms, accounting firms. I don’t have buildings in Russia. They said I own buildings in Russia. I don’t. They said I made money from Russia. I don’t. It’s not my thing. I don’t, I don’t do that. Over the years, I’ve looked at maybe doing a deal in Russia, but I never did one. Other than I held the Miss Universe pageant there eight, nine years [crosstalk].

SCHMIDT: But if he was outside that lane, would that mean he’d have to go?


HABERMAN: Would you consider——

TRUMP: No, I think that’s a violation. Look, this is about Russia. So I think if he wants to go, my finances are extremely good, my company is an unbelievably successful company. And actually, when I do my filings, peoples say, “Man.” People have no idea how successful this is. It’s a great company. But I don’t even think about the company anymore. I think about this. ’Cause one thing, when you do this, companies seem very trivial. O.K.? I really mean that. They seem very trivial. But I have no income from Russia. I don’t do business with Russia. The gentleman that you mentioned, with his son, two nice people. But basically, they brought the Miss Universe pageant to Russia to open up, you know, one of their jobs. Perhaps the convention center where it was held. It was a nice evening, and I left. I left, you know, I left Moscow. It wasn’t Moscow, it was outside of Moscow.

HABERMAN: Would you fire Mueller if he went outside of certain parameters of what his charge is? [crosstalk]

SCHMIDT: What would you do?


TRUMP: I can’t, I can’t answer that question because I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Now read carefully.  The investigation in the VIC’s mind is about Russia.  Can they prove collusion with the Russians.  But the real question is why collude and I have said this over and over, IT IS ABOUT THE MONEY.  The only way to find the real wrong doing is to go after the money and family finances that will lead back to Russia. It is the only place the investigation can go.

But we know we are already there:

Banking regulators are reviewing hundreds of millions of dollars in loans made to Mr. Trump’s businesses through Deutsche Bank’s private wealth management unit, which caters to an ultrarich clientele, according to three people briefed on the review who were not authorized to speak publicly. The regulators want to know if the loans might expose the bank to heightened risks.

Separately, Deutsche Bank has been in contact with federal investigators about the Trump accounts, according to two people briefed on the matter. And the bank is expecting to eventually have to provide information to Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel overseeing the federal investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

This was the only place he could get a loan, and we know that Deutsche Bank recently landed in legal trouble for laundering money for Russian entities — paying more than $600 million in penalties to New York and British regulators.  And we also know that Russian “investors” paid way over market prices for some of the VIC’s properties. So Mueller is following the money and now the question is when is Sessions fired, followed by Mueller, and of course, when do Republicans finally understand that our very Constitution is at risk.  When do rats start deserting the ship?

Read the whole interview and get a real sense that we have a very distrurbed and self centered fool as President who does not give a wit about this country or our Constitution.  He is one of the biggest threats our democracy has ever faced, he along with the Republicans who enable him.

Follow the Money

From Lawrence O’Donnell last night and Foreign Policy this morning:

Democratic congressmen on the House Judiciary Committee want to know why Attorney General Jeff Sessions abruptly settled a money laundering case in May involving the same Russian attorney who met with Donald Trump Jr. during the presidential election to offer “dirt” on Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The civil forfeiture case was filed in 2013 by Preet Bharara, the former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York — who was fired by Trump in March. The case alleged that 11 companies were involved in a tax fraud in Russia and then laundered a portion of the $230 million they got into Manhattan real estate.The forfeiture case was heralded at the time as “a significant step towards uncovering and unwinding a complex money laundering scheme arising from a notorious foreign fraud,” Bharara said. “As alleged, a Russian criminal enterprise sought to launder some of its billions in ill-gotten rubles through the purchase of pricey Manhattan real estate.”

But Instead of proceeding with the trial as scheduled, the Trump Justice Department settled the case two days before it was due to begin. By then, Bharara had already been axed by the president. Bharara’s assistant did not immediately respond to request for comment.

The Russian attorney who uncovered the tax fraud scheme, Sergei Magnitsky, mysteriously died in prison. As a result, U.S. lawmakers passed the Magnitsky Act, which levied sanctions on Russian officials—sanctions that Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Russian attorney, worked to reverse.

