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And a Chicken in Every Pot!!!

I am listening to the DIC (Dotard in Charge) talk about his tax cut plan and lie through his teeth about he or his wealthy friends not getting big breaks.  I am thinking he must really think we are stupid, and then I look at Alabama’s nomination of a right wing nut (more religion in government (whose religion?), and outlaw gays) to run as their GOP candidate, and maybe he is right.  But let us just stick with the tax “reform” plan.

First question you might want to ask is how do we pay for all this cutting?  One, if he were rational, would start from the understanding of what we need to invest in future, add that to our current obligations and figure out how much money we want to have coming in.  Now this would include what is a reasonable debt (based upon % of GDP) and how to pay for programs in the future.  Then understanding our income needs, we could look are reforming the tax code to simplify, and decrease/increase where it makes sense.

Now we could argue about expanding Social Security by allowing the tax not to be capped at a certain income level.  We could argue about Medicare for all and how to pay for it with a trade-off of higher taxes versus no private insurance bills.  But we are not doing that, we are cutting, cutting, cutting, and what of the deficit.  Oh wait,  I forgot, tax cuts pay for themselves except of course, they don’t.  So the first question to be asked is how does this devastate the deficit.  I happen to be one who thinks a reasonable debt is okay and necessary, but make no mistake, they guys who want a balanced budget don’t give a shit about the debt when it comes to tax cuts, and will cut programs like healthcare (Medicare and Medicaid), education, R&D, infrastructure spending, and Social Security to keep their cuts.

Now, it is true that some pay way to much in taxes.  They are the ones who really need a tax cut, and they have no power.  Those that have power have already massaged the system.  You don’t really think that while we have the highest corporate tax rate, they actually pay that right?  Of course they don’t because they have gamed the system with their money and the gaming continues with the DIC out there lying through his teeth.  So let’s see the details and see what this really costs us, but unless they can pass this with 50 votes, it is probably dead meat.

In many ways one has to ask, what is the strategic plan of Republicans and how does this fit into a vision of  a great tomorrow.  It doesn’, and it is repeal and replace and cut taxes and the devil is in the details.  It assumes as always that government is bad, regulations are bad, and markets should be free to solve all problems.  It has never worked and this is more of their nonsense.  But hey! who does not want a free ride?  That is what America has become.

Perspective and the White Mob

I watched the 6th installment of The Vietnam War last night and it was 1968. That was a year. Martin Luther King was assassinated, along with Bobby Kennedy, race riots across the country, LBJ says he is not going to run, massive war protests, and the Tet Offensive. Makes today’s problems seem not so bad. It was the year I graduated from college and entered the pipeline for the war, although in the beginning, it just seemed like one great adventure. I too was going to save the world.

But it does provide a window into our mess today and gives it some perspective. It is amazing that we are facing North Korea and their growing nuke arsenal, an all out attack on healthcare, devastation in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean, global warming trends unaddressed, talking about withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal that is working, and we are focused on football games where men take a knee. And why are we focused on that? Tweet tweet from the Dotard in Charge (DIC).

The man is despicable. How do you describe someone who professes to lead the nation and then bemoans new rules in the NFL that tries to limit the damage to the players bodies? And make no mistake, this is a racial attack. He can’t criticize the “good people” marching with the Neo-Nazis and the Clan, but if a black man takes a knee during the national anthem quietly protesting the systemic racism in our country he is all over them?

Then of course there is the white mob who booed the players and anti-trump protesters. Reminds me of the Romans watching Christians being feed to tigers. “Shut the fuck up, salute the flag, America is great, and now destroy your bodies for my entertainment.” And the sad thing is, the players are trying to make America great again by addressing one of our deepest flaws. But we have this loyalty test to the flag at sporting events and you clearly are not a good American if you don’t appropriately genuflect. That is what is going on here. Charles Blow reminds us this morning that the national anthem was written by a racist and there is a verse to prove it which we ignore.

I guess the only thing I really have to offer to this discussion is that pledges to the flag, national anthems and the prescribed genuflecting (standing, hand over the heart from the American Flag code and fear of the Nazis), are antithetical to what freedom really means. These are false showy presentations (like the require flag pin for a politician) to make us conform instead of asking hard questions. When Collin Kaepernick took that knee, he asked a hard question and it made people uncomfortable. “Hey, get on with destroying your bodies and let me live in my ignorant bliss.” The great thing is the response not just from the NFL but many sports teams, to take that knee. We are not lemmings. That is what makes America great.