Also the attorney representing the Russian companies in the DOJ case, Veselnitskaya, is the same one who organized a meeting with Donald Trump, Jr. and top Trump campaign officials in June 2016 to offer material that could “incriminate” Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. “Love it,” responded Trump, Jr. to an intermediary.

In May, the Justice Department settled the case for $6 million instead of $230 million and did not demand any admission of wrongdoing. According to the lawmakers’ letter to Sessions, Veslnitskaya was surprised by how generous the settlement was, telling one Russian news outlet the penalty appeared like “an apology from the government.”

While the Congressmen didn’t cite any evidence that the two events are definitely related, they sent Sessions a laundry list of questions. They want to know if there was any contact between members of the Trump administration or campaign and the Department of Justice or the Russian attorney about the case.

Okay let’s connect the dots or the dollar signs if you will.  The Russians were laundering money in real estate deals to avoid taxes in New York.  Who is it again who is deeply into real estate deals that is now the President?  The attorney who was vigorously prosecuting this gets fired (maybe firing the rest of the U.S. Attorneys was cover).  Then instead of the $230 million they were due, Sessions settled for a token amount, $6 million.  We don’t get the details of the investigation or who was involved from the U.S. Side in these deals because it was “settled”.

Can you connect the dots yet?  These are all “business deals”, whether it is colluding with the Russians on dirt, or defrauding the government of taxes.  Aren’t you glad we now have a businessman running our government? Ethics and national security be damned.  Business!

UPDATE:  From the Daily Beast:

Defying a federal court order, the U.S. Department of Justice has thus far failed to release part of a security-clearance form disclosing Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ contacts with Russian government officials. The deadline, which passed Wednesday, was ordered in response to an ethics watchdog organization’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for portions of Sessions’ SF86 form disclosing any contacts with Russian officials. A Justice spokesperson told NPR on Wednesday that the documents would be released by the deadline, but they have not been. Sessions’ contacts with Russia have come under extensive scrutiny after it was revealed he had two conversations during the 2016 campaign with the country’s ambassador to the U.S.—a fact he did not disclose during his own confirmation hearing.

The corruption may run very, very deep.  I wonder who is on that list? Veselnitskaya maybe?

Monday and Oy Vey

Well, Donald Jr. just got picked off meeting with the Russians on dirt on Hillary.  Oh and the usual suspects were with him, and he forgot. I will just tell you that these guys and gals have no idea what it is to be a patriot or a government servant, serving the public.  They just thought this was a business deal, buying dirt on Hillary, but paying for it with what?  And now we know he had advanced knowledge that the information was being offered by the Russian government. My guess is Mueller is way ahead of the power curve here and now he has to move very carefully because once he comes out with his investigation, it will be called a witch hunt and pardons for everyone.  The key here is follow the money.  It was always about the money and all the rest is just collateral damage.  I wonder when the Republicans will figure out that they need to desert his sinking ship?  How bad does it have to get before they walk away trying to save their own political careers.  I still say September.  I think the VICs foolishness in Europe may hasten his downfall.

Meanwhile even Republicans are shocked about Trump’s great idea to form a joint cybersecurity task force with the Russians.  That is kind of like having foxes circling your hen house for their only available meal and you want to consult with them on better hen protection measures.  So now you know why I call him the Village Idiot in Charge (VIC). Oh, and he said he did not discuss sanctions and Tillerson tells us they did.  Anybody think there is a problem here in not having an agenda going in and coming out with real meaningful understandings?  Putin has won.  He has separated America from a strong western front against Russian aggression, and he has further divided this country.  Donald Trump was the best thing that could have ever come along for him.

So we have a total incompetent in the highest office, ethics challenged, and Republicans with a whole bunch of bad ideas enabling him so they can turn those ideas into bad legislation.  That is where we are at and it is obvious, so…  Where the hell are the Democrats?  I saw Tom Perez, head of the DNC on Ali Velshi on MSNBC and Ali asked him the question, what are you offering.  Blah, blah, blah about covered it.  We are the party fighting for good jobs,  assured retirement, and heathcare as a right.  What does any of that mean?  Ali zeroed in pointing out that Sanders and Warren are calling for a single payer system and where did the Democratic Party stand.  Blah, blah, blah.  No answer.  We are doomed.  They are still trying to be everything to everybody, with no real national theme.  We are better than the other guy! They are once again working on a catch phase, not a strategic plan.  James Kwak has given them one and they are oblivious.