One last thought here. When Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors mentioned that he was not going to the usual White House ceremony to congratulate the champions (photo-op of the president with champions as though he is one too, and yes they all do it). This issue may have been what raised this to a new level. But standing with Trump lowers us all to his level and how can a black man who can see this man’s racism pretend to respect him or the office he stands for?

It may be hard for Americans to understand the “Not my President” movement. We have always said an election settles it and we have to get behind the legitimately elected leader. But legitimate or not, and we can argue that one, the DIC represents ideas that are antithetical to our American ideal, from racism to misogyny. He is a man who lies repeatedly and does his best to divide us, not unite us. He incites violence. I for one would not go to the White House to legitimize this behavior and I am glad the Golden State Warriors aren’t either. He truly is not my president. Oh and if you think a Democrat would have done any of the things he has done and not be impeached, you clearly do not understand how far the Republicans have fallen and how craven they have become.


UPDATE: NASCAR gave Trump a vote of confidence as they indicated they would not participate in the protest.  White boy sport.  I always thought the country was going to hell when NASCAR and country music became mainstream.  Oh how right I was.

Deplorable is the Nice Word for It

The DIC (Dotard in Chief) in Alabama:

“During an address inside the Wernher Von Braun Center that lasted an hour and 20 minutes, the president called North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un “Little Rocket Man”, said NFL owners should cut players who kneel for the national anthem and returned to familiar targets like John McCain and Hillary Clinton.

…Hours after John McCain torpedoed Republican hopes to repeal and replace Obamacare, Trump expressed his disappointment. He said McCain’s opposition was “totally unexpected and terrible”. He also chided the Arizona Republican for what he saw as hypocrisy. “Repeal and replace, John McCain if you look at his last campaign it’s all about repeal and replace and that’s fine, we still have a good chance [of repealing and replacing Obamacare.” He described his attempts to court senators on health care, saying “I’m on the phone screaming at people all day long for weeks”.

…Trump also returned to some of his favourite topics. He talked at length about the wall he hopes to build on the Mexican border, insisting it needed to be see-through. Trump said this was because drug dealers are currently using catapults to send 100 pound bags of drugs over the existing concrete wall and they are landing on people’s heads in the United States. He also responded the familiar cheers of “lock her up” directed at Hillary Clinton by telling the crowd “you gotta speak to Jeff Sessions about that”.

The president also dwelled on NFL players who take a knee during the National Anthem in peaceful protest. He asked the crowd, “Wouldn’t you love one of the NFL owners when someone disrespects our flag, ‘get that son of a bitch off the field right now.’” He told attendees, “If you see it, leave the stadium, I guarantee things will stop.”

Let’s see, belittling and egging on someone who feeds on threats and has nuclear weapons, attacking John McCain on a principled objection to the current process for repeal and replace (and has no idea what is in repeal and replace), screaming as leadership, see-through walls, lock her up, again promoting lawlessness, and finally attacking the free speech of football players in what was little more than veiled racism. Wasn’t that in Spain where they burned people at the stake for heresy. What’s the difference? Everyone must conform to der leader. Free speech in his mind is only free if you agree with the DIC.

Then there were the tweets: Earlier Saturday, Trump said Curry’s invitation to the White House was “withdrawn” because the NBA point guard was “hesitating…Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team,” Trump tweeted. “Stephen Curry is hesitating, therefore invitation is withdrawn!”

Lebron James responded with this great line:

When Hillary called his followers deplorable, she was only half right. I think it is Despicable leads the Deplorables kind of captures it. I can’t wait to see how pro football players react tomorrow. I hope they all take a knee. I would. He is not my President. Resist America.

“Dotard” or WTF Friday

Maybe Kim Jong-un isn’t as crazy as we thought. He nailed that one and it is quite a step up from “rocket man”. Maybe Kim will have that song by Elton John as his new theme song like Hail to the Chief. Dotard according to is “a person, especially an old person, exhibiting a decline in mental faculties; a weak-minded or foolish old person.” Nailed it. And he still does not get Kim. The teenage food fight is going to lead to violence. As I have argued before, Kim needs this kind of aggression to survive. And the Village idiot in Charge (VIC) is the perfect adversary that goads him on. WTF over.