Without a complete overhaul of the Democratic Party, nobody is going to vote in 2018.  They still think Republican light and holding hands and working together is going to bring white assholes to their side.  The Party may be dead.  Until they embrace the fight for fairness and dealing with economic inequality as their banner, and propose things that would actually work, with or without white/hands across the aisle Republicans, they will never be seen as standing for anything.  Healthcare is the easiest and yet, where is their plan? I gave them one, and it is the only one that would actually work if they want to fix Obamacare.  And yet they are still trying to keep moderate Democrats happy with failed ideas.  See coal states. We are becoming a failed state with an incompetent President and an incompetent opposition party.  New leadership all around.  Otherwise most of us are going to plug in a set of earphones and tune out.

Let’s Just Move On

I am 71 years old and I can’t ever remember a Republican Party that did not think America should be the democratic leader of the free world, and yet here we are.  Think about this:  If Donald Trump were just as he is, but ran as a Democrat and wore the Democrat label, what do you think the Republican reaction would be?  Yeah, articles of impeachment as far as the eye can see.  So just who are these Republicans?  We always knew who the Democrats were, good intentions, but feckless. Except in a few exceptions, no real backbone, and their major Achilles Heel was trying to find common ground with bad ideas. But these Republicans have very bad ideas and don’t care if they work or not as long as they stay in office.

And their most important belief was that we were the leader of the free world.  Now, “Let’s just move on”?  While I am sure The Village Idiot in Charge’s (VIC) see himself as the leader of a stronger independent America, the rest of the world is starting to see us in their rear view mirror.  He was basically isolated at the G19 (yeah, I know it was called the G20, but America, the one I know, was not there).  While he was trying to make side deals with the other rear view mirror candidate, Theresa May, the rest of the G19 was moving forward on trade and climate change.  In many ways maybe “Let’s Move On” was a theme at the G19. America has ceded its leadership, so “let’s just move on,” the party is over.

Of course the real, “let’s just move on” moment was with Putin when Secretary of State Tillison described our “pressing” of the hacking as, well we addressed it, and now we should move on to other things.  But it’s on going.  Rachel Maddow made a point the other night of exposing a document sent to her showing a Trump administration person colluding with the Russians as a fake.  They are hoping some news outlet won’t do their due diligence and they can further tarnish the news so when the real stuff finally comes out, it won’t be believed.  And it will come out.

We just witnessed the fall of a great nation in the eyes of the world as our (actually your, because I stood strongly against this guy as did the majority of the country) leader stood on a stage in Poland and touted white nationalism, trashed the free press, questioned the superiority of our intelligence gathering professionals, and then abdicated leadership at the G19 for the great issues that are facing us.  That is about it in a nutshell and Republicans do nothing.  As I noted in yesterday’s blog, evangelicals in the South are embracing Russia as having similar values (guns, homophobia, and white nationalism).  Is this what the Founders had in mind?  I am outraged yet I see little real push back as our press tries to normalize his visits and parrots the VIC’s spokespersons on his great success. Here is an example of what real journalism looks like from Australia:

So what happens as we all “just move on” when Mueller tells us in an indictment that the VIC was involved in money laundering and members of his campaign were colluding with the Russians? It’s coming.  There is an interesting piece in the Washington Post about whether the President can pardon himself.  The answer is no, but that again depends on who will be willing to stand up to him and challenge him when he does.  Would that be the principled Republicans who just want to jam their failed ideas down our throats as the rich get richer?  Would that be the feckless Democrats who can’t seem to learn anything from their past failures? So what’s left people?  Us.  It is time to get active and protest.  Where are you?  Out Constitution is being trampled on and we shop online.  We are it.  The question is, are we up to it?  At this point France and Canada are looking pretty good.  I wonder if they will accept a 71 year old white guy, still clutching the Constitution (and has actually read it)? No people this is not normal and we should be outraged and taking that outrage to the streets.  I will happily limp along.

4th of July 2017

Way back in 1987, celebrating the 200th anniversary of our Constitution I remember working out on a rowing machine on my back patio in Georgetown Texas and practicing reciting the preamble to the Declaration of Independence.  Over the years I have spent considerable time pondering the meaning of those words and the wisdom of our Constitution.  Reading Catherine Drinker Bowen’s book on the Constitutional Convention (Miracle at Philadelphia), Mortimer Adler’s book about the meaning of the words in the Declaration of Independence (We Hold These Truths), Ellen Alderman and Carolyn Kennedy’s book about the cases that explain and define the Bill of Rights (In Our Defense), and excerpts from the Federalist Papers.  Those documents, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Federalist Papers, were a revelation in the basic rights of human beings and to define what were the power and limits of government and authority.

And never more in my life than today do I think they are less understood or so at risk. We have always had partisan politics, and descriptions of the Jefferson Hamilton days show acrimony maybe not even eclipsed by today’s partisanship.  Let’s not forget the Lincoln days, the Civil War and his suspension of habeas corpus, the murder of a President.  But there is a profound difference today, and that is a true misunderstanding or simply ignorance of our founding documents and what they stand for.

I don’t believe in the history of the United States, and George Will will back me up here, have we had a President more ignorant of history or our Constitution.  His failure to not only grasp the mechanics of the separation of powers, but the reason for them is astounding.  His failure to grasp the underlying philosophy of democracy and debate demonstrated by his attack on the free press is anathema to what the Founder’s envisioned.  His incitement of violence is against everything our democracy and the implied contract of a representative democracy stands for.  His disparagement of other branches of government to delegitimize the separation of powers is tyanny’s fist steps forward.  And most appalling, we have a Republican Party that is going along with it.

Somehow love of our country and our founding ideas got lost in love of our party and its ideology.  As Trump panders to mob rule, the mob gets more threatening and thoughtful honest debate is shouted down.  Facts are now relative, and we actually have a White House who thinks they are the arbitrator of truth while they lie and misinform, trying to tear down the vital role of the press with the claim of fake news.  While the politicians cry for a more civil discourse, the leader of our country demonstrates uncivil behavior as a role model.  And we seem to normalize it.  “If he would just stop tweeting” like that would change who he is and what he does.  The Liar in Chief, and I say that with tons of data to back it up, is tearing our democracy apart and the great two party system that should above all else, be faithful to the Constitution, has become faithful only to an agenda, a Republican failed one.

We are living in very dangerous times.  It is only a matter of time until our Constitutional Crisis is in full bloom.  Either the investigation of the Russian collusion, his own erratic behavior, or an ill advised move in a real crisis and we will be facing a moment in history we have not faced before, except maybe in Watergate.  In that instance the Republicans, in the end, did the right thing.  Their love of our Constitution was larger than their love of their agenda.  I am not so sure that still works today.

So maybe on this 4th of July we should spend some time actually thinking about what our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and our democracy mean to us.  We are in very grave danger of losing it with a reality TV star at our helm and selfishness reigning supreme throughout our country.


 I think the VicLic will fire the DAG and or the special prosecuter this weekend or one very similar to it.  Here is why:  First Democrats (and mainstream Republicans) are telling him not to.  He hates being told anything.  Second he just made a trip to Florida to announce an insane Cuba policy surrounded by his sycophant base.  They give him that self-righteous feeling of empowerment and invincibility.  Third, the investigation is heating up and everyone is lawyering up.  There could be rats who desert a sinking ship to save themselves.  He feels super threatened. And finally, because he likes the sound of Saturday Night Massacre and it makes him fell macho.  See, he is the unconventional President who charts his own path (his vision of himself not mine which is a lunatic out of control).  So why not shake up the investigation and slow it down?  Republicans have shown no interest in trying to rein him in and do they really want to go up against his base?  Yep, this weekend or one very similar.