Meanwhile in the ‘homeland”, Facebook has turned over 3000 possible add buys by Russian proxies and the Dotard’s response reported in the Daily Beast was:

In his latest early-morning tweetstorm, President Trump called the reports of Russian ads on Facebook during the 2016 presidential election a “hoax” and pointed the finger, once again, at former challenger Hillary Clinton: “What about the totally biased and dishonest Media coverage in favor of Crooked Hillary?”

Crooked Hillary? So clear and direct evidence of Russian interference in our election is a hoax, and facts and data don’t matter. The Dotard believes what he wants to believe and if you extend this to other policy positions, you kind of have to say, WTF! Of course we have had this evidence for some time, not only with the Dotard in Chief (DIC), but his dotard party. They believe what they want to about healthcare and as Jimmy Kimmel has shown us, either lie or don’t believe their own words. Then there is “tax reform” which of course is a tax cut for the wealthy even though the DIC says there will be no tax cuts for the wealthy. What does he think a 15% corporate tax is? WTF!

Meanwhile in Alabama, for those of you who want relief from disaster pictures and stories, the two candidates are a nightmare. One did a deal with Sessions and the Governor for the post, the other can’t quite figure out that separation of church and state thing. It does tell you one thing. Make any excuses you want about down trodden workers railing against the government, these two make dotard operative as everyday speech. One has to wonder what they put in the water in Alabama (WTF country).

I have to go to the doctor this morning and I want to write something about the first half of PBBS’s Vietnam so I am going to cut this short, but with all the power lines down in the hurricane devastated region, could they not learn from our own military that hardens their bases by burying all those lines? Nope, that would be too expensive, except when you figuring in how many more times they will get knocked down. Oh wait! That would be believing in global warming and Dotard says it is junk science. Got go with him right? WTF

Playing Into Their Hands and Other Topics

Well are you embarrassed enough?  The Village Idiot spoke at the United Nations and if you are doing a fist bump, I hope you go first to the coming war.  First, he told us the Iran agreement was the worst and “dumbest” thing we have done.  So the option was war?  By all accounts it is working and is the route we could only hope for with North Korea, but the VIC is indicating he does not keep agreements.  How is that effective?  What message does that sent to North Korea?

Speaking of North Korea, just about everyone gets it wrong.  Kim Jong-un is quite rational in his own way.  He will do whatever to stay in power, including taking his nation on a suicide mission.  Think of the lover who wants to own the focus of his attentions.  If he can’t have her, no one can. Oh, and many of his citizen believe they could survive a nuclear war.  So much for MAD.  Kim runs a ruthless, cruel, and illegitimate regime.  He needs the threat of an American attack to keep his generals and people from revolting.

There is a report of suggesting we should drop iPhones all over the country and deploy a WiFi network so the North Koreans could find out about the real world.  It is known that many North Koreans who defect do so after getting radios and phones from China, learning the truth, and then going through the treacherous route of China to Laos to Cambodia/Thailand.

Here is the problem with that.  Once Kim feels threatened, he will go to war.  He is simply defending himself in his mind.  That is the issue here.  There is no believable scenario saying he is not under threat of regime change, and giving up his arms would actually weaken him.  He looks at Libya, Iran, and other countries, along with the VIC’s penchant for lying and not keeping his word, and wants to snuggle up with his nukes.

So he is not going to negotiate and he is going to get nuclear weapons.  If he is ever really threatened, he will use them.  Now what do you do?  I have argued we have two paths, let him have them and rely on MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) to deter him (which I don’t think is operative), or take him out and live with millions of casualties and quite possibly bad to horrible relations with Japan, South Korea, and China.  What a choice.

Okay, let’s talk tribal politics.  There was an article in the Washington Post that looks at our politics in tribal terms, the red tribe and the blue tribe. So you don’t think and you just are loyal to your tribe.  That is how many explain the failure of facts to penetrate the red tribe. The author refers to an essay by Andrew Sullivan with this:

Sullivan believes that America’s founders would have been surprised by our cultural tribalism and skeptical that any republic could survive it. I’m inclined to think that Alexander Hamilton — who viewed men as essentially “ambitious, vindictive and rapacious” — would be unfazed. But few (or none) of the founders would have viewed political parties based on cultural identification as a positive thing.

I take issue with this formalization of our politics.  Not that there is not some truth here, who could forget Jim Jones and his followers who found it relieving not to think and just follow their leader. But I think the Enlightenment was about more than the freedom to believe anything you want to (Fantasyland).  It was about taking faith-based thinking out of the equation and allowing reason and logic to prevail.  And it clear which tribe does that more routinely (the blue one).  I think it is a mistake to characterize it this way and continue to hammer away and try to restore what most of our Founders believed, debate and rational though leads to the best solutions, not a tribal war.

One last thing this morning.  As you hopefully are aware, the Republican are making another assault on Obamacare and it is reported that the three Republicans who held out before are wavering. One thing I learned in local politics was that a bad idea just keeps coming back until everyone gets tired and it somehow gets through (city council and development).  Maybe this time they will create their own worst nightmare by repealing it with no workable solution to replace it.

Meanwhile in the NYT there was a op-ed about the failure of single payer.  It is definitely worth the read, especially the comments.  Make no mistake, this is a hack job. Sure there are problems with single payer, but note they do not raise any of the problems with our existing system or offer any real viable alternatives. The whole article reminds me of that famous saying, I believe by Winston Churchill, “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms…“.  The same could be said for single payer. I will leave you with what one reader (Pat) thought about this piece:

A favorite right-wing tactic: let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Don’t act because we don’t have an absolutely perfect replacement yet. Good thing we didn’t apply this kind of reasoning to virtually every advance in science, policy, technology etc. or else we’d still be living in caves.

Another: subtle misdirections such as saying that “[w]hile many other countries have universal health systems and feature more government control over individual health care decisions….” But in our system we have for-profit insurance companies exercising more control over individual health care decisions in ways calculated to increase their profit. Which would you prefer?

We don’t need more delays and reasons not to act. The rest of the modern world has figured this out already and it’s time for us to join them. Let’s start with Medicare for all and work from there to implement a civilized, modern system that covers all Americans.


The Noise Today

Noise, because it is distracting, not informing.  Of course we are distracted by Hillary whining.  The press loves it and does not spend much time on substance.  Note that after the election Bernie has been working tirelessly to get Democrats around Progressive issues (see Medicare for All) while Hillary spends the time throwing mud.  Of course she has some valid points.  Comey was an ass, both in July 2016 which was totally unprofessional, and then again in October just prior to the election when what he did was simply against the rules.  Did she loose because of it.  Maybe, but again why was it even close.  Oh and don’t get distracted by the popular vote.  Winning sadly is by electoral college and that is the game you play.  Did the Russians affect the election.  Most probably.  Right now we are having interviews to sell her book and what the country needs is to move on.  Hillary lost and this was an election the Democrats should have walked away with.  Thomas Frank from the Guardian gave I think the best critique:

No real blame ever settles anywhere near Clinton’s person. And while she wrestles gamely with the larger historical question of why the party of the people has withered as inequality grows, she never offers a satisfying answer. Instead, most of the blame is directed outward, at familiar suspects like James Comey, the Russians and the media.

This I think is significant, the massive losses Democrats have had over time and the establishment’s failure to come to grips with their own complicity.

She seems to have been almost totally unprepared for the outburst of populist anger that characterized 2016, an outburst that came under half a dozen different guises: trade, outsourcing, immigration, opiates, deindustrialization, and the recent spectacle of Wall Street criminals getting bailed out. It wasn’t the issues that mattered so much as the outrage, and Donald Trump put himself in front of it. Clinton couldn’t.

…Besides, to take populism seriously might also mean that Bernie Sanders, who was “outraged about everything,” might have had a point, and much of What Happened is dedicated to blasting Sanders for challenging Clinton in the Democratic primaries. Given that he later endorsed her and even campaigned for her, this can only be described as churlish, if not downright dishonest.

That Clinton might have done well to temper her technocratic style with some populist outrage of her own only dawns on her towards the end of the book, by which point it is too late.