Here We Go Again (UPDATED)

UPDATE:  SEE BELOW  In the aftermath of the shooting we are getting the, “Heated rhetoric must calm down in this country,” argument (Joe Scarborough). Get the implication here.  It is the great peace making argument that both sides need to tone it down, but fails to really recognize the imbalance here.  It is a giant cop out by our media that wants to be “fair and balanced.” In another story, which points out that the attacker was a Bernie supporter, the article made this statement implying “overheated”rhetoric:

Their idol, the senator from Vermont, has called President Trump a “demagogue” and said recently that he was “perhaps the worst and most dangerous president in the history of our country.”

So when is telling the truth about the worst and most dangerous president in the history of our country overheated rhetoric?  It is not both sides, and President Trump is not normal.  The rhetoric about him and the danger he poses is the reality of the situation.  That has nothing to do with tolerating violence, which the Democrats have never done.  You have to dig very deep to find some extreme outlier to demonstrate a Democrat promoting violence as a political tool.  On the other hand, just run the tapes of the Trump campaign speeches where he threatened the press, or said he would defend a violent assault on a protestor.  Remember, he claimed the Democrats were paying people to incite violence at his rallies.  Here is a great video summary. Oh, and let’s not forget who just body slammed a reporter to cheers from his supporters.

Meanwhile the Right Wing Media, which has always incited racial hate, fear of immigrants, nativism claims the shooting of Scalise is because of violence prone Democrats.  It is what they have always done.  Hate and fear are the stock and trade of the Republican base and that is the seeds of violence for both sides.  What would you call using your Second Amendment Rights (Sarah Palin) to get your country back?  Tell me where are all those left wing radio shows spewing out hate?  Right Wing radio commands the radio dials.  Spewing hate and fear attracts listeners, spewing tolerance and equal rights puts people to sleep.  So where again is all the overheated rhetoric coming from?

And of course there is the final straw.  Where did all those automatic weapons come from?  There are going to be unhinged people always.  Would you rather they have a knife or an AK-47?  The Republicans would prefer the AK-47.  You know, to protect your rights from the government they disparage every day.  It is not Democrats who are threatening to take away healthcare, or are about to gut Dodd-Frank.  It is not Democrats who want to pass “religious freedom” laws to allow discrimination.  It is not Democrats who want to give away the treasury to the wealthy, or destroy the environment by tearing down our government institutions.

So Republicans have by far been the spewing of hate and fear party, put the weapons in the hands of the nutcases, and are now trying to further disenfranchise the little guy, and the problem is the Democrat’s heated rhetoric?  Bull puckey.  We have been building to this event for a long, long time.  The current President of the United States, is the result of intolerance and ignorance.  And we are surprised that some nut job got a gun?  Sure we can tone down our rhetoric, but that does not mean censor it.  Donald Trump is an ignorant, racist, liar, and that is not rhetoric, that is proven fact.  Click on the links. Run the tapes of his speeches.  We are in dangerous times because the Republicans refuse to reign him in.  So don’t give me any bull shit about both sides need to tone it down.  Look at how we got here.

This is not to condone the violence, but to condemn it.  But the latest rhetoric to tone it down is simply a bandaid on a serious wound, and if we don’t look at how we got here, the bandaid is insufficient.  Remember who has been disparaging government forever, and who is it that wants to use government to try to make things better.  Remember who has used hate and fear to get elected while the other party tries to represent the rights of gays and women.  Remember who wants to dumb us down so our minds are not confused about facts.  Remember who nominated and fell in line behind a racist, ignorant, liar who incited violence at his rallies.  Remember who makes sure the nuts have access to automatic rifles.  Yeah we have a problem, but our problem is remembering who is our problem.

UPDATE:  Does the hypocrisy never stop?  Here is from ThinkProgress:

Rep. Jack Bergman (R-MI) told Fox News Wednesday afternoon that “the media is complicit” in acts of violence like the mass shooting targeting members of Congress “if they keep inciting, as opposed to informing.” Then he went on to say, “I agree with Rodney wholeheartedly in that the hateful rhetoric serves no positive purpose. In fact, today it served a negative purpose. But unfortunately, and I’m looking at all the media in the eye when I say this: friendships and cordial relationships don’t make good news. So I can tell you, especially as the president of the freshman class of Republicans, we are united along with our Democratic freshman counterparts to bring civility back to the 115th Congress.”

What a bunch of happy horseshit from the party that made saying outrageous things a way to campaign.  See the Liar in Chief or do you remember Joe Wilson and “You Lie”?  Lets go back to Michelle Bachman and her outrageous claims that always turned out to be untrue.  Didn’t Louie Gohmert just say, in speaking of Mueller, “This man had the FBI training materials purged. He did a lot of damage and a lot of Americans are dead as a result of the purging of their training materials.” and later told us Mueller is “Dirty”.

Look at my first link above, a Red Wing website, and then look at ThinkProgress or Media Matters, or any Progressive site and tell me they are equivalent.  If you do, “YOU LIE!”

Under Investigation

So from five sources, the VicLic* is now officially under investigation for obstruction of justice.  No there was not a leaker, think about it.  If you start interviewing people some of them are going to talk about it.  I wonder how little Jeffy Sessions will do in front of a grand jury.  Now you know why the VicLic was wanting to fire Mueller.  He got wind of who he was interviewing and what questions he was asking.  Now once again, the special counsel could “indict” him through a grand jury, but that is as far as it goes unless Congress acts.  Again we are at the mercy of those Republicans salivating over their agenda.  Only when there is no longer any doubt will the rats (Republicans) start deserting the ship.

Will he do it, fire Mueller**?  I think he will.  Remember that obstruction of justice is really part of the cover up, not the original crime, or if you want, investigation, colluding with the Russians.  If there is an obstruction of justice there has to be a reason he was trying to obstruct it.  That finding, obstruction of justice, since it really exposes the existence of the greater crime is a bomb for the White House.  Now if there is obstruction of justice, and I have no problem saying there is, aides in the White House could be co-conspirators especially if they withhold information.

There is just too much there, there.  When was the last campaign filled with aides who were meeting with the Russians?  None.  Why deny and lie about it until you got caught in the lie.  Sessions couldn’t remember any of them.  Does that not give you pause?  The timing of the firing of Comey makes no sense unless it was about the investigation. Here is the deal as I see it, and it is not complicated.  It’s about the money.  The VicLic got money to back his projects when no one else would and all you have to do is look at the source.  In some cases it was simply loans from Russian banks who now have their hooks in him.  In some cases it was really laundering money for the Russians and others.  I don’t know this, but in many ways it has been hinted at many times.

Now when the VicLic had a shot at President, the Russians were all in.  I don’t think the VicLic was stupid enough to meet with the Russians or their finance guys, but his team did.  So they were looking at a deal, remove the sanctions (for their incursions into Eastern Europe and into our election) and they would open up more business opportunities, and not mention his earlier dealings (for now).  It was just a deal to them, not doing the Russian’s bidding.  So there was collusion or so I believe.  I also believe, although with no facts to support it, that there was coordination on the leaks and fake news.  See the VicLic’s loose lips during the campaign encouraging the Russians to hack Hillary.

So, the fire is breaking out from the smoke and my guess is the next move is the firing of Mueller.  Then we see what the Republicans are really made of.  I think they will only desert their dreamed for agenda when they realize all that is left is to save their own skins.  We will see.

Oh, I would like to add one more thought.  If the VicLic really wants to get this behind him so he can work on his agenda, why aren’t they working on it now?  Nothing in the investigation is keeping them.  All we have is a secret repeal and replace Obamacare plan in the Senate because they are not foolish enough to vote for the one out of the House, and a repeal of Dodd-Frank out of the House that will also have real problems in the Senate.  Where are the jobs bills?  Where are the infrastructure plan?  Where is the Tax Reform Bill?  What is holding that up?  It isn’t the investigation.

*VicLic -Village Idiot/Liar in Chief

**Not the VicLic cannot fire Mueller, but he can order the Deputy Attorney General to do it, and when he refuses, fire him. It will be just a matter of time before he finds someone who will do itl