Not to mention impossible. Hillary Clinton simply cannot escape her satisfied white-collar worldview – compulsively listing people’s academic credentials, hobnobbing with officers from Facebook and Google, and telling readers how she went to Davos in 1998 to announce her philosophy.

And then, in her concluding chapter, returning to her beloved alma mater Wellesley College and informing graduates of that prestigious institution that, with their “capacity for critical thinking” (among other things) they were “precisely what we needed in America in 2017.”

I wish it were so. I wish that another crop of elite college grads were what we needed. I wish Hillary’s experts and her enlightened capitalist friends could step in and fix this shabby America we inhabit today, where racists march in the streets and the Midwest falls apart and cops shoot motorists for no reason and a blustering groper inhabits the White House.

I wish it were all a matter of having a checklist of think-tank approved policy solutions. But I know for sure it isn’t. And voters knew that, too.

My point here was emphasized yesterday in an interview with purple state Colorado Senator and Democrat Michael Bennet, where he tells us that people just want us to work together.  We can all agree on goals so let’s just focus on debating how we get there*.  It is like he too missed what happened in 2016 or for that matter the last 9 years where if you agreed with the Republicans goal and offered them policies they liked, they rejected them.  He is blind to the failure of the middle road and how it has allowed Republicans to take over almost all government while Democrats seem to stand for nothing.  You need to take a stand on what works and not works, not pie in the sky goals.

Democrats need to recognize the anger out there with the establishment that has solved nothing.  That was the lesson of the Bernie and Donald Campaign.  The Demos missed it and had already anointed Hillary and the rest is history.  She lost because she did not get out the vote on a candidate who was easily beatable.  That is the bottom line here and if Democrats fail to understand that, they will cease to exist.  Happily many are now working to develop progressive agendas that is not holding hands with Republicans who are ideological opposed to most of the viable solutions to our problems. At the very heart of this is the knowledge that our economic system does not work anymore for the majority of us and Democrats have been to wedded to the status quo defending that system.

Speaking of the economic system, the VIC (Village Idiot in Charge) is now all into bipartisanship.  Don’t be fooled.  Look at what is accomplished, not what he says.  The tax cut he claims will not be not be on rich people, for the middle class, and of course lower the corporate rate to 15%.  Remember when he claimed the Republicans repeal and replace protected everything?  He has no clue.  On the 15%, the big guys don’t actually pay that and will be against it.  I don’t mind lowering the corporate rate as long as we close all the loop holes and make sure they pay their fair share for all the things like infrastructure we now have to do.  See where we might raise the capital gains tax so they pay what the rest of us pay?  Don’t get distracted by smoke and mirrors.  There is no free ride and fixing the tax code while providing funding for the things we need is going to take sacrifice, not free rides.  So it goes with another day where the media loves to report what is said and political infighting but misses the real issues that affect all of us.

*If you don’t believe in global warming, how do you plan for rising sea levels? If you believe tax cuts create jobs and stimulate the economy (supply side economics) how do you craft efficacious solutions?  If you believe government is bad, how do you grapple with national problems.  It is of course not as simple as Bennet confusedly states.

A Predictable Disaster

No, not Harvey, Donald. Watching this man over the last 200 some odd days he has been President should tell you that he is a despicable human being. And I mean that with no partisan bias. His actions with Obamacare (now gutting money for promoting signups), his firing of honorable people (Comey, Yates), his Boy Scout speech, his continuing lies, Charolettsville, his treatment of transsexuals, the border wall politics, his me trip to Texas after Harvey and then turning to tax cuts for the wealthy with no plan to pay for Harvey, and now DACA, is just despicable. There is no other way to describe it.


He is a detestable man and there is just no way to paint it any other way. As a representative of America, do you remember that book/movie back in the 60s called the Ugly American? That about captures it. The most amazing fact is that he presented all these character traits prior to the election, and many of the people who voted for him are disappointed. Or braindead. Granted the Democrats ran the worst possible choice for defeating him, as Hillary haters are alive and well in the general public and this just got them frothing at the mouth, and ignoring how bad their other choice was.


But the media still tries to somehow legitimize him. Maybe his stance on DACA was just a smart ploy to force Republicans to do something? Ha! They are doing something because like Obamacare, they realize they will get creamed if they actually came through on many of their threats. No, Donald Trump is never going to change and now it appears the noose is tightening on his taxes and Moscow connections. And that my friends explains everything.


Yesterday, a pundit was discussing his attack on innocent kids covered under DACA and noted that 64% of Americans favor DACA and only 32% are against. She could not figure out his politics here since it was a no-brainer to support it. Does the 32% ring a bell? That is about the size of the base that loves all the things I listed above that most of us find abhorrent. His politics are as clear and rational as can be. That 32% is what will keep him from being impeached because Republicans in Congress and the Senate live and die on how they vote in their home states.


So the disasters will continue and they are very very predictable. All the Village Idiot cares about is the Village Idiot. He does not even have any there, there, in terms of policy positions. It was quite clear he had no idea what was in the Obamacare “replacement” and I doubt seriously if there is anything in his tax cut proposal with any real meat other than more tax cuts for the wealthy. He stands for whatever his 32% rabble demand, and he does whatever will sooth his ego and ensure his safety from Congress that refuses to have the moral courage to remove him.


And that totally explains the man. There is no cunning or cleverness. Just lies that the rabble in the 32% want to believe. And people who voted for them who wanted change, action, a businessman in charge, were fools to the nth degree. No I don’t care about their woes as an explanation for their vote. That is bullshit. My argument is being made every day by the Village Idiot as he just makes things worse and worse. And make no mistake, what drives him is survival and that should make us all very afraid. The shit will hit the fan and we will have a Constitutional Crisis. There is no if, but when. Then we will see who has political courage and who does not.


Notes: On the DACA repeal and the treatment of undocumented workers by both Trump and the Governor of Texas, the chickens are about to come home to roost. South Texas will require major cleanup and rebuilding and that workforce will be in hiding, afraid of the Gestapo (ICE). Maybe this will force Republicans to get serious about immigration reform and realize that a healthy input of immigrants is what drives our economy.


On the Wall DHS just released their contracts to build prototype walls down near San Diego. I was interested in what firms were finally selected because many of the big boys decided this was a political nightmare that could affect their access to markets and labor for years to come. It will be interesting to see if the sites become a magnet for protests and resistance.

De Flood, De Flood (De plane, De plane)

You remember that show, Fantasy Island, where Tatoo announces the arrival of the plane and rings the bell. Then there is de flood, de flood. I have many questions about this one. Foremost is that the flood was forecast and few seemed to get out. Maybe they couldn’t. Maybe it was not practical. One thing I do not see is indepth aftermath planning. You are going to have tens of thousands that cannot go home, or can go home, but can’t live there. What are Texas and the Feds planning? If we had a competent President, he would have convened a task force to plan this and another for lessons learned. Oh I know! What was I thinking.

This is a president who has proposed to cut FEMA’s and other disaster response agencies budget in his plan to afford tax cuts for the wealthy:

The proposed cuts would include programs run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, whose new administrator was praised by Trump in a tweet last weekend for “doing a great job”; the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which helps rebuild homes, parks, hospitals and community centers; the National Weather Service, which forecasts extreme storms; and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, whose research and community engagement help coastal residents prepare for disaster.

Certainly Congress will change its tune after this, right? Sandy only happens to those East coast elites right. How short their memory is. I would bet if California ever gets the big one (earthquake) we would see Ted Cruz screaming pork and fat again. Even Chris Christie called this one (for Sandy) detestable lies and reprehensible. If you are wondering, this is typical Republican conservative bull shit. If it is funding for someone else, it is waste, pork, and graft. He will sing a different tune for Texas.

But it gets better. The Village Idiot in Chief and his Republican cohorts have petitioned and successfully removed an Obama era rule to do more cautious flood plan planning:

Just 10 days before Hurricane Harvey made landfall, the White House rescinded one of the most progressive flood-risk management tools on the books, an Obama-era executive order that added caution when building structures in flood-prone areas.


This issue was handled deftly by the Obama administration. In January 2015, Obama issued Executive Order 13690, which established the new Federal Flood Risk Management Standard (FFRMS). In brief, this standard called for a more cautious approach to construction at the boundaries of flood hazard zones. The approach was flexible and didn’t even require an admission of climate change as being the cause—just more caution.


Within days, eight Republican senators sent a letter opposing the new standard as an impediment to land development and economic growth. Among the signatories was John Cornyn of Texas. Within three months of sending that letter, large areas of Cornyn’s district were underwater, including damage to new buildings that may not have been there had the FFRMS been in place earlier. Then severe flooding happened again in 2016 on the Brazos River. And now Harvey is wreaking havoc.

Oh, don’t you just love these people? But it is cheaper with less “gov’ment regulations”! And dumber than a rock. I get this reaction all the time as people who hate government because it interferes with their life style and taxes their hard earned money. Yet when shit happens, and it will, they squeal the loudest. Small government is really nice when we were a rural nation with a small population, oh, and before global warming an global market places, but now we really need it to be effective and Republicans and conservatives continue to try to gut it.

Let’s face it, Republicans are not long term planners. They look for short term cheap. See our investments in infrastructure (Democrats also have played this game, but any infrastructure bill in the last 9 years had to get past the filibuster and Mitch McConnell). When everything is fine and dandy, works out well, but when shit happens and it always will, it leaves us exposed. Sure there are dumb rules, but that does not mean that regulations are bad, just not smart. It would be easy to put together panels of stakeholders (small and large business, scientists, and workers) to review and adjust, but it is so much easier just to rant. Government is bad! Regulations are bad! Well those two might have saved some lives in the past and certainly are saving some today.

So let’s look at Houston. Did they use global warming warnings and data to project future floods and regulate growth and plan for water runoff? Ha! Right now a chemical plant is blowing up because of the unforeseen flooding and loss of power. Will Texas put into effect regulations for the future that take these new trends into effect. Oh, that would be the government messing in business. North Carolina and Florida, two states who will be greatly impacted by rising oceans have banned the use of global warming data in planning. Yes Virginia, not only are they evil but stupider than a rock. Even our military plans for global warming, but out Village Idiot in Chief and his brethren continue to deny it, even though it is smacking them in the face.

Maybe they will learn something and change their ways? Ha! Why would you leave people in charge who are this ignorant? I wouldn’t and neither should you. So let’s watch what happens when they actually have to spend money and do the responsible thing. I will give you a hint. What was the Village Idiot in Chief out selling yesterday? Unrealistic tax cuts for the wealthly. At least I live on high ground.

WTF! Find Some Good News Somewhere

No you won’t find it here. But you need to find some. I was one who used to argue that we could put the Republicans in charge and then Americans would finally learn the error of their thinking. I had no idea they were so dumb. What do I see right now? Well, the Republicans control everything, even the courts, and can’t seem to pass their ruinous policies, the nation is in a mess, we are led by a man unfit to lead and quite possibly mentally impaired, a Republican Congress at war with itself, and I can’t find a Democrat anywhere. Does that about sum it up?

I see where Paul Krugman was telling us how Scott Pruitt is quietly re-polluting America.  President dumb shit pardoned Joe Arpaio, and showed contempt for American courts and justice in general. Janet Yellen, our Federal Reserve chairwoman, is warning us not to forget the last financial meltdown as Republicans rush to tear down all the rules we put in place after the last one. Korea is firing off more missiles and in response, the Village Idiot put out rules baring transsexuals from entering the military. Chaos reigns as he attacks those he needs in Congress and the White House staff has more resignations or firings, we are not sure which. Oh did I mention the hurricane, Harvey, in Texas? As the planet heats there is more energy for more severe storms and global warming does not exist.

Oh, and did I mention that baseball itself has devolved into a brawl? The Tiger/Yankee game had three on field brawls and 4 hits batsmen, with the ejection of eight. WTF! Just as an aside, I have an answer to the intentional hit batsmen or the accidental fastball to the head (which happened in this game). Make it an automatic home run. Maybe that will cool the testosterone. So if you are looking for good news, as I stated this, you won’t find it here. But as I like to ask Trump supporters, got any of those jobs back yet? Calling them morons defames real morons.

Meanwhile, the people who serve the Village Idiot, or so the press narrative goes, do so to save the nation by reigning him in. Bullpucky. See Gary Cohen, Chief of his economic council, who wrote a letter of resignation after Charlottesville, but then rescinded it because he believed “he could be more effective as a public servant inside the White House than out of it.” Horse shit. He and the generals are simply enabling a demented man to remain president instead of quickly crumbling. When you have a nation of morons who support him, putting lipstick on a pig (again, sorry pigs), just enables the destruction of our democracy. It also makes a mockery of principles. Don’t tell me any of them are principled. Kind of like saying you worked for Hitler because you could make the slaughter more merciful.

But to document the sad state of our Republic, when the general public was asked what advice they would give the Village idiot, the number one answer was to get off Twitter. So if he does the same stuff, but doesn’t expose who he is regularly, then things would be better? Would they prefer a body double who reads canned speeches all the time and looks presidential, while behind the scenes the same idiot is in charge? Really, that is their advice? We have a mad man at the helm, demonstrating the worst of American behavior, and their advice is just smile more? Don’t sound crazy even if you are? My advice would be for him to take a flying fu…

So that is where we are. Government is a shambles and going backwards, we may default on our debt and destroy the world economy for a Wall that nobody mentions is an environmental and humanitarian nightmare, and people just don’t want him to say that out loud. I think we should be screaming it at the top of our lungs. My biggest fear is we are starting to get used to this insanity and it is becoming the new normal. Can’t wait to see how that war with North Korea is going to work out.

The Moron Attractant (Bug Light)

A sea of white, a sea of ignorance.

That would be any speech or should I say rally by the Village Idiot in Chief. Last night was a gathering of people who you have to rate them on the extremely dim bulb scale, half a bubble width off level, not carrying a full load, a few fries short of a Happy Meal, depriving their home villages of their village idiot, and fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down*. I say that because as the President (that actually hurts to write that) spoke expressing his open racism against Mexicans, or slammed the free press, or basically misrepresented about everything, the morons, and I will use a euphemism here, Trumpees, cheered and applauded. Who applauds the demise of their country? A convention of village idiots.

Oh, did I forget to mention he promised (in code) to pardon Joe Arpaio. So justice has nothing to do with what our court systems and laws require, but what the Village Idiot likes or does not like? That’s how our democracy works right? The guy in charge gets to make the rules? And they cheered? I know I will get criticized for this, but if you would have dropped a bomb there, the national IQ would have gone up 10 points. What ever happened to critical thinking?

But our national leaders are catching on. Mitch McConnell, who I happen to think is more evil than Donald Trump, but just more crafty at hiding it, doesn’t think his presidency can be salvaged. But what should worry you more are the comments of James Clapper, former director of National Intelligence, told us this morning:

“I really question his ability to be — his fitness to be — in this office, and I also am beginning to wonder about his motivation for it,” Clapper told CNN’s Don Lemon on “CNN Tonight.”

Hours after Trump delivered a defiant speech in Phoenix, Arizona, Clapper said he found the President’s rally “downright scary and disturbing.”

Clapper denounced Trump’s “behavior and divisiveness and complete intellectual, moral and ethical void.”

“How much longer does the country have to, to borrow a phrase, endure this nightmare?”

“He should have quit while he was ahead after last night,” Clapper referring to Trump’s announcement on US strategy in Afghanistan. “Again, I think the real Trump came through.”

In a fit of pique he decides to do something about Kim Jong Un, there’s actually very little to stop him,” Clapper said. “The whole system is built to ensure rapid response if necessary. So there’s very little in the way of controls over exercising a nuclear option, which is pretty damn scary.”

That ought to wake you up. Of course for those who fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down, it makes no difference. He is a business man who will fix everything with his CEO style. Did it ever occur to the Trumpees that he could not survive if he wasn’t it a family business more than likely laundering money for the Russians?

This morning I heard several people who were appalled by his speech and behavior then try to normalize it by saying he is an unconventional candidate and this is how he got elected. I think they are way behind the power curve here where the Trump show is getting old and people are looking for jobs and a better economic outlook. Steve Karnacki from MSNBC) made an observation that as crazy as he is, he did strike a nerve in many Americans and future politicians need to figure that out.

Of course they do and we have already discovered it for them. See Bernie or James Kwak who nailed it in terms probably more palatable to the mainstream. It is about economic inequality and making the system fair. It is not small changes around the fringes, but real reform of our tax structure and the rules that decide how the fruits of our labors are distributed. In the meantime, while we are trying to wake up the Democratic Party, the Village Idiot in Chief is reeking havoc. Hold on to your ass with both hands.

*For a complete list go Here